At this moment, Ren Changhe no longer looked like a withered mummy.

His flesh and blood no longer exuded lifelessness, but rather vitality.

His hair had also turned black.

At this moment, it almost looked like he had returned to his youthful days.

Ren Changhe had initially felt that, at his age, he was better off portraying the image of a domineering and majestic old man.
Only then would he be able to display the demeanor of a senior expert, and only then would his image match the temperament of a peak-stage Heaven realm expert.

However, when he thought about it again, he realized that he was only an in-name disciple of some big shot.
He was only a junior in this vast world.
Therefore, he restored his appearance to his younger self.

He now looked like a handsome, but somewhat resolute, young man.

At this moment, the circular halo rippled and the seven-colored divine light shone through.

Ren Changhe was extremely excited.
His master had come to visit him again.

He looked up and was immediately shocked by the scene in front of him.
He knelt on the ground.

What was that?

Was that his master’s true body?

It was too overbearing and powerful.

He did not know how large the gap between Master and him was but, just a glance was enough to shock him senseless.
Master’s figure exuded boundless might.

Even with his peak-stage Heaven realm cultivation, which stood atop the nine zones and fifty regions, he had never heard of or seen such an almighty figure with boundless might.

As expected of Master!

His master was right.
The nine zones and fifty regions were just a remote corner of the myriad realms.

“Greetings, Master!” Ren Changhe said respectfully.

“En.” Chu Xuan was very satisfied with Ren Changhe’s reaction.

As expected, the Heaven-shaking Divine Image was extremely awesome.

“Your body is now full of vitality and you have already recovered to your peak state.
Is there anything else that you have yet to comprehend about the Yin-Yang Combination Divine Seal?”

Chu Xuan put on the air of an almighty master.
His voice was filled with dignity and exuded confidence.

“There are still some parts that I don’t understand,” Ren Changhe said in embarrassment.

He was indeed lacking.
He could not even comprehend a cultivation technique thoroughly and still needed to trouble his master to explain it over and over again.

He might be a peak-stage Heaven realm expert but, in front of his master, he was indeed just a small fry.


Before he met his master, he had been a frog at the bottom of a well.
He had not known how high the heavens were, proud and complacent, believing himself to be one of the few people in this world with outstanding talent.

In the end, he discovered that he was just a loser.

He almost died in the Fallen God Cave!

It was only thanks to his master’s mercy that he survived.

Chu Xuan was also somewhat speechless.

Ren Changhe had been able to cultivate to the peak of the Heaven realm, so he should be quite talented.
His comprehension ability should not be too poor either.

Moreover, he had even boasted that he had reached the Heaven realm in ten thousand years and was one of the rare top-notch geniuses in the world.

Why could he not fully comprehend the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal?

Was it because the Yin-yang combination Divine Seal was too powerful? Or was his comprehension just that poor?

Chu Xuan did not think that the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal was particularly difficult to comprehend.

Even without the system assistance, he felt that he would be able to comprehend it in one or two months.

Why did Ren Changhe take such a long time to comprehend it? He had even explained the intricacies behind the technique to the other party several times.

Chu Xuan did not require him to have a deep understanding of the technique but, at the very least, he should have a basic understanding of the technique, right?

In the end, he actually had not finished comprehending it.

Ren Changhe saw that Chu Xuan had remained silent for a long time and felt even more ashamed.
He wished he could bury his head into the ground.

“Tell me, which part do you not understand?”

He explained the cultivation technique to Ren Changhe once more and encouraged him to comprehend it well.
After that, he closed the Myriad Heavenly Mirror’s connection to the Fallen God Cave.

After thinking for a while, he activated the Myriad Heavenly Mirror’s connection to Du Yuan.

The image projection rippled.
Du Yuan was not in the small clan that he was the guardian of, but rather in a valley.

Moreover, his aura was in disarray.
It was obvious that he had just fought a big battle.

Opposite Du Yuan stood two men in green.
They were both Supreme realm experts.

Their strength was on par with Du Yuan’s.

One versus two.
It was no wonder Du Yuan was in such a sorry state.

“Like I said, this is a misunderstanding.
I’m not here to save Xiao Liang,” Du Yuan said with a gloomy face.

Xiao Liang?

Chu Xuan was stunned.
Was that not the name of the abandoned son of that major clan in the Western Region? Du Yuan had once asked for his opinion on this matter, on whether or not to participate in the capture of this guy with the protagonist halo.

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