After accepting Hu Tianya as his disciple, Chu Xuan did not pay too much attention to him.
He continued to focus his attention on searching for more Dao realm experts.

There were fewer people chatting in the Great Dao Communication Group nowadays.
The novelty had passed, and Piao Ruoyun and the others did not talk much.

On the other hand, Hu Tai and Ying Kong got along very well.

The latter tried his best to flatter the former, and the former tried his best to take care of the latter.

Hu Tai enjoyed being flattered very much, and he seemed to be very pleased with himself.
It was as if he had regained his dignity as the ancestor of the Heavenly tiger Tribe and a sixteenth-level Dao realm expert.

A month later.

Chu Xuan finally found another Dao realm expert.

Looking at the image projection on the mirror, Chu Xuan was momentarily stunned.

Another monster?

This time, it was a nine-tailed fox.

At the mention of the nine-tailed fox, Chu Xuan could not help but think of the description of that legendary existence that bewitched all living things and was the most beautiful in the world.

Was it the same for the nine-tailed fox of the nine zones?

Chu Xuan felt a little regretful that the mirror was unable to display any information about the Dao realm experts it found.

Otherwise, he would be able to tell from a glance just how strong the other party was and what he or she looked like.

Currently, he still needed to communicate with the other party to understand the situation before pulling them into the group of Great Dao.


As usual, he contacted the nine-tailed fox.

Foxes were cautious, unlike Hu Tai, who was simple-minded and irritable.

After some conversation, he got to know the other party.

Qing Qing was a seventeenth-level Dao realm nine-tailed fox, and one of the fox clan’s ancestors.

Chu Xuan added Qing Qing into the Great Dao Communication Group and introduced her.

Hu Tai: “Coquettish fox?”

“Are you looking to die?”

Qing Qing was furious.

Hu Tai and Qing Qing started quarreling in the group chat.

Ying Kong looked at the newcomer in despair.
Another Dao realm expert had joined, but he was still the weakest one here.

Qing Qing’s arrival caused the group to become lively again.

Chu Xuan continued to stay mostly silent, and so did Hong Yuanchu and the other two, preserving their status as big shots.

After a few days, the novelty passed, and Qing Qing spoke less.
The most active ones there were still Hu Tai and Ying Kong.

Chu Xuan continued to cultivate diligently, accumulating his own cultivation foundation and striving to break through to the Dao realm as soon as possible.

Moreover, he would occasionally use his status as a big shot to check-in on Ying Kong, and inquire about some things from him.

A year passed.

Chu Xuan did not find any more Dao realm experts.
His cultivation increased by two levels to the fifth level of the Divine realm.

He continued to gain a deeper understanding of the Stable Dao principle, and he could finally use some of the more basic powers of the Stable Dao principle.

Chu Xuan was a little disappointed, though, that Ding Yue, Wang Luo, and Demon Buddha did not trigger any further system rewards.

It was worth mentioning that Chu Pingfan had already broken through to the ninth level of the truth realm.

He was in the process of accumulating his cultivation foundation to break through to the Emperor realm.

Chu Xuan had high hopes for Chu Pingfan.
While resources had played a role in his rapid advancement through the truth realm, his talent played an even bigger role.

In addition, Chu Pingfan did not enter the pocket dimension, so he was not relying on the time flow difference there to cultivate.

Chu Xuan was looking forward to his breakthrough to the Emperor realm.

The rewards would be plentiful then.

Chu Yun had broken through to the second level of the Emperor Realm, while Su Xian’er was already at the sixth level of the Emperor Realm.
Although she had stayed in the pocket dimension for a long time, she did not cultivate all the time in order to suppress her realm.

Instead, she sorted out some information or learned how to refine pills, weapons, and array formations.

Chu Xuan often gave Chu Yun some pointers on her pill refinement, and taught her some secret techniques.

The Chu family had also developed rapidly in the past year.

With the help of Chu Yun’s medicinal pills, and the discovery of the Chu family’s inheritance, their strength continued to increase.

It was worth mentioning that the Chu family still maintained a close relationship with the Zhao and He families.

Their relationship with the Qin family was somewhat distant because they were not part of the Great Qin Dynasty’s administration.

Currently, the strongest person in the Chu family was an elder at the ninth level of the truth realm.

There were more than ten unity realm experts and three truth realm experts.

Within the Great Qin Dynasty, they were considered a very strong force.

Within the Southern Region, they could be considered a mid-level force.

Thanks to Chu Yun, no one came to disturb Chu Xuan anymore.
It was as if they had forgotten about Chu Xuan’s existence.

Chu Tianming also no longer pushed him to return to the ancestral residence.

Of course, this was probably because he was angered by Chu Xuan last time.

In a year’s time, the Heavenly Dao Talisman plan had progressed steadily.

Using the tower lords of the Black Moon Tower, Chu Xuan took the initiative to attack.
He had people carry wisps of his power and silently controlled many of the Black Moon Tower’s higher-ups and experts.

Currently, the highest status person-in-charge of the Black Moon Tower he had controlled was a seven-star Tower Lord.

His cultivation was at the sixth level of the Supreme realm.

As a seven-star Tower Lord, his status in the Black Moon Tower was not low.
Despite that, he still did not know anything about the mastermind behind the Black Moon Tower.

Seeing this, Chu Xuan became more cautious.
Perhaps the person behind the Black Moon Tower was a Divine realm expert.

The person in charge of the Black Moon Tower’s South Region was now Bao Hongyan.

Chu Xuan had rewarded her for her ability to handle matters on his behalf.
He allowed her to enter the pocket dimension to cultivate for a period of time, and helped her break through to the Emperor realm.

At the same time, he taught her the secret aura concealing technique.

Bao Hongyan had contributed a lot to the implementation of the Heavenly Dao Talisman plan, and her management and operational abilities were outstanding.

Hence, she was favored by Chu Xuan.

Now, the entire Northern Zone had been infiltrated and Chu Xuan had access to all sorts of information behind the scenes.

Some of the methods used to create the communication talismans had been leaked.
Despite this, it did not affect the sales of the Black Moon Tower’s communication talismans.

However, it made the various large factions feel more at ease using the communication talisman, as they were not worried about information being leaked through communication talismans they created themselves.

As a result, Chu Xuan was able to learn more and more secrets.

For example, Chu Xuan had also learned about the person who wanted to snatch Su Xian’er’s fate through the Heavenly Dao Talisman.

He was Su Xian’er’s fiancé, and the cousin of the Holy Son of the Great Qian Palace.

The Su clan had put in a lot of effort, and had even lent out their clan’s fate artifact.
However, in the end, it had shattered during the fate backlash.

It could be said that they had suffered heavy losses.

With that being the case, it was not surprising that they were able to influence Su Xian’er’s fate, as they had used the Su clan’s fate artifact!

After all, Su Xian’er had the blood of the Su clan flowing within her, so the Su clan’s fate artifact had a greater influence on her.

All of this information was leaked by Patriarch Su when he used the communication talisman to contact an elder of the Great Qian Palace.

The cousin of the Great Qian Palace’s holy son had suffered a fate backlash, and he did not have a way to resolve it.
His string of bad luck had never ceased since that day, and he was now half-crippled.

The Holy Son of the Great Qian Palace was extremely mysterious, and Chu Xuan had yet to obtain any information about him.
He had no idea what his name was, what his cultivation level was, or what he was doing.

It seemed like he was in seclusion and had not used a communication talisman.

The three sects and two empires of the Southern Region all communicated frequently with the forces behind them, discussing their plans for the Asura Ancient Land.

The various forces of the Northern Zone also started to discuss the quotas for entry to the Asura Ancient Land.
In order to determine the quota, they even decided to hold a competition.

The young geniuses of the various forces would participate.
They would be allocated additional or few entry slots based on their rankings in the competition.

Of course, itinerant cultivators could also participate.

After all, there were many itinerant cultivators, and there were also quite a number of strong ones.
If they completely excluded the itinerant cultivators, it was likely that they would band together to cause trouble.

Therefore, they allocated a certain number of spots to appease the strong ones among the itinerant cultivators.

The competition was tentatively scheduled to be held in ten years.
Of course, they could not rule out the possibility of it happening earlier.

Chu Xuan decided to allow Wang Luo and Ding Yue to participate, and Xiang Xing would also participate.
The competition involved cultivators from the entire Northern Zone, so the chances of triggering a system reward were very high.

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