“You have remained in seclusion and have broken through to the truth realm.
You have been rewarded with a pet Sky-shaking Golden Roc.”

Another pet?

Chu Xuan examined the information of the Sky-shaking Golden Roc.

“Sky-shaking Golden Roc.
An ancient godly beast with extreme speed.
It can shake the nine heavens above and split the nine netherworlds below…”

After reading the introduction of Sky-shaking Golden Roc, Chu Xuan could only say that it was awesome!

It was indeed an ancient divine beast.

He took out the Sky-shaking Golden Roc.

It was a valiant little eagle with golden claws, golden wings, and sharp eyes.

Its strength was at the first level of the truth realm.

However, it was only the size of a pigeon.

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It was still in its infant stage, and he did not know how many years it would take for it to grow to adulthood.


The Heavenly Spirit Cat jumped over and stared at the Sky-shaking Golden Roc.

The Sky-shaking Golden Roc spread its wings and raised one of its claws to grab at the neck of the Heavenly Spirit Cat.

The cat’s hair immediately stood on end.
It let out a low roar and a surging pressure emerged.

It had activated the power of the White Tiger divine beast.

However, the Sky-shaking Golden Roc was not afraid.
It tilted its head and appeared somewhat curious as to why this cat could release such power.

The Heavenly Spirit Cat’s current strength was around the third level of the unity realm.
It was weaker than the Sky-shaking Golden Roc, but since it also belonged to Chu Xuan, there would only be friendly fights and scars, but no life-and-death battles.

After breaking through to the truth realm, Chu Xuan’s confidence had increased greatly.

He was one step closer to being invincible in the Southern Region.

The heretic cult was nothing to worry about.

The ordinary experts of the evil imperial court were also nothing to worry about.

There was no emperor-level character in the Southern Region either.
As long as he broke through to the emperor realm, he would be invincible in the Southern Region.
He could then ignore the evil imperial court.

Of course, the emperor realm was still rather insignificant elsewhere.


He would only be able to dominate the Southern Region.

Outside the Southern Region, on this vast continent, the emperor realm was nothing to shout about.

After breaking through to the truth realm, one’s cultivation would increase even more slowly.
Chu Xuan was in no hurry and would patiently wait until a year of seclusion had passed.

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The reward for remaining in seclusion for a year would undoubtedly be generous.

Perhaps the reward for remaining in seclusion for a year would allow him to directly break through to the emperor realm.

As long as he broke through to the emperor realm, he would truly have nothing to fear in the Southern Region.

The Sky-shaking Golden Roc sat on a branch of the spirit-devouring flower and tilted its head to stare at it.
It felt that this small tree was a bit extraordinary.

As an ancient divine beast, it naturally had its pride.

Those that could catch its eye were not ordinary things.

Chu Yun was still in closed-door cultivation.
Not everyone was like Chu Xuan, whereby breaking through was like drinking water and happened in an instant.

For others, even breaking through a small realm would take at least a few days.

After breaking through, they would still need to stabilize their cultivation.

Looking at the potted plants in the courtyard, Chu Xuan felt that he had nothing to do.
As such, he took out a pair of scissors and trimmed the leaves and branches of the potted plants.


Such a laidback lifestyle was indeed very comfortable.

He just needed a beautiful maid to accompany him!


No matter how beautiful the potted plants and flowers were, they could not compare to having a delicate beauty by his side.


There were many beautiful maids in the Chu family, but none of them were talented.

He did not want an ordinary maid.

As such, he could only stay home alone for now.

“You pruned the potted plants and enjoyed yourself.
You’ve been rewarded with the Myriad Spirits scripture and the Myriad Elixirs scripture.”


Chu Xuan paused.
He had triggered a random reward again?


After trimming the potted plants, Chu Xuan sat on the reclining chair and checked out the system’s reward.

The Myriad Spirits scripture recorded all the spiritual objects, heavenly materials and earthly treasures in the world.

If one was familiar with the Myriad Spirits scripture, one would be able to recognize any spiritual item in the world, any heavenly material or earthly treasure, even those extinct and extremely rare spiritual items.

The Myriad Spirits scripture recorded the effects and general uses of each spiritual item.

In addition to the Myriad Spirits scripture, he had received an alchemy scripture.

It recorded countless pill formulas, as well as numerous alchemy methods that had been passed down throughout history.

Both the lost pill formulas and the lost pill refinement methods could be found within its pages.

Chu Xuan had received the Myriad Spirits and the Myriad Elixirs scriptures.
Both scriptures were not thick, but each page contained an enormous amount of information.

This was a special method of recording information.
The contents of each page could be scrolled down continuously.
Other than words, there were also images and diagrams on each page.


The pill refinement methods recorded in the Myriad Elixir scripture included not only the text notes, but also a process diagram of the pill refinement.

Chu Xuan did not immediately ask the system to infuse the contents of the two books into his mind.
Instead, he flipped through them leisurely.

Reading the Myriad Spirits scripture was like reading a plant encyclopedia.

It was just right to pass time with.

Chu Xuan had read through most of the books in the Chu family, so the Myriad Spirits scripture and the Myriad Elixirs scripture could make up for his current lack of reading materials.
It was the best way for him to pass the time.

In any case, he could not utilize the Myriad Spirits and the Myriad Elixirs scriptures for the time being, so he was in no hurry to master them.

He did not lack pills.

He did not lack natural treasures either.
Every day that he stayed in seclusion, the system would give him all kinds of rewards.

Chu Xuan placed one of the pill refinement methods and a few pill formulas in the cultivation notes he had prepared for Chu Yun.


Chu Xuan did not care whether Chu Yun was interested in the subject or whether she would learn it.

He only needed to prepare things for her so that she could increase her own influence and voice in the family.


That pill refining method was one of the top pill refining techniques in the Southern Region.
After Chu Yun learned it, her status in the Chu family would surpass Chu Qing’s and would be no lower than the head of the family.

Moreover, the pill formulas that Chu Xuan had prepared for her included pills that would allow her to break through to the truth realm.
Each pill could increase the chance of breaking through by 30 to 70 percent.

Other than pills that could help her break through to the truth realm, there were also pills that could heal injuries, strengthen her spiritual will, and help her recover from mental injuries.


If Chu Yun could refine these pills, the strength of the Chu family would increase by 30% within a short period of time.


Once Chu Yun mastered those pill refining techniques, even if she actually did want to get married, Chu Tianming would beg her not to leave the Chu family.


Three days later, Chu Yun left closed-door cultivation.

The first thing she did after she came out of closed-door cultivation was to come over to the small courtyard.


She flipped through the cultivation notes again and discovered the alchemy technique.
She was immediately shocked.

There was actually an alchemy method to refine the profound void pills, which also included the recipe for the profound void pill.

The profound void pill was extremely rare.
In the entire Southern Region, there were only a few people who could refine the profound void pill.

The Chu family had once thought of purchasing a profound void pill, but its price at the Black Moon Tower was too expensive.
The Chu family would have to spend almost one-third of its reserves in order to purchase it.

It was precisely because of this that they gave up on the idea of purchasing the profound void pill.

If he had the profound void pill, Chu Tianming would have a chance of breaking through to the unity realm!

This pill refinement method had been very casually placed inside a pile of notes, almost as if it held no value.

“Third uncle actually did not pass on this pill refinement technique to the family?”


Chu Yun was puzzled.
If someone from the Chu family was in possession of this pill refinement technique, it would be enough to cause the Chu family’s strength to soar.

Moreover, after the Chu family could refine these pills themselves, there was no need for them to buy pills from others.
In fact, they could even sell them to the market.

No matter how she looked at it, this pill refinement technique was extremely important to the Chu family.

Chu Yun could not understand why third uncle did not pass on this pill refinement technique to grandfather?

Could it be that this pill refinement technique had unique origins?

It had to be so.

Chu Yun was conflicted.
Should she learn it then?

If this pill refinement technique were to be leaked, would it bring disaster to the Chu family?

After hesitating for a long time, Chu Yun finally decided to learn it secretly.
When she wanted to refine pills, she would do so secretly.

As long as she did not refine pills on a large scale, and as long as it could be kept a secret, there would not be any trouble.

After making up her mind, Chu Yun began to seriously study it.


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