t Chu Xuan a reward of 100 years’ worth of cultivation.

Chu Xuan was now at the ninth level of the Emperor realm, and was only one step away from breaking through to the Supreme realm.

This cultivation boost reward would be enough for him to break through to the Supreme realm.

He originally thought that he would need ten years to break through to the Supreme realm, instead of the almost three years it took him now.

Chu Xuan then set a new small goal of breaking through to the Heaven realm within ten years.


He did not immediately receive the cultivation boost reward.
Instead, he examined the Heaven-reaching Sword Technique he had received after taking Ding Yue as a disciple.

This was a supreme sword technique.

Moreover, it was very compatible with Ding Yue’s Heaven’s Will Sword Pulse.

He then turned his attention to the Sagemaster Halo.

“The Sagemaster Halo can help people comprehend the Dao.
It can raise one’s aptitude…”

The Sagemaster’s Halo was pretty awesome.
When imparting cultivation techniques or preaching the Dao, the user of the Sagemaster’s Halo could help people quickly comprehend the profundity of cultivation techniques being taught.
It could also help people comprehend the Dao.
Furthermore, under the guise of a teacher imparting cultivation to a student, one’s aptitude could be raised.

With the Sagemaster’s Halo, Chu Xuan had truly become the savior of trash.
He was no longer fooling people.
He could turn a good-for-nothing piece of trash into a genius!

The system’s reward was indeed awesome.

Chu Xuan waved his hand to indicate to Su Xian’er that she should cultivate.
It was only after she entered the universe space that he chose to accept the hundred-year cultivation boost reward.


Cultivation and comprehension were instilled into him.

Chu Xuan looked calm but, in reality, his cultivation had already broken through.

After surpassing the Emperor realm, he would be at the Supreme realm.

Supreme realm cultivators were also known as the Supreme Emperors.

In the cultivation world, there was a saying regarding the Supreme realm that read, “I am supreme within my domain, and even emperors have to bow their heads.”

The Supreme realm further sublimated the divine soul and transformed the power of the domain.

The domain of an Emperor realm cultivator was like an insurmountable barrier to cultivators below the Emperor realm.
They had no power to resist the domain and would be trampled and slaughtered by the Emperor realm cultivator.

Inside the domain of an Emperor realm cultivator, no matter how many truth realm cultivators, all were powerless.

Facing an Emperor realm cultivator, that tiny bit of strength was no different from an ant.

An Emperor realm cultivator’s domain could easily suppress the cultivation of those below their realm of cultivation, making them look like people who lacked the strength to even truss a chicken.

As for Supreme realm cultivators, the power of their domains was even more exaggerated.

Supreme realm cultivators had the ability to start enacting laws within their domains.

Their domains were like real miniature worlds, with the embryonic form of laws, and could connect the laws of Heaven and Earth into the domain, strengthening the laws that had been enacted within.

The hallmark of the Supreme realm was the ability to connect the laws of Heaven and Earth into the domain, evolving the laws within.

Because of this, the power of the domains of Supreme realm cultivators could suppress the domains of Emperor realm cultivators.

Even Emperor realm cultivators were powerless against it.

The Supreme Emperor!

In the cultivation world, Supreme realm cultivators were usually called Supreme Emperors.
This was the reason why.

The power of Chu Xuan’s divine soul continued to condense and thenspread out.
The power of his domain also expanded in tandem with his divine soul.

The domain encompassed a radius of 50 li, far surpassing the borders of the Chu family’s territory.

The experts of the Chu family were unaware of the fact that they were in a domain.

The laws within the domain started to evolve, and Chu Xuan entered a state of profound comprehension of the laws.

However, he did not communicate with the laws of Heaven and Earth in the Southern Region.

The laws of Heaven and Earth in the Southern Region were incomplete.
Logically speaking, it was impossible to break through to the Emperor realm, let alone the Supreme realm, in this region.

Chu Xuan was different.
He directly bypassed the laws of Heaven and Earth in the Southern Region and directly communicated with the laws of the Great Dao.

It was precisely because of this that his domain was much stronger than other cultivators of the same realm.

It was not an exaggeration to say that, when Chu Xuan was at the ninth level of the Emperor realm, the strength of his domain was not inferior to a first-level Supreme realm cultivator.

In that sense, it was not that difficult for Chu Xuan to cross realms to battle an early-stage Supreme realm cultivator.

With the techniques and treasures at his disposal, even a second-level Supreme realm martial artist would find it difficult to fight against him.

After cultivating the Hundred Tempering Divine Technique, his soul was no weaker than a second-level Supreme realm martial artist, even as a ninth-level Emperor realm cultivator.

Chu Xuan could communicate with the laws of the Great Dao and create his own laws within his domain.

Supreme realm! It was finally here!

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