Chu Xuan took out some Supreme realm cultivation pills, as well as the pills for breaking through to the Heaven realm, and gave them to Chu Yi.
He would have Chu Yi pass them to Du Yuan.

Currently, Du Yuan, was serving as an expert in the Black Moon Tower’s guard division, and overseeing the Black Moon Tower of the Southern Region.

He had been awaiting Chu Xuan’s instructions.

Before the Asura Ancient Land opened, it would not be hard to raise Du Yuan’s strength to the Heaven realm with the aid of pills.

Those who ran errands for him had to at least be Heaven realm experts.

Otherwise, how could they be worthy of their status as big shots.

Chu Yi left immediately.

Apart from medicinal pills, Chu Xuan also got him to hand over a communication talisman to Du Yuan.

This was a specially made communication talisman.
Not only could it send messages, it could also transmit voice messages, and even converse in real-time with the other party.

Chu Yi was not gone for long.
He soon returned and continued to cultivate in the Origin Dao Crystal.

Chu Xuan looked at the Origin Dao Crystal.
It had already grown a little stronger, and it was not far from its next transformation.

If it underwent another transformation, the functions of the Origin Dao Crystal would be upgraded, and the pocket dimension would also be upgraded.

More importantly, the Origin Dao Crystal’s Great Dao would be upgraded after the transformation.

There had been no new members in the Great Dao Communication Group for some time.
As usual, Chu Xuan took out the Dao-seeking Mirror and began to search again.

The compass needle on the surface of the mirror rotated around and around.
The search failed again, and he found nothing.


Based on the results of his usage of the Dao-seeking Mirror, he could tell how few Dao realm experts there were.

Of course, he could not discount the fact that the Dao-seeking mirror was not powerful enough to search for Dao realm experts.

This was also partly because Chu Xuan’s cultivation level was not high enough.

“Your disciple, Demon Buddha, has spread Buddhist dharma and converted 100,000 Buddhists.
You have been rewarded with the Myriad Incarnation technique.”

The system’s reward suddenly arrived.

Converted 100,000 Buddhists?

Chu Xuan was shocked.
How long had it been? Unbelievably, Demon Buddha had already converted 100,000 demons to Buddhism?

Converting demons into Buddhists was the first step.

He took out the Myriad Heavenly Mirror and connected it to Demon Buddha.

The Demon Zone, withIn a certain tribe.

At this moment, the sound of chanting resounded everywhere.
Buddhist light enveloped the tribe and dispelled the demonic power.

On a high platform, Demon Buddha, who was in his snow-white monk robe, was seated cross-legged.
He was solemn and projected the demeanor of an eminent monk.

Below him, regardless of gender, age, or age, all had their hands clasped together and were chanting Buddhist scriptures.

This was a small tribe in the Demon Zone.
It was an unremarkable demon tribe that belonged to the lowest level of the demon race.

They did not have the handsome or beautiful appearance of the Heavenly Demon tribe.
They were ugly and had sharp fangs at the corners of their mouths.
Their ten slender fingers were like eagle claws.

Their originally red hair had all been shaved off, and they were now all bald.

Their shiny bald heads emitted a faint Buddhist light.

Everyone was very devout as they chanted Buddhist scriptures.

The demons of this tribe were not strong.

The strongest was only at the first level of the Emperor realm.

Most of them were in the profound realm and spirit realm, and those who had a cultivation level above the void realm accounted for less than 10% .

At this moment, they were converting their demonic power into Buddhist power and cultivating Buddhist dharma instead.

Demon Buddha was already at the sixth level of the Emperor realm, and he had been in this tribe for half a year.

If he wanted to spread Buddhist dharma in the Demon Zone and turn the demons into Buddhists, the first thing he thought of was to convert the low-level demons in all parts of the Demon Zone.

These low-level demons had impure bloodlines and limited talent.
Most of them had already reached the end of their potential after breaking through to the Emperor realm.

However, this was because of their identity as demons.
Once they had enough comprehension ability, and devoutly practiced the Buddhist teachings, they would no longer be limited by their natural talent as demons.

If a large number of low-level demons in the Demon Zone converted to Buddhism, there would definitely be some who could develop a deep comprehension of Buddhism, and therefore would have outstanding talent in cultivating Buddhism.

Demon Buddha himself had personally experienced it.
His own comprehension of Buddhism and devoutness had reached a high realm.

The Emperor realm would no longer be their upper limit.

It would only be a matter of time before they broke through to the Supreme realm, Heaven realm and perhaps even beyond.

Therefore, Demon Buddha came to this tribe to enlighten the demons here.
He spread Buddhism and equality among all living beings.

After a period of time, he used both kindness and power, both hardness and softness, to enlighten them.
Everyone in the tribe now believed in Buddhism and had become devout Buddhists.

Demon Buddha picked the most talented believers in the tribe and taught them a higher level of Buddhism, officially appointing them as Buddhist monks.

In the future, they would be like Demon Buddha, traversing the Demon Zone to spread Buddhism and vanquish demons!

The demons in this tribe quickly realized that, after practicing Buddhism, their minds became clear, their brains became more active, and they also became stronger.

They also seemed to have become somewhat hypocritical.

When they opened their mouths and said Amitabha, their minds were clear, their eyes were pious, and they were filled with passion for the future.
They seemed to devote their entire lives to the faith in their hearts.

After enlightening the tribe and imparting the Buddhist dharma, Demon Buddha stood up and put his palms together.

“Amitabha, the sins of the Demon Zone are deep.
Greed, anger and delusion are unceasing.
Blood, slaughter, and plunder are everywhere, corrupting the souls here.
I, Buddha, am merciful.
I want to enlighten the Demon Zone and turn it into a land of bliss.”

“If I don’t change this hell, then who will? Even if I have to sacrifice my body, I want to spread the great Buddhist teachings.
The disciples of the Buddhist sect should also spread Buddhist beliefs everywhere.”

The strongest and most powerful people in the tribe all clasped their palms together and said, “Amitabha Buddha, we will obey your orders!”


Demon Buddha nodded in satisfaction.
His body was covered in Buddhist light as he walked barefoot and left the tribe.

The Buddhist disciples in the tribe had devout and fanatical gazes.
They brought their newly refined Buddhist weapons and left the tribe, heading out in all directions.

The spread of Buddhism in the Demon Zone had officially begun.

Chu Xuan witnessed everything and sighed at the speed and effectiveness of Demon Buddha’s actions and methods.

He was indeed worthy of being one of the children of fate of the Demon Zone.

Chu Xuan had made the right choice in taking him in as his disciple back then.

Although the spread of Buddhism in the Demon Zone would face certain obstacles, as their numbers grew, more and more people would cultivate Buddhism.

After all, the Buddhist dharma and Buddhist power had the ability to restrain demons.

Some demons, especially low-level ones, discovered that cultivating Buddhist dharma could increase their strength.

How could they not be tempted by this?

Of course, when the spread of the Buddhist dharma expanded and threatened some of the top tribes of the demon race, they would be severely suppressed.

These top tribes would not want the low-level demons to break their shackles and grow to become equals with them.

This was especially the case for the Heavenly Demon tribe.
As the ruling tribe of the Demon Zone, they did not want the low-level demons to reach the level of the Heavenly Demon tribe after cultivating Buddhist dharma.

If those low-level demons rose up, they wou;d challenge the ruling authority of the Heavenly Demon tribe.

The Buddhist dharma would be banned and the low-level demons would not be allowed to cultivate.

At that time, a fierce conflict would arise.

There would definitely be some people frp, the Heavenly Demon tribe who would try cultivating Buddhist dharma.
Once they did, their hearts would change and they would no longer be on the same side as the Heavenly Demon tribe.

After cultivating Buddhist dharma, they were no longer members of the Heavenly Demon tribe.

Because of its uniqueness, the spread of Buddhist dharma in the Demon Zone would not be able to be stopped once it started.

However, for it to become the mainstream and replace the demonic beliefsof the demon race, it would have to go through an intense process of conflict.

At that time, the Buddhist race would need experts…

And Buddha Nanwu was undoubtedly an expert of the Buddhist race.
With his presence in the Demon Zone supporting the existence of the Buddhist race, it would be able to grow safely.

Chu Xuan was almost certain that, although there would be twists and turns in the process of transforming the demons into Buddhists, they would definitely succeed in the end.

Even if they could not convert everyone to Buddhism, at the very least, the Demon Zone would be dominated by the Buddhist race.
The rest of the demon race would decline and have to eke out a survival in hiding.

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