Chu Xuan did not pay much attention to how the heretic cult acted or how the Chu family set up their ambush.

Since they already knew about the heretic cult’s plot, if the Chu family did not take the opportunity to kill them, then they would really be too useless.

As long as Chu Yun was safe, the other matters were not too important.

The Chu family had been established in the Qin Kingdom for thousands of years.
If they could not even deal with the heretic cult’s plot this time, how could they have remained as one of the major forces for this long?

Chu County’s capital.

In the Chu manor, Chu Qing was looking through an intelligence report.

Previously, when he had been surrounded and ambushed by the heretic cult, he had almost lost his life.
Fortunately, he had activated the escape bead in time and escaped with his life.

He hated the heretic cult to the core.

These days, he utilized the Chu family’s intelligence network to secretly investigate the base of the heretic cult, vowing to uproot the heretic cult.

He had thought about purchasing information from Black Moon Tower, but Black Moon Tower’s price was too high, so he could only rely on the Chu family’s intelligence network.

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Chu County belonged to the Chu family, so the information network was still very adequate.
However, due to the lack of detection-type spiritual artifacts or even treasured artifacts, it was very difficult to locate the important strongholds of the cult.

The cult had the ability to hide their auras, which helped them to avoid being detected by detection-type spiritual artifacts or even treasured artifacts.

It was precisely because of this that they had been unable to completely eradicate the cult.

A steward ran into the room in a hurry.

“Young Master Qing, someone sent over an intelligence report.”

Chu Qing raised his head and asked, “Who sent it?”

“It wasn’t the other three families, and it naturally wasn’t Black Moon Tower either.
I wonder who it was.”

The manager shook his head and said.

Chu Qing’s expression instantly changed when he saw the contents of the intelligence report.

“Go and invite fourth uncle over.”

The manager hurriedly left.

Chu Qiuhai was Chu Tianming’s fourth son, and his innate talent could only be considered to be slightly above average among his siblings.

Presently, he had only barely stepped into the first level of the void realm.

Most of the time, he stayed in the capital to represent the direct descendants of the Chu family.

“Qing ‘er, what’s the matter?” Chu Qiuhai asked

Chu Qiuhai came running over in a hurry.

Chu Qing handed over the intelligence report to him and, after Chu Qiuhai finished reading it, he said solemnly, “Fourth uncle, how much of this report do you think is credible?”

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“The credibility of this report should be very high.
No matter what, we must be on guard.
This matter isn’t something that you or I can handle.
I’ll return to the family territory immediately.”

Chu Qiuhai took the report and left in a hurry.

In a small village outside the capital, a cave had been dug out on a small mountainside.

The entrance to the cave had been blocked using a big rock.

Inside, Chu Yun stared at a pill cauldron with a solemn expression.
She changed her techniques, and spiritual power vibrated inside the pill cauldron at a strange frequency.

A fire crystal under the pill cauldron was burning with scarlet flames.

This was Chu Yun’s tenth pill refinement.
She could already refine ordinary-grade pills, for which she had a 100% success rate.

The quality of the pills she refined was higher than the pills she bought from the He family.

Out of the four families in the Qin Kingdom, only the He family was good at pill refinement.

Every time the four families worked together to deal with a crisis, the He family would provide the logistical supplies and pills.

Chu Yun knew that this alchemy technique was extraordinary, far beyond what the He family was capable of providing.

Currently, she was practicing refining the profound pill.

During the first nine times, she had failed six times and succeeded three times, but the quality of the medicinal pills was average.

This was the tenth time she was refining the medicinal pills, and it was also the last batch of spiritual herbs Chu Yun had.

After refining this cauldron of medicinal pills, she would have to think of a way to get her hands on some more spiritual herbs.

As the He family was a pill refining family, most of the spiritual herbs were supplied to the He family in return for obtaining a certain amount of medicinal pills.

If they wanted to obtain medicinal pills beyond the allocated amount, they would have to buy them.

Therefore, it would not be easy for Chu Yun to obtain spiritual herbs.

Moreover, she was secretly learning pill refining by herself, so all the related expenses had to be borne by her.

Fortunately, she was favored by the Chu family, so she had a lot of crystals in her possession to buy what she needed.

During the final moments of refining, beads of sweat appeared on Chu Yun’s fair forehead.


Chu Yun shouted in her heart, and the frequency of the spiritual power emitted from her palms changed, and the cauldron began to spin.


The lid of the cauldron opened.

Guided by her spiritual power, twelve pills flew out.

Chu Yun raised her hand to catch them.
Of the twelve pills, four were useless and, of the remaining eight, five were ordinary Xuan pills.

However, there were three that had already reached a level that could be considered high-quality.

The pills were round, smooth, and lustrous.
The pills’ medicinal fragrance did not dissipate.

Chu Yun was overjoyed.
She silently summarized the refining process just now and reviewed the deficiencies.
She would refine the pills better next time.

She did not have any spirit herbs with her now, so she had to buy some spirit herbs in order to continue her practice.

Once she could refine the profound pills skillfully, the next step would be to refine the spirit pills.

She pushed open the big rock at the entrance of the cave.

Chu Yun had just walked out of the cave when she suddenly saw a big python.

She was shocked.
Before she could react, the Python had already fused into her body.

“What was that?”

Chu Yun hurriedly checked her body and found that there was an unknown power hidden in her body.
It seemed to be that big python.

An opportunity?

Suddenly, she saw a small storage bag where the Big Python had appeared from.

SHe looked around, but there was no one there.

SHe picked up the storage bag and looked inside.
There were all kinds of spirit herbs inside.
Not only were there the spirit herbs needed to refine the profound pills, but there were also the ingredients needed to refine the spirit pills.

Other than the spirit herbs, there were also over a million spirit crystals inside the storage bag.

Chu Yun was shocked.
Who gave her this storage bag?

Grandfather Chu Tianming?

This possibility was not high.

He had no reason to give it to her secretly.

Thinking of the unknown power hidden in her body, was it possible that a certain senior had found out that she was refining pills and purposely left some spirit herbs here to test her?

Chu Yun felt that she might have encountered an expert.

Holding the storage bag, she excitedly returned to the cave, blocked the entrance with the large rock again, and continued to refine pills.

Outside the cave, two figures had hidden themselves.

“You stay here and protect Miss Chu Yun.
I’m returning to the cult.”

Zhang Kui left quietly after giving the orders to Dong Qian.

The cult was planning to launch a surprise attack on Chu County.
As the first vice sect leader, Zhang Kui had to grasp the entire plan.

He wanted to send reliable information over to the Chu family as soon as possible.

This information would include the timing of the attack, the location of the attack, the names of the important people, and so on.

At this point, his heart had already become numb.
He did not feel sad for the cult at all.
He only wanted to wholeheartedly work for Chu Xuan.

This was what it was like working for a big shot!

He felt that after this matter was over, he would find a place to break through to the unity realm.

With the profound void pill that Chu Xuan had given him, breaking through to the unity realm would not be a big problem.

As for the medicinal pills that Chu Xuan wanted to sell, he had handed them over to Dong Qian to handle.

It was inconvenient for him to reveal himself to others because he was on Black Moon Tower’s hit list.
For some reason, that group of black-hearted people wanted to kill him.

Zhang Kui arrived at the small courtyard again.

After Chu Xuan heard his report, he was slightly surprised.
Chu Yun seemed to possess some talent in alchemy.

Within a short period of time, she had already managed to refine profound pills.

The pills were divided into profound pills, spirit pills, profound void pills, truth pills, and emperor pills, which corresponded to each realm.

Among them, profound void pills corresponded to the void realm and unity realm.

There was no Emperor in the Southern Region so, naturally, no one could refine emperor pills.
Otherwise, there would be no lack of emperor level experts there.

“Very good.
Continue providing her with the materials needed to refine the pills.”

Chu Xuan nodded with satisfaction.
He had made the right choice in choosing not to kill Zhang Kui back then.
He now had a faithful lackey who could carry out his orders.

Moreover, Zhang Kui had been able to become the first vice sect leader of the cult.
Apart from his strength, his ability and intelligence were naturally not bad.

He threw out a bottle of profound void pills and said, “Let Dong Qian consume these to increase his strength.”

His strength was too low, and he was unable to accomplish much for Chu Xuan.

For the time being, these two lackeys were working for him, and there was no possibility of them betraying him.
Naturally, the stronger they were, the better.

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