Taking in disciples!

Ren Changhe, this in-name disciple, had comprehended the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal technique of refining the aura of death as life force under his tutelage.
The system had then rewarded him with a cultivation boost.

Su Xian’er, his maid, had cultivated the cultivation technique he had imparted to her and received pointers from him.
After she broke through to the next realm, he had also been rewarded with a cultivation boost.

As such, taking in disciples and training them would allow him to reap cultivation boost rewards from the system.

Chu Xuan was overjoyed.
He had finally found a way to increase his strength quickly.

However, the requirements for taking in a disciple should not be lowered because of that.

If the disciple’s talent and luck was average, even if Chu Xuan guided the disciple to a breakthrough, the system would probably not reward him with a cultivation boost.

The disciple had to be a person with great luck.

Although Ren Changhe was not a person with great luck, he was a peak-stage Heaven realm expert.
As such, Chu Xuan could be considered to have crossed realms to take him in as a disciple.

Wait, no, Ren Changhe was able to meet him, so that in itself proved that the other party had great luck.

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It was clear that his luck was great.
Otherwise, he would not have been trapped in the Fallen God Cave.
How could he have learned the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal from him and escape otherwise?

Chu Xuan looked at the two lucky mystic realms and felt somewhat depressed.
They still had not attracted any people with great luck.

Should he activate the lucky secret realms and set them up somewhere else?

Chu Xuan hesitated.

“Let’s wait a little longer.
If no fated ones appear after the three-year mark arrives, I’ll activate them.”

Chu Xuan decided to activate the lucky mystic realms if no fated ones appeared after the three-year system reward.

He now had a lot of treasures, countless cultivation techniques and secret arts.

There were at least ten Emperor-level scriptures, Heaven-level scriptures, Divine arts, and secret arts.
He would choose a powerful cultivation technique, along with some heavenly and earthly treasures, medicinal pills, emperor weapons and the like, and place them in the lucky mystic realms.

If someone with great luck entered, it would not be a problem for them to rely on the harvest from the lucky mystic realm to break through to the Emperor Realm, or even the Supreme realm.

Three days later, a piece of news shook the Qin Kingdom!

It also shook the entire Southern Region in an extremely short amount of time.

Qin Keyun ascended the throne and became known as the Great Qin Empress!

The Qin Kingdom also changed its name to the Great Qin Dynasty and was no longer a vassal state of the Great Qian Dynasty.

In the Southern Region, the title of Dynasty was not something that was taken lightly.

An emperor of the Great Qian Empire had been the last emperor of the Southern Region!

They had a deep foundation and a long history.

How could the Qin Dynasty compare to them?

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On the day that Qin Keyun became the empress, she personally went to the Great Qian Dynasty and requested them to release the Great Qin Dynasty’s experts!

On that same day, everyone found out how powerful the Great Qin Empress was.

She single-handedly suppressed ten of the Great Qian Dynasty’s experts and defeated the Great Qian Dynasty’s current emperor, shocking the entire Southern Region!

She even brought the Qin, Zhao, He, and Chu families to the Great Qian Dynasty and fought with the Evil King of the evil imperial court.

They used their powerful strength to heavily injure the evil king.

The Southern Region was shaken.

The Great Qin Empress became known as the one closest to the Emperor realm in the Southern Region!

In addition, she was only 25 years old!

On this day, Chu Tianming’s roar echoed from within the Chu family’s ancestral residence.

“Chu Yuan, you b*stard! B*stard, unfilial grandson!”

Chu Xuan curled his lips.
He had expected this scene to happen.

Luckily, Chu Yuan was no longer in the Chu family’s territory, or else he might have been beaten to death.

He could not help but sigh.
The Fox Demon’s soul had recovered, and it was so close to the Emperor realm.

The situation of the four families ruling the Qin Kingdom was about to come to an end.

The Zhao, He, and Chu families unity realm experts who returned with Qin Keyun all stayed in the Qin Kingdom and did not return to their families.

Their attitude was self-evident.

Three days later, the Great Qin Empress’ decree arrived.
The head of the Chu family, Chu Tianming, was instructed to enter the capital!

Chu County was to be renamed as Great Qin’s Southern County, with the Chu family’s territory as the center.
The surrounding 300 kilometers would be the Chu family’s fiefdom.
Everything else would be taken back by the Great Qin Dynasty.

It was the same for the Zhao and He families.

The higher-ups of the three families met.

No one was willing to give up the territory that had been under their control for thousands of years to the Qin royal family.

However, resistance was useless.

Qin Heyun straightforwardly admitted that there was no room for negotiation.
They would either become subordinates of the Great Qin Dynasty or be expelled from the Qin Kingdom.

Moreover, this was because of the good relationship between their families over the generations.
Otherwise, the end result would not be as simple as expulsion.

“Great Qin’s Empress is so domineering and awe-inspiring.”

Su Xian’er looked at the report with admiration.

Chu Xuan glanced at her and said, “Why? Do you also want to be a Great Empress?”

“No, I just want to stay by Sir’s side.” Su Xian’er smiled charmingly.

“You have to remember that any Great Empress or whatnot is just an empty title.
Strength is the most important thing.
As long as you are strong enough, what use is a Great Empress? Won’t you just suppress her with a single hand?”

“Sir is right!” Su Xian’er agreed.

Her greatest wish was to become strong enough to return to the Central Region and suppress the Su family with one hand!

She would ruthlessly slap the faces of those people and kill all those who had once coveted her beauty!

“I have to say, this girl, or rather this old witch, is still very domineering.”

Chu Xuan looked at the information regarding Qin Keyun and clicked his tongue as he sighed.

Chu Xuan did not care about the choice of the Chu family.

He did not care much about whether Chu County would be lost or not.

In fact, he did not have a strong sense of belonging to the Chu family.

He only cared about Chu Yun.

As for Chu Yuan, he was not too bad.
Although that guy nagged a little, he had been doing it for Chu Xuan’s own good.

Suddenly, Chu Xuan’s expression became strange.

Soon, a figure appeared at the entrance of the courtyard.

A golden robe, a phoenix crown, and a beautiful face.

Qin Keyun!

“Great Qin’s Great Empress, Qin Keyun, what are you doing here?” Chu Xuan looked surprised.

Su Xian’er widened her eyes.
The Great Qin’s Great Empress had sneaked over here?

Qin Heyun glanced at Su Xian’er and frowned.
She looked at Chu Xuan, who was lazily lying on the deck chair, and narrowed her eyes.
“I am the Great Qin’s Great Empress, and I want to marry you!”

Su Xian’er looked shocked.

Marry Chu Xuan?

What was she thinking?

Chu Xuan was stunned.
“Marry me?”


Qin Keyun nodded and said, “I am the Empress.
How can there be no one in my harem?”

“You want three palaces and six courtyards?”

Chu Xuan had a strange look on his face.
As expected of the reincarnation of the Fox Demon.
She was too daring.


Qin Keyun shook her head and said, “There are too few good-looking men around.
I don’t know where your third brother went, so you are the only one available at the moment.
It’s a good deal for you.”

Chu Xuan saw the obedient look on her face and the muscles on his face twitched.

He touched his face and sighed, “I won’t deny it.
I’m good-looking, but I don’t want to get married.
Why should I marry you?”

“You can’t refuse.”

Qin Keyun narrowed her eyes and said, “If you agree, I can make an exception and give the Chu family a bigger fiefdom.
If you don’t agree, I will still take you back now.”


Chu Xuan chuckled as a seven-colored divine light bloomed from his body.

A majestic voice resounded.

“Great Qin’s Great Empress? Who gave you the courage to act so impudently in front of me?!”

Qin Keyun’s expression changed drastically as a look of shock appeared on her face.
Her aura erupted as she revealed her strength that was infinitely close to the Emperor realm.

At the same time, she activated her false domain and a White Fox phantom appeared behind her, attempting to suppress Chu Xuan.


Chu Xuan spat out softly.

The truth mantra!


Qin Keyun knelt down.

The false domain disappeared together with the White Fox phantom.

She had an inexplicable look of shock on her face.
He had suppressed her with a single word.
What kind of strength was that?

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