Chu Xuan took out the Myriad Heavenly Mirror and connected it to Hu Tianya.

Ever since Chu Xuan taught him the Gengjin White Tiger technique, he had not triggered any system rewards.

He was a child of fate, how could the difference between him and the others be so great?

Chu Xuan was speechless.

Ding Yue and Wang Luo would occasionally trigger system rewards.

Hu Tianya was also a fated son, so why was there no movement at all from his side?

The image projection appeared.

Chu Xuan’s face turned black when he saw Hu Tianya.

This tiger was still lying on the mountaintop.

He had not left at all.

His strength had increased very quickly, from the third level of the truth realm to the ninth level of the truth realm.

Moreover, the tiger was getting stronger and stronger.

Some white spots appeared on its fur.

Its bloodline was showing signs of transformation.

As expected, when he broke through to the Emperor realm, he would undergo a transformation and awaken part of the White Tiger’s bloodline.


This tiger disciple of his was lying there peacefully without any desire to fight.
How could he allow something like that?

If Hu Tianya did not fight and cause trouble, how could he trigger a system reward?

He could not let him laze around anymore.

Chu Xuan’s image projection appeared.

“Hu Tianya greets Master!”

Hu Tianya immediately knelt down and kowtowed.
He reacted extremely quickly!

Chu Xuan was speechless.
As expected of someone who possessed Hu Tai’s bloodline inheritance.

“Hu Tianya.”

“Yes, Master?”

“What is the purpose of your cultivation? For what reason are you becoming stronger?”

Chu Xuan decided to deceive Hu Tianya to make him create trouble and leave this mountaintop.

“For what reason?”

Hu Tianya was stunned and asked, “So that I won’t be eaten?”

Chu Xuan’s facial expression darkened.
He could only endure his temper and continue, “You were expelled from the Heavenly Tiger tribe.
Have you never thought of going back to flaunt your newfound power?”

“Your fiancée despised you.
Have you ever thought of regaining your dignity?”

“I taught you the Gengjin White Tiger technique.
It is a supreme technique that can help you transform into a godly white tiger.
Don’t you want to be invincible among those of the same level?”

Hu Tianya said carefully, “Yes, I do, but I’m afraid of danger.”

Chu Xuan’s facial expression turned even darker.

“What sort of excuse is that? Danger is everywhere.
You have been lying on this mountaintop and would make an easy target.
Danger can come at any time.”

“You are a heavenly tiger.
The monster race eats flesh and blood to become stronger.
Your identity alone makes you a tempting target!”

“Only by taking the initiative to attack can you resolve the danger.”

“How can you become a proper tiger without experiencing trials and dangers?”

“Don’t you want to be a tiger overlord? Your ancestor’s roar shocked the nine zones, his might resounded in every region.
Only when you have achieved that can you live without regrets…”

Chu Xuan spewed sentence after sentence at him, and Hu Tianya’s blood started to boil, and he became more spirited.

“Your fiancée despised you, and the Heavenly Tiger tribe despised you too.
It’s time for you to reclaim your dignity.
After suffering for so long, won’t you change your ways? Don’t let yourself be bullied!”

“The name Hu Tianya should resound in the monster zone!”

Hu Tianya’s blood was boiling.
He was full of passion as he roared toward the sky.

“Master is right.
I want to fight.
I want to become a tiger overlord.
I want them to know that their choice was the wrong one!”

“I want to let the Azure Dragon princess know that losing me was the biggest mistake of her life!”

“I won’t be bullied anymore!!”

Chu Xuan nodded in appreciation.
He was very satisfied with Hu Tianya.

“Go! Fight for your dignity and become the legendary White Tiger worshiped by all the monsters!”

“Yes, Master!”

Hu Tianya was full of energy.
He jumped up and quickly left the mountaintop.

He wanted to go back to the Heavenly Tiger tribe and the Azure Dragon princess and shout, “I will reclaim my dignity.
I won’t be bullied any longer!”

Master was right.
His blood was boiling.
If he did not roar, he would not be able to release his pent up emotions.

Chu Xuan nodded with satisfaction.
How could Hu Tianya, the son of fate of the Heavenly Tiger tribe, laze around on a mountaintop?

He deactivated the Myriad Heavenly Mirror and looked forward to Hu Tianya triggering the system reward.

He then connected to Ren Changhe.

He found that Ren Changhe had escaped from the Fallen God Cave and was currently sitting cross-legged on a mountain peak in the Desolate Ancient Zone, cultivating.

“Greetings, Master!”

Ren Changhe bowed respectfully.

If not for his master, he would have turned into a dried corpse by now.
He would have never had the chance to break through to the Divine realm.

“I’m glad that you managed to break through.”

Chu Xuan remembered that the end of the Daoyuan was approaching.
He had a feeling that something big would definitely happen to the nine zones.

The opening of the Asura Ancient Land would probably be one of the starting points.

Thus, he said, “The nine zones are about to experience turmoil.
It’s both an opportunity and a crisis.
In ten years, you will head to the Southern Region of the Northern Zone.”

The nine zones were about to experience turmoil?

Ren Changhe’s heart skipped a beat.
He immediately asked, “Master, what kind of turmoil will the nine zones experience?”

“When it’s time for you to know, I’ll naturally tell you.
Ten years later, head to the Southern Region of the Northern Zone and await my instructions.”

“Yes, Master!”

Ren Changhe respectfully accepted the order.

However, he thought that something must have happened, and that his master wanted to implement a plan in the Northern Zone.

“This medicinal pill will help you to speed up your cultivation and solidify your foundation.”

Chu Xuan sent over two bottles of Divine origin pills.

He had too many medicinal pills anyway, so he could not finish them all.

Ren Changhe was only a first-level Divine realm cultivator, so he was still a little weak.
Chu Xuan wanted him to increase his strength as soon as possible.

Only then could he help him when the Asura Ancient Land opened.

After all, he had promised Qin Ying that he would prevent any cultivators above the Emperor realm from interfering in the fight for the fate treasures.

The human Divine realm expert back then would not be a first or second-level Divine realm cultivator.

If he aimed to become the human king of the Northern Zone, then he had to be close to the bottleneck of his Divine realm cultivation.

His guess was that the human Divine realm expert was about to break through to the Dao realm.

Even if he was not at the peak of the Divine realm, he should be quite close.

Ren Changhe’s strength was not weak, but there had been countless plans and preparations made for the opening of the Asura Ancient Land.

When the Asura Ancient Land opened, there would definitely be Divine realm experts interfering.

Who would not be tempted by a zone’s fate treasure?

Two bottles of divine origin pills were enough for Ren Changhe to quickly advance to the third or even fourth level of the Divine realm.

After all, these were medicinal pills produced by the system.

Not everyone was like Chu Xuan, who needed such a huge amount of resources to break through.

“Thank you, Master!”

Ren Changhe received the medicinal pills and became extremely excited.

He had successfully broken through to the Divine realm after taking these medicinal pills, so he was very clear about the effectiveness of these medicinal pills.

“Do you have any doubts about your cultivation that need to be clarified?”

Chu Xuan continued to ask.

“A few.”

Ren Changhe’s face was full of shame.
He believed more and more that he was a good-for-nothing and not a genius.

He actually had not completely comprehended the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal.

Every time he felt that he had already comprehended it, and his strength had increased, he realized that there was still something he had not comprehended.

This feeling became even more apparent after he broke through a major realm.

He felt that the profoundness of the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal was endless.


After clarifying Ren Changhe’s cultivation doubts and explaining the Yin-yang Combination Divine Seal to him, Chu Xuan deactivated the Myriad Heavenly Mirror.

After ending the connection with Ren Changhe, Chu Xuan recalled Du Yuan.

It was time to cultivate this servant of his.

As a Supreme realm cultivator, he was somewhat weak.

Thus, he summoned Chu Yi.

Chu Yi had been cultivating in the Origin Dao crystal.
He had already reached the third level of the Divine realm.

Chu Xuan even suspected that if they continued to cultivate in the Origin Dao Crystal, Chu Yi and Chu Er would transform into a different kind of living being.

They would truly possess the spiritual wisdom and consciousness of living beings.

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