The withered figure’s body trembled, and the sparkling white light in his eyes brightened up a little.

He was obviously shocked by Chu Xuan’s words.

The nine zones and fifty regions were actually just a remote corner of the myriad realms?

How boundless were the fertile lands of the myriad realms?

He did not doubt Chu Xuan’s words.
The person in front of him was bathed in divine light, and his demeanor was unfathomable.
One look and he could tell that this person was an extremely terrifying expert.

He could not even comprehend how the light ring managed to connect to this place.

One had to know that even a Heaven realm expert would not be able to connect to the place where he was at currently.

The moment Chu Xuan opened his mouth, he had frightened the other party.
He could sense that the withered figure was extremely powerful.

Even though the withered figure was being corroded by the aura of death, he was still incomparably powerful, far surpassing the Emperor realm.

The other party seemed to be trapped here.

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If he was unable to escape and was being continuously corroded by the aura of death, it was only a matter of time before he died.

“How do I reach the myriad realms of the heavens?” The withered figure asked.

“Your strength is too weak.
You don’t have the qualifications to know.” Chu Xuan replied directly.


The withered figure said in a deep voice, “When I, Ren Changhe, became trapped here, I was already at the peak of the Heaven realm.
In the nine zones and fifty regions, I was also one of this land’s foremost experts.
How could I not have the qualifications to know?”

Chu Xuan was secretly shocked.
Peak of the Heaven realm!

An expert at the peak of the Heaven realm was trapped here.
This place was really not simple.

However, Chu Xuan was good at bluffing.

If he managed to snag himself a servant at the peak of the Heaven Realm, it would be a momentous occasion.

Given his current strength, there was only one way to plant a soul seal on Ren Changhe.

The latter had to be willing to accept his soul seal!

Once the soul seal was planted, Ren Changhe would not be able to resist even if the difference in strength between him and Chu Xuan was too great.

This was also one of the strengths of the soul seal.

Moreover, even if the soul seal was destroyed, Chu Xuan would not suffer a backlash.

In order to fool a peak Heaven realm expert, he naturally had to paint a fantastical picture that was grandiose enough to make the other party feel like a mere pawn despite their peak Heaven realm strength.

“Peak Heaven realm?”

Chu Xuan sneered and said, “A frog at the bottom of a well!”

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“That peak Heaven realm you speak of is equivalent to a mere king realm in the myriad realms of the heavens.
Perhaps you don’t understand what level the king realm is in the myriad realms of the heavens, so I’ll broaden your horizons today.
The king realm is equivalent to the unity realm in your realm.”

“Let me ask you, do the unity realm juniors in your realm have the qualifications to participate in matters involving the fate of your realm?”

Ren Changhe was stunned.

“Only equivalent to the unity realm?”

Then how powerful were the myriad realms?

No wonder he said the nine zones and fifty regions were but a remote corner of the myriad realms of the heavens.

Ren Changhe was momentarily unable to accept this new reality.

Shock registered on his face.

Chu Xuan laughed in his heart and then asked, “How long did it take you to cultivate to this realm?”

When he said this, Ren Changhe became confident and replied proudly, “It only took me ten thousand years!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Your level of talent is too poor.
I can’t believe it took you ten thousand years.”

Chu Xuan shook his head and sighed.

“Do you know that in the myriad realms of the heavens, if you manage to cultivate to the king realm in a hundred years, oh, I mean your Heaven realm, your talent is only considered ordinary?”

“In the myriad realms of the heavens, only those who manage to cultivate to the Heaven realm in ten years can be considered as Heaven’s blessed.”

Ren Changhe’s brain was buzzing.
He said in disbelief, “Impossible.
Ten years to reach the Heaven realm? How is that possible?”

He had once been known as the famous Changhe Celestial Master.
He had cultivated to the Heaven realm in ten thousand years and shocked countless people.
He was known as one of the top Heaven’s blessed in the nine zones.

In the end, he was just a good-for-nothing?

He found it difficult to accept.

“Sigh, a frog at the bottom of a well will always be unaware of how big the world is.
It’s really pitiful.” Chu Xuan sighed.

“Senior, what is your cultivation level?”

Ren Changhe was silent for a long time before he asked bitterly.

He had already believed Chu Xuan’s words.

The first step was successful.

Chu Xuan remained silent for a long while before he said, “What good would it do if I told you? The difference between you and me is like the difference between the mortal realm and the Heaven realm.”

Ren Changhe took a deep breath.
The aura of death surged into his mouth and he started choking.

It took him a long time to recover.

He was excited.
Perhaps this was his opportunity.

“Please save me, Senior!”

Chu Xuan said mysteriously, “This place is a bit special.
Fortune and misfortune go hand in hand.
If you can understand this mystery, you can break through your current bottleneck.”

If even senior thought that this place was special, there had to be something extraordinary about it.

Ren Changhe smiled bitterly and said, “I’ve been trapped here for more than 100,000 years, yet I’ve been unable to comprehend a single thing.
Instead, I’ve been eroded by the aura of death here.
I’m afraid I’m not far from death.”

“Since you’re aware of the danger, why did you come here? Do you know where this place is?”

“I know.
Desolate Ancient Zone, Fallen God Cave,” Ren Changhe said dejectedly.

Before he met Chu Xuan, even though he was trapped here, he had still been prideful.

A place that could trap him, Ren Changhe, could also trap any peak Heaven realm expert in this vast world.

Now, he was dejected.

It turned out that he had only been staring at the sky from the bottom of a well.

In front of a true Heaven’s blessed, he was just trash!

Chu Xuan memorized the name.
The Fallen God Cave of the Ancient Desolate Zone, one of the nine zones.
He now knew one of the zones.

“Since we met by chance, then it’s fate.
This venerable self will give you some pointers.”

Chu Xuan said, “The aura of death is also not the aura of death.
The aura of life can also be the aura of death.
When faced with death, the cycle of life and death can be understood.
If you can comprehend the Great Dao, you’ll be able to escape, and you can break through your bottleneck.”

Ren Changhe started muttering to himself and fell into deep thought.

He had been trapped here for 100,000 years, but had not been able to escape.
He had never been able to comprehend what kind of opportunities the Fallen God Cave contained.

Where were the opportunities?

Countless experts who had explored the Fallen God Cave in the Ancient Desolate Zone had all died.
Not a single one had survived.

He had thought highly of himself.
He wanted to be the first person to escape from this place.

In the end, he ended up being trapped here with nothing to show for it.

“To face death and comprehend the cycle of life and death?”

Ren Changhe muttered to himself.
He felt that the guidance given by the senior was the key to breaking out of this place, and also the key to breaking through past the Heaven realm.

However, how could he comprehend and achieve this?

He was being corroded by the aura of death, and would die soon if nothing changed.
Would he be able to comprehend the cycle of life and death in time?


Chu Xuan interrupted him without waiting for him to continue, “Comprehend it well.
Don’t seek an answer before you have comprehended it.
Everyone’s understanding of the Great Dao is different.”

“Young man, don’t be impatient.
You have already been trapped for 100,000 years.
What’s there to be impatient about?”

“You probably won’t have any issue surviving for another 1,000 years.
What’s the hurry?”

“You’re right, senior!” Ren Changhe said respectfully.

Yeah, what was the rush?

Even if he was trash compared with the Heaven’s blessed, in the nine zones and fifty regions, he was still one of the foremost experts.
He was not inferior to anyone here.

If someone like him could not comprehend it, in their corner of this vast world, who could?

“Thank you for your advice!”

Ren Changhe began to ponder and comprehend the secrets held within this place.

The next step was successful.

Ren Changhe now had to solve the problem of the corrosion of the death aura.
If that threat was resolved, then Chu Xuan would not have any problems in accepting Ren Changhe as a servant or an in-name disciple.

A servant might be a little harder, but an in-name disciple would not be a problem.

Most importantly, Ren Changhe must not have rebellious thoughts when receiving the soul seal, otherwise, given his strength, Chu Xuan would not be able to successfully plant the soul seal.

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