Du Yuan’s expression tensed up as he carefully asked, “Senior, the Southern Region’s ley lines have collapsed.
The laws of Heaven and Earth there are incomplete and their inheritance is missing.
There shouldn’t even be an Emperor realm cultivator there, right?”

If the Southern Region did not even have an Emperor realm cultivator, how deep could such waters run?

However, since Senior said there were dangers, there had to be a reason.

Chu Xuan said in an unfathomable manner, “Little Du, what kind of battle has the scale to render the laws of Heaven and Earth in the Southern Region incomplete?”

“One that at least involved Heaven realm cultivators,” Du Yuan thought for a moment and said.

No matter how many Supreme realm experts fought, they would not be able to make the ley lines collapse, nor damage the laws of Heaven and Earth.

Only the legendary Heaven realm experts could do such a thing.

“In the Southern Region, a group of Heaven realm little guys are setting something up.
You’re just a tiny Supreme realm expert, you can’t afford to wade into such deep waters.
Listen to Senior’s advice, the opportunities there are not for you.”

Du Yuan’s expression immediately changed.
A trap set up by heaven realm experts?

Moreover, it was even a group of them?

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If he, a puny Supreme realm expert, waded in, there would not even be ashes left of his corpse.

What made him even more shocked was that the Heaven realm experts were just a group of little fellows according to Senior’s words.

It could be seen from this that Senior’s strength was absolutely beyond imagination.

“Thank you, Senior!” Du Yuan respectfully said.

“Oh, it’s not easy to survive as an itinerant cultivator after all.
There are numerous traps out there.
It’s better for you to be cautious.”

Chu Xuan let out a sigh of relief after finally stopping Du Yuan from coming to the Southern Region.

However, he did not completely relax either.
Even if Du Yuan did not come, what about the other experts?

Du Yuan was definitely not the only itinerant cultivator who knew about the War Devil Ancient Land.

It was possible that there was an emperor realm expert or even a supreme realm expert hiding in some remote corner of the South Province.

He had to stabilize himself and increase his cultivation as soon as possible.

Apart from raising his cultivation, he also had to prepare some contingency plans.

For example, Ren Changhe…

If he could get the latter to accept the soul seal willingly, he would have a trump card that could rush to the Southern Region if there were any changes that he could not deal with himself.

After cultivating the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal, Ren Changhe would not have much of a problem getting out of the Fallen God Cave, and his strength would also have increased by a level.

As a peak-stage Heaven realm expert, or perhaps even stronger by then, he would definitely be able to stabilize the situation in the Southern Region.

Hence, it was absolutely imperative for Chu Xuan to deceive Ren Changhe.

He continued to put on an act in front of Du Yuan and rambled on about those Heaven realm cultivators who were setting up some sort of trap to kill people.

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After scaring Du Yuan off from the Southern Region, he ended the connection with Du Yuan.

The Myriad Heavenly Mirror still had one more chance to connect.

Chu Xuan no longer hesitated and connected it to Ren Changhe’s location.

The lifeless Fallen God Cave was still the same.
In the stone house, the aura of death on Ren Changhe’s body was even denser.

His entire body even seemed to have dried up a little.

Looking at the situation, Ren Changhe had not managed to comprehend anything.

On the contrary, the aura of death on his body was even more plentiful.

If he had said previously that Ren Changhe could live for a thousand years without a problem, then the current Ren Changhe could only live for seven or eight hundred years.

Chu Xuan even suspected that if he did not come, the man would have been courting death ahead of time!

This was a peerless Heaven’s blessed who had cultivated to the Heaven realm within ten thousand years?

It was a little underwhelming.

Bathed in divine light, Chu Xuan sighed.

“Sigh, your innate talent is dull, truly dull!”

Ren Changhe’s spirit was roused.
He raised his head and saw Chu Xuan bathed in divine light.

He was extremely excited.


He was almost about to cry.

He had been comprehending the cycle of life and death, refining the aura of death as his life force.
In the end, the aura of death eroded even more of his vitality, and his lifespan decreased by two hundred years or so.

He was so scared that he did not dare to continue comprehending.

However, he was not willing to be trapped here and die either.

Recently, he had been doubting himself.
Was he really a top-notch Heaven’s blessed?

Why was he unable to comprehend it?

“Junior’s talent is dull, so I am unable to comprehend it.
Senior, please give me some pointers!”

Ren Changhe prostrated himself on the ground and said respectfully.

He had reached the peak of the Heaven realm and swept away all of his peers back then.
He had been invincible in the same realm.
However, at this moment, all of it had turned into shame.

He no longer had a trace of pride.
If he did not truly believe that his talent was insignificant, he would have kowtowed and begged Chu Xuan to accept him as a disciple.


Chu Xuan let out a long sigh.

“Stupid, stupid.”

He shook his head and sighed.
He remained silent for a long time.

Ren Changhe remained prostrated on the ground, feeling nervous.
Did Senior disdain his talent? Would he refuse to give him some pointers?

“Well, there is some fate after all.”

After a long while, Chu Xuan said, “However, such things are not passed down lightly.
You can be considered to have some fate in meeting me.
I will temporarily take you in as an in-name disciple.
Are you willing?”

Ren Changhe was overjoyed and said, “I am willing!”

An in-name disciple was also a disciple.

Chu Xuan continued, “Although you are an in-name disciple, you still have to leave this realm and explore the myriad realms.
However, your strength is still insufficient.
Logically speaking, you do not have the qualifications.”

After pausing for a moment, he continued, “This venerable self will bestow you with a seal.
This will make you an exception and allow you to have the qualifications to travel to the myriad realms in the heavens.
You can also incorporate the seal into your divine soul.”

After Chu Xuan finished speaking, he condensed a soul seed seal and transmitted it over through the Myriad Heavenly Mirror.

As for whether Ren Changhe would incorporate it into his divine soul, that would depend on his choice.
After he planted the soul seed seal, Ren Changhe was no longer able to have any thoughts of resisting Chu Xuan himself.
In fact, the man would even have to act according to his own will.

Although it seemed like Ren Changhe had suffered a loss, it was actually a fortuitous encounter for him.

If he had not met Chu Xuan, he definitely would not have been able to escape this place; he would have definitely died after a thousand years.

After planting the soul seal, he would impart the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal to Ren Changhe, which would allow him to refine the aura of death in the Fallen God Cave into life force.
The cycle of life and death would allow him to break through his shackles and take another step forward in his cultivation.

Ren Changhe looked at the mysterious and small seal before him.
Without any hesitation, he immediately absorbed it into his divine soul.

He was also a decisive person.
Regardless of whether there was a conspiracy or not, if he could not escape, how long would he be able to live anyway?

He might as well take this gamble.

Whether it was worth it or not, he would soon know.

If the other party was able to impart the technique to cultivate the aura of death as life force, then he would have obtained a great opportunity.

Ren Changhe felt that there was something wrong with the soul seal, but he could not pinpoint what it was.

However, at this moment, he seemed to have more respect for that ‘senior’, and he could not think ill of the man.

After carefully confirming that there was nothing wrong with the soul seal, Ren Changhe realized that he did not feel any discomfort either.

He had always respected this senior anyway, so what was the big deal if he felt a little more respect.

After Ren Changhe absorbed the soul seal into his soul, Chu Xuan was overjoyed.
He finally managed to obtain a peak-stage Heaven realm disciple.

After he passed the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal to him, his strength would rise to a higher level on the day he chose to leave this place.

He was truly an expert that belonged at the top of the nine zones and fifty regions.

Chu Xuan sensed that the soul seal in Ren Changhe’s soul had already been implanted.

Unless his divine soul collapsed, his body disintegrated and his dao shattered, he would not be able to get rid of it.

It was perfect!

“You stayed in seclusion and crossed realms to take in a disciple.
You have been rewarded with 100 years’ worth of cultivation and the Hundred Tempering Divine Technique (middle section)!”

Chu Xuan’s was filled with joy.
The system’s reward that was triggered this time had actually rewarded him with 100 years’ worth of cultivation.After a few more such rewards, he would break through to the Supreme realm.

He also obtained the follow-up section of the Hundred Tempering Divine Technique.
Having cultivated this technique for such a long time, Chu Xuan had a deep understanding of how powerful this divine soul cultivation technique was.

Although his current cultivation base was at the second level of the Emperor realm, the strength of his divine soul was no weaker than that of an ordinary fifth-level Emperor realm cultivator.

It was all thanks to the assistance of the Hundred Tempering Divine Technique and the Spirit Cultivating Diagram.

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