“You did not leave seclusion, yet a person with great luck has come to seek refuge under you.
You have taken in a maid.
You have been rewarded with the Grand Moon Element Immortal Spell and a lucky mystic realm.”

A system notification rang out in Chu Xuan’s mind.

Chu Xuan was not surprised by this.

The Grand Moon Immortal Spell was clearly a cultivation technique that was compatible with Su Xian’er’s Grand Moon mystic body.

After receiving the reward, he discovered that the Grand Moon Immortal Spell was indeed the cultivation technique that was most compatible with the Grand Moon mystic body.
It was able to fully unleash the talent of the Grand Moon mystic body.

He glanced at Su Xian’er.
This girl had a timid look on her face and her eyes were darting around as if trying to find an escape route.

“Come here.”


Su Xian’er’s face turned pale as she walked over.

“Since you are my maid, I will teach you a suitable cultivation technique today.”

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Chu Xuan raised his finger and pressed it against her fair and smooth forehead.

Su Xian ‘er was shocked.
She wanted to dodge, but she could not.

Information surged into her mind, and a cultivation technique slowly manifested itself.

Su Xian’er closed her eyes as she started comprehending the cultivation technique in her mind.

After a full hour, she reopened her eyes.

The aura around her body fluctuated for a moment.
She had actually broken through to the third level of the void realm.

“Thank you, Sir!”

Su Xian’er prostrated herself.

She was extremely excited, and no longer had the slightest bit of resistance or unwillingness toward becoming Chu Xuan’s maid.

She only felt honored now.

This was a cultivation technique that was above the legendary divine technique.

It was impossible for even those in the Heaven realm to cultivate this technique.

“Very good.”

Chu Xuan passed a bottle of medicinal pills.
These were spirit pills that were suitable for void realm cultivators.

“Cultivate well.
I took you in as my maid so that you can help me with certain tasks.”

Chu Xuan threw the parent-child communication talisman to her and said, “Just help me sort out and organize the information you receive from here.”

Su Xian’er received the talisman with a dumbfounded expression.
He had taken her in as a maid just so that she could do some tasks for him?

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Was he not prepared to do something to her?

‘Sir is so good-looking and strong, I really won’t resist.’

“I’ll teach you an aura concealing technique.
Even if you reach the Supreme realm, no one will be able to see through your cultivation.”

Chu Xuan taught Su Xian’er an aura concealing technique.
It was several levels higher than the aura concealing technique that Su Xian’er was currently using.

Chu Xuan did not lack cultivation techniques and secret arts.
He had all kinds of them thanks to the system.

Chu Xuan was very satisfied with Su Xian’er.
She was good-looking, had outstanding innate talent, and was very suitable for running errands and tasks.

In the future, she could be in charge of handling matters related to the Black Moon Tower.

It was just that her current strength was still a little weak.

However, that did not matter too much.
Given her talent, and coupled with the fact that she cultivated the Grand Moon Immortal Spell and had no lack of cultivation resources, she would be able to improve very quickly.

It was more appropriate to control all three of the Black Moon Tower’s gold-level Tower Lords in the Southern Region.
They would then be able to pick a talented one between the three and train that person to become a one-star Tower Lord.

Step by step, they would gain control of the Black Moon Tower.

“This is information from the Black Moon Tower?”

Su Xian’er looked at the messages in the communication talisman and exclaimed in shock.

“Sir, are you a high-level member of the Black Moon Tower?”

Chu Xuan raised his eyebrows.
From what he heard, the Black Moon Tower also existed in the Central Region, and it seemed that they were not weak there either.

“Not yet.
I just extended a hand into the Black Moon Tower.”

Su Xian’er was puzzled.
What did he mean by extending a hand into the Black Moon Tower?

“Sir, the Su family must have already commissioned the Black Moon Tower to investigate my whereabouts.
They won’t be able to find me here, right?”

The Black Moon Tower was famous for their intelligence gathering abilities.
They were even able to find out the top secrets of some of the major powers.

In the Central Province, the Black Moon Tower was also a very powerful force.

Thanks to that, they did not suffer any retaliation even though they leaked the secrets of some major powers.

“Don’t worry.
In the Southern Region, the Black Moon Tower will not leak your information.
Moreover, they can help you to conceal your whereabouts.”

Su Xian’er represented him.
She was in charge of some of the information.
As such, how would the Black Moon Tower dare to leak her information?

Now that he had a maid, he could relax.
In addition, Chu Xuan had already planned to control the other two gold-level Tower Lords.

Chu Xuan was a low-key person, so Su Xian’er remained in her servant attire, looking delicate and pretty.

She was somewhat frustrated that Chu Xuan really treated her like a normal maid.

Bao Hongyan dropped by and left with two wisps of Chu Xuan’s emperor-level spiritual power and the soul seed seals.

Su Xian’er was confused.
She did not know which well-known beauty that was and what she was doing.

“Sir, who is she?”

After Bao Hongyan left, Su Xian’er asked curiously.

“She is one of the Black Moon Tower’s gold-level Tower Lords in the Southern Region.”

“The Black Moon Tower’s gold-level Tower Lord?”

Su Xian’er was shocked and said, “Will she discover my true identity?”

“She is one of us.
What are you worried about?”

Chu Xuan threw a communication talisman to her and said, “From now on, you will be responsible for contacting her, passing messages, and sorting through the information I am interested in.”

Soon enough, the remaining two gold-level Tower Lords of the Black Moon Tower were controlled by Chu Xuan.
Now, more than half of the power of the Black Moon Tower in the Southern Region was under Chu Xuan’s control.

After controlling the Tower Lords, Chu Xuan quietly controlled the person in charge of the logistics next, as well as the three guards who were at the ninth level of the truth realm.

On the surface, the power of the Black Moon Tower in the Southern Region was still controlled by the one-star Tower Lord but, in actual fact, the real controller was Chu Xuan.

Su Xian’er was extremely shocked.
Chu Xuan had actually silently taken control of the Black Moon Tower in the Southern Region.

His methods were too strange.

She suspected that Chu Xuan was going to eventually take control of the entire Black Moon Tower.

The founder of the blackmoon tower had always been a mysterious character, and his level of strength was also a complete mystery.
Many super powers were not willing to shed all pretense of cordiality with the Black Moon Tower because of this.

It could be seen how powerful the Black Moon Tower was.

As Chu Xuan’s servant, Su Xian’er indirectly controlled the Black Moon Tower in the Southern Region.
She could finally let out a sigh of relief.

The news of her whereabouts in the Southern Region would not be leaked out.

At the same time, through the Black Moon Tower, she could immediately find out if the Su family had discovered her tracks and whether they had started to take action.

“Today, a first-level truth realm heretic cultivator who was nearing the end of his life barged into the Evil King’s palace.
He enraged the Evil King and was personally killed by the latter.”

Su Xian’er sat next to Chu Xuan and read out the Black Moon Tower’s information about the Southern Region’s cultivation world.

It was one of her daily tasks.
She needed to pick out the most important bits of information from the Black Moon Tower and read it to Chu Xuan.

In order to understand the situation in the Southern Region, the Black Moon Tower would collect information about what was happening in various places every day.

Barging into the Evil King’s palace was a trend amongst heretic cultivators, so such news was naturally indispensable.

The people who barged into the Evil King’s palace were getting stronger and stronger.
Now, even the heretic cultivators in the truth realm were starting to emerge.

The current Evil King was probably furious.

He was the first evil king to be provoked like this.
He longer bore the pride and dignity of an Evil King that could not be provoked or offended.

Chu Xuan sighed.
It seemed that there were a lot of people with mental problems among the heretic cultivators.

One after another, they took pride in barging into the Evil King’s palace, even though such actions were suicidal.

It was fine if they were cultivators who were at the end of their lifespans.
After all, there were people who wanted to make a name for themselves before they died.

However, there were heretic cultivators who were young and energetic who actually barged into the Evil King’s palace as well.
It could only be said that their evil techniques had damaged their brains.

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