“This was left behind by my father, so it’s naturally not just any ordinary tea.”


Chu Xuan lied through his teeth.

As long as he said it was left behind by his father, no one would doubt him.

His father was indeed a figure that had suppressed all his peers.

“So it was left behind by third uncle.
No wonder!”


Chu Yun was enlightened.

Chu Qiuluo was a legendary figure.

This was why, when most people saw Chu Xuan, their first thought was that a tiger father had begotten a dog son!

After a period of time, the Chu family had become very peaceful.

The cult seemed to have stopped its movements for a while, and most of their forces in Chu County had retreated.

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There was still no news of Zhang Kui.

It seemed that he really was dead.

Only Wan Chang was aware that the b*stard Zhang Kui had once appeared briefly.

The experts of Black Moon Tower had not been able to kill him during that brief moment.

He had escaped.

Moreover, he had once again lost track of Zhang Kui.

Fortunately, he had not announced to the public that Zhang Kui was dead!

He had only told that to Chu Tianming once.

Therefore, even if Zhang Kui really reappeared, no one would suspect that Black Moon Tower’s intelligence had been wrong.

This was because Black Moon Tower had never officially said that Zhang Kui was dead.


As for Chu Tianming, he had offered to use his quota for Black Moon Tower’s intelligence network for his sake to investigate Chu Qiuluo’s whereabouts.
As such, Chu Tianming would not do anything that would jeopardize the current situation.

“You’ve been in seclusion for ten months.
You’ve been rewarded with the Mystic Fire Bell.”

The mystic fire bell was a low-grade emperor artifact.
It contained mystic fire that could burn the sky and boil the earth, and its power was unparalleled.


Chu Xuan had obtained yet another emperor artifact.
The longer he remained in seclusion, the more generous the rewards became.
The levels of the rewards even became higher as well.

The worst reward he was likely to receive for a year of seclusion was a heaven-level scripture!

Perhaps he might even receive a divine-level scripture or something above it?

Chu Xuan was full of expectation.

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During this period of time, Chu Yun often came to the courtyard.
Every time she flipped through the books, she would gain a different understanding of the concepts within.

Every time she would sigh, “Third uncle really is a genius!”!


Chu Xuan smiled but would not say anything.

She drank the enlightenment tea everyday.
There would basically be no hindrances when Chu Yun attempted to break through to the truth realm.


She had outstanding innate talent and had comprehended the true meaning of Heaven and Earth in advance.
It was only a matter of time before she would break through to the truth realm.

After a short period of time passed, Chu Yun was now not far from the fourth level of the profound realm.

Chu Xuan, on the other hand, had already touched upon the threshold of the truth realm.
He would definitely break through to the truth realm within half a month at most.

There were a few more potted plants in the courtyard.
These had all been brought over by Chu Yun.

She felt that the courtyard was too monotonous.
There was only a cat and a strange little tree.
It was very uninteresting, so she planted some spiritual flowers in pots here.

“Thirteenth brother, why haven’t I seen you leave the courtyard before?”

Chu Yun asked in puzzlement.

Despite having visited him repeatedly, and over a long period of time, Chu Xuan had not left the yard once.

Chu Tianming had only chased him out of the ancestral residence.
He had not grounded him, so he was actually allowed to leave the courtyard.

“I’m cultivating.”


Chu Yun said in confusion, “Thirteenth brother, I haven’t seen you cultivate, and your strength has not increased.”

“You wouldn’t understand.
I’m cultivating the heart.”

Chu Xuan replied with an unfathomable expression, “The higher the state of the heart, the higher the cultivation strength.”

“So, thirteenth brother, you’re saying that because the state of your heart isn’t high, that’s why your strength is so weak?”

Chu Yun pondered.

“Is this the cultivation method that third uncle passed down? How strange!”


The corner of Chu Xuan’s mouth twitched.
In order to prevent her from forcing him to cultivate, he could only lie and say, “Yes, my father passed it down in secret.
At the beginning, his strength appeared weak but, once he comprehended it, he soared into the sky.”


“Not everyone can cultivate this method.
It’s very harsh.
That’s why I didn’t return to the ancestral residence!”

With this excuse, Chu Yun would not continue pestering him to return with her to the ancestral residence.

“I understand!”

Chu Yun nodded, and said with a serious face: “I won’t force thirteenth brother to return to the ancestral residence, and I won’t allow anyone to disturb you!”


Ten days passed quickly.

Chu Xuan had already stepped one-foot into the truth realm.

He would break through within the next one or two days.

Chu Yun drank the enlightenment tea and flipped through the cultivation records.
Her comprehension of the Great Luo Emperor scripture was getting deeper and deeper, and she had half-a-foot into the fourth level of the profound realm.


On this day, Chu Yun came over to bid farewell.
She was going back to the ancestral residence to break through to the fourth level of the profound realm.

Chu Tianming was very happy.
He loved his granddaughter Chu Yun more and more.

Even Chu Qing, whom he regarded as his successor to the patriarch position, could not compare to Chu Yun in terms of how much love and affection he displayed.

Chu Tianming’s heart was already moved.
He no longer had the intention of marrying Chu Yun out.
He directly ignored the Qin royal family’s intention to seek her hand in marriage.

Chu Xuan was very clear that the Chu family, Zhao family, He family, and the Qin royal family had always been connected by marriage.
The direct descendants of the four families were all married to each other.

Thanks to this, the relationship between the four families was inseparable.

He did not have a fiancée because his father, Chu Qiuluo, had once broken the marriage contract.
In addition, his talent was poor, so the other three families did not fancy him as a potential marriage candidate.

Other than him, the other direct descendants basically all had marriage partners.

Even if they had not been confirmed yet, the elders all had the same intention and would look for opportunities for these partners to nurture their feelings for each other.

For example, Old Seventh’s fiancée was He Weiwei.

This pair could be considered to have already taken a liking to each other, and it was unlikely for their relationship to encounter any accidents.

Chu Yun was still young, so naturally, her marriage had not been decided yet.
Moreover, Chu Tianming was very fond of her, so he did not have any plans to have her married off for the time being.

What Chu Xuan wanted to do was to allow Chu Yun to gain enough power to control her own future.


After staying in seclusion for 10 months and 15 days, the opportunity to break through to the truth realm finally arrived.

Chu Xuan sat cross-legged on the bed.
The minor five elements array formation in the courtyard had been activated.

Although his breakthrough speed was very fast, and he could stabilize his cultivation on the same day as his breakthrough, he activated the minor five elements array formation to guard against any untoward incidents, just in case.

The spiritual power in his body surged and began to undergo a transformation.

Wisps of spiritual will and spiritual power, as well as the comprehension of the truth realm, surfaced in his mind.

The speed of transformation was not slow.
Two hours later, Chu Xuan had already broken through to the truth realm.

His spiritual power had been completely sublimated, and each wisp of spiritual power contained a wisp of spiritual will.

After the breakthrough, Chu Xuan’s mind moved, and a wisp of spiritual power appeared.

A little rabbit formed from spiritual power appeared beside him.

The little rabbit looked no different from a real rabbit.
There were no traces of spiritual power being condensed.

Its eyes were bright and full of life.
It opened its mouth and let out a cute little rabbit-like cry.

Every hair on its body was exactly the same as a real one.

Touching it, it felt furry, warm and alive.

Cutting its leg, the little rabbit cried out in pain, jumped about and struggled, and bright red blood flowed out of the wound.


Materialization of power into reality!

This was the mark of a truth realm expert!

For those below the truth realm, it was almost impossible to notice that this rabbit was something created from spiritual power.

Chu Xuan could not help but recall a record he read in a miscellaneous book.

A certain truth realm master created thousands of pills from spiritual power and sold them to a certain sect.
The sect master did not realize that they were fake.

It was not until they found out that the pills could only increase spiritual power slightly and did not have any special effects that they discovered that they had been cheated.

Of course, if the pills created from the spiritual power of a truth realm expert were not tampered with, martial artists below the truth realm could consume them to recover their spiritual power and even break through a small realm.

With a thought from Chu Xuan, little rabbits and cute kittens appeared in the courtyard one after the other.

They were bouncing, lively and cute!

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