Chu Xuan did not opt to receive the 100 years’ worth of cultivation base and the Hundred Divine Tempering Divine Technique rewards immediately.
Instead, he taught Ren Changhe the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal.

After all, receiving the rewards would require a certain amount of time to digest and, since it would require him to cut off the spiritual power infusion to the Myriad Heavenly Mirror, it would also end the connection with Ren Change.
He did not want the other party to think that he was a swindler.

“Since you are my in-name disciple, I will teach you a great technique.
This technique is called the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal.
If you succeed in cultivating it, you can refine the aura of death into life force, and it will grant you a glimpse into the cycle of life and death and the Great Dao of Yin and Yang.”

Ren Changhe bowed respectfully and said, “Thank you, Master!”

“Okay, listen carefully.”

The divine light on Chu Xuan’s body became more and more dazzling, which made him look even more majestic, like an immortal descending into the mortal world.

Every word and sentence was like the sound of the Great Dao, transmitted through the Myriad Heavenly Mirror to where Ren Changhe was.

Chu Xuan had already completely comprehended the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal.
Although his strength was inferior to Ren Changhe’s, in terms of comprehension of this technique, he was definitely miles ahead.

Ren Changhe started comprehending the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal; his heart was surging with emotion.
He had made the right choice.

Indeed, an opportunity had come his way.

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This Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal was extremely profound and pointed one directly toward the Great Dao of Yin and Yang.

Even with his talent, he could not comprehend it within a short period of time.

Chu Xuan finished imparting the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal and asked, “How much have you comprehended?”

Ren Changhe immediately said in embarrassment, “Master, I am lacking.
I have only comprehended less than ten percent.”

Chu Xuan was speechless.

Was Ren Changhe’s comprehension too poor or was the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal too profound?

Although the system had directly instilled the technique into him, which allowed him to completely comprehend it, he himself did not feel that the technique itself was too difficult to comprehend.

Even without the system’s help, Chu Xuan felt that he would not need too much time to comprehend it.

Ren Changhe was at the peak-stage Heaven realm cultivator, yet he had only comprehended less than 10%?

There was no way for an untalented person to cultivate to the Heaven realm.

Moreover, Ren Changhe had reached the Heaven realm within 10,000 years.
Back then, he had been very proud.
His talent was regarded as exceptional and he was widely praised as a top-notch Heaven’s blessed.

This could only mean that the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal was more profound than he had expected.

Ren Changhe saw that Chu Xuan had remained silent for a long time and felt even more ashamed.
His heart was even more uneasy.
Could it be that Master regretted taking him in as a disciple?

He vowed to work hard in his cultivation.
He absolutely could not let Master down!

“Let me explain the mystery of refining the aura of death into life force first.”

After some time, Chu Xuan opened his mouth to speak.
One could not tell whether he was happy, angry, or dissatisfied.

“Thank you, Master!”

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Ren Changhe heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Next, Chu Xuan explained to Ren Changhe how to refine the aura of death into life force.

It took Ren Changhe a full half an hour to completely grasp it.

“You should continue to cultivate and meditate.”

After finishing his explanation to Ren Changhe, Chu Xuan cut off the spiritual energy input and deactivated the Myriad Heavenly Mirror.

“Farewell, Master!” Ren Changhe bowed and said.

After a long while, he raised his head with a determined look in his eyes.
He was once the top-notch Heaven’s blessed of the nine zones and fifty regions; almost invincible among his peers.

I, Ren Changhe, am not inferior to anyone!

I will not disappoint my master.

Ren Changhe began to cultivate the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal.
As long as he successfully cultivated the aura of death into life force, he would not have to worry about the problem of dying here.

Once his understanding of the cycle of life and death increased, he would have no problem escaping the Fallen God Cave, and his strength would also improve.

He now had the hope of breaking through to the legendary Divine realm!

After Chu Xuan deactivated the Myriad Heaven Mirror, he immediately received the reward.

A hundred years’ worth of cultivation was instilled into him.


His cultivation started to increase.

Third-level Emperor realm, fourth-level Emperor realm, fifth-level Emperor realm!

In the end, his strength increased to the fifth level of the Emperor realm.

Chu Xuan sighed.
The higher his cultivation, the slower his cultivation speed would be.

A hundred years’ worth of cultivation only allowed him to break through to three levels.

After receiving the Hundred Tempering Divine Technique (middle section), he realized that, compared to the first section, the middle section not only increased the cultivation of the divine soul, it also provided him with a number of divine soul defense and divine soul attack techniques.

Chu Xuan immediately condensed a soul spear.

This spear would not harm the physical body of the enemy, but only their soul.
It was impossible to defend against!

At this point, Chu Xuan’s soul defense and attack techniques were complete.

The enhanced version of the spirit cultivating diagram that the system had rewarded him with previously did not have much effect now.

Chu Xuan had to stare at it for a few hours before he even felt a slight dizziness.
Its effects were now too lacking and slow to assist him in the cultivation of the soul.

To other Emperor realm experts, it was most likely still a supreme treasure for the cultivation of the soul.
However, to Chu Xuan who pursued efficiency, it was of little value.

He was different from the others.
The concept of closed-door cultivation was alien to him.

Staring at it for a few hours did not suit his lifestyle at home.

After his cultivation level broke through, Chu Xuan immediately contacted Wan Chang with his parent-child communication talisman.

He told Wan Chang to collect information about the Asura Ancient Land and to find out whether there were any experts from the other regions coming to the Southern Region.

At the same time, he asked Wan Chang to pay attention to whether there were any experts at the Emperor realm or above from the Black Moon Tower coming to the Southern Region.

Wan Chang’s status in the Black Moon Tower was still a little low.

Even if he became the elite Tower Lord, he would only control the operations of the Black Moon Tower in the Qin Kingdom.
He would not be able to access higher level information of the Black Moon Tower’s operations.

Chu Xuan decided to further expand his control over the Black Moon Tower.

After Wan Chang became an elite Tower Lord and controlled the operations in the state of Qin, he would think of a way to lure out his superior, the bronze-level Tower Lord.

There were many bronze-level Tower Lords in the Black Moon Tower.
Chu Xuan only needed to control Wan Chang’s superior.

After controlling the bronze-level Tower Lord, he would then go after the silver-level Tower Lord and, if the right conditions were met, he would try to control a gold-level Tower Lord.

A gold-level Tower Lord was considered a junior high-level official in the Black Moon Tower.
The intelligence and authority one wielded in the Black Moon Tower was not low.

The gold-level Tower Lord was definitely one of the highest level officials in the Southern Region.

According to the classification system of the Black Moon Tower, the lowest cultivation level of the gold-level Tower Lord was at the third level of the truth realm.

Apart from controlling the gold-level Tower Lord, he also had to control some of the guards.

Chu Xuan suspected that the Black Moon Tower had an emperor realm expert guarding the Southern Region.

A day later, Wan Chang sent him a message.

He did not know anything about the Asura Ancient Land.
With his current authority, he could not find any relevant information about the matter in the Black Moon Tower.

Chu Xuan was not surprised.
Wan Chang’s status in the Black Moon Tower was simply too low.

He ordered him to do his best to be promoted to the position of elite Tower Lord as soon as possible.

His fifth-level Emperor realm cultivation was insufficient.
He had to break through to the Supreme realm.

Fortunately, there was still quite some time before the Asura Ancient Land opened.
Moreover, there would not be any experts from the outer regions coming over for the time being.

He still had some time to strengthen himself.

Heaven realm experts would not involve themselves in this matter, right?

He had to wait until he obtained more information about the Asura Ancient Land before he could make an accurate judgment.

In the next half a month, the time Chu Xuan used to cultivate increased.
Moreover, he secretly observed Du Yuan several times and found that he had not left the Western Region.
Only then did he slightly heave a sigh of relief.

At the same time, he once again contacted Ren Changhe and taught him more about the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal.

Ren Changhe no longer looked lifeless.
His body now exuded a strong life force, and his withered body seemed slightly fuller.

It was still too soon before he could fully recover and escape from the Fallen God Cave.

Wan Chang broke through to the unity realm and quickly advanced to the second level of the unity realm as well.

At the same time, he was successfully promoted to the position of elite Tower Lord.

After becoming an elite Tower lord and taking control of the state of Qin’s business, Wan Chang also made contact with the bronze-level Tower Lord who was in charge of him.

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