Apart from the information he gleaned from the Great Qin Dynasty, Chu Xuan also learned some secret information about the Great Qian Dynasty.

For example, the backer and supporter of the Great Qian Dynasty was the Great Qian Palace of the Central Region.

This secret information was obtained from the Great Qian Emperor and Prime Minister Liu Pingfeng when they talked about their preparations to welcome the Great Qian Palace to the Southern Region.

Chu Xuan did not know which faction was behind the evil imperial court, and he did not ask the Evil King.

However, he was sure that the faction behind the evil imperial court was not weak either.

However, there were no powerful heretic cultivator factions in the Northern Zone.

Could their backer be from outside the Northern Zone?

With the release of the communication talisman, it became easier for the various factions to communicate.

The Black Moon Tower’s intelligence-gathering capabilities also improved.

Next, they sold the communication talismans to the rest of the large factions in the region, allowing them to smoothly communicate with the forces behind the scenes.

Hence, they had access to the secrets and communications of these large factions.

Chu Xuan asked Su Xian’er about the Great Qian Palace.

The Great Qian Palace was actually the strongest faction in the Central Region.

There had always been rumors about the existence of a Divine realm patriarch within that faction.

Chu Xuan felt that the rumors were true.
If nothing went wrong, the Divine realm expert who had lured the demons into invading and tried to turn the tide at the critical moment to earn the position of human king in the Northern Zone probably came from the Great Qian Palace.

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In other words, he had founded the Great Qian Palace.

Although Buddha Nanwu said that the other party had perished together with the Divine realm elder of the demon race, Chu Xuan did not think that was the case.

They probably each had their own trump cards, so it would not be so easy for them to perish together.

Buddha Nanwu had not been able to fully comprehend the situation at that time, especially the battle between the Divine realm experts.

The Heavenly Dao Talisman plan was implemented smoothly.

Starting from the Southern Region, all of the information within the Southern Region was transmitted through the Heavenly Dao Talisman.

However, some experts might not trust the communication talismans they bought.

As such, the next step was to introduce the method to refine these communication talismans.

They should be able to rest assured after refining it themselves, right?

At that time, their true secrets would be transmitted through the communication talismans.

Chu Xuan suspected that the information released by the various powers at this point in time was to test the confidentiality of the communication talismans and whether there was a possibility of information being leaked.

They were destined to never get an answer.

Apart from Chu Xuan’s master access rights, the communication talismans were an extremely safe and secure way of transmitting information.

Even Black Moon Tower, which sold the communication talismans, was unable to steal information from it.

All the information was transmitted and monitored by the Heavenly Dao Talisman.

Chu Xuan did not pay much attention to it.
It was only when the monitoring program he had set up was triggered that he would have the Heavenly Dao talisman transmit the relevant information to him.

He could not rush the release of the zone talisman.

Aside from pushing the adoption of the communication talisman in the Southern Region, he also needed to slowly lure the higher-ups of the Black Moon Tower out step by step.

He could not fish out the mastermind of the Black Moon Tower all of a sudden.

A month later, a three-star Tower Lord arrived in the Southern Region.

He came for the communication talisman.

After all, with the introduction of the communication talisman, the Black Moon Tower would definitely be able to make a lot of money, and their ability to transmit and gather information would also increase.

In the future, the way they sold information would also change.

As such, the method of refining the communication talisman had to be firmly controlled in their hands.
This three-star Tower Lord had come here to oversee the Southern Region.

This person was a sixth-level Emperor realm cultivator, and was not considered weak.

Chu Xuan asked Bao Hongyan to bring along a strand of his spiritual power so that he could easily control the person.

After that, he would only need to take things one step at a time and secretly control the experts of the Black Moon Tower.
As long as they did not deviate from the plan, Chu Xuan would ignore everything else they did.

Another half a year had passed since the implementation of the Heavenly Dao Talisman plan.

During this period, Chu Xuan had a short exchange with Ying Kong.

Chu Xuan’s favorable impression of Ying Kong increased greatly.
He was an ascetic cultivator, and the Origin Dao Crystal that was nurtured by his Dao aura had resulted in many changes in the pocket dimension.
Chu Xuan would soon be able to upgrade it.

The Dao aura had almost completely pervaded the pocket dimension, and Dao principles within the world there were becoming more and more perfect.

Buddha Nanwu benefited greatly from this, and he was now only half a step away from reaching the Divine realm.

The Southern Region was already under Chu Xuan’s control.
He could find out from the Heavenly Dao Talisman at any time what plans and actions each faction was carrying out.

Nine Swords Mountain and the other large factions behind the scenes had also obtained communication talismans, which made communication more convenient.
Chu Xuan then learned that the large factions outside had already begun to prepare to return to the Southern Region.

Chu Xuan sent a message to Du Yuan, asking him to secretly enter Black Moon Tower and become its protector.
He would wait there for the right opportunity to take action.

If any ancient ruins appeared in the Southern Region, the Black Moon Tower would definitely be the first to know.
Du Yuan would then be able to obtain information quickly as he was in Black Moon Tower.

Ding Yue had yet to come out of that ancient forbidden ruin.

He was currently comprehending a sword technique.

The Northern Region’s Pill Dao competition had yet to end, though it was about to enter its final stages.
Wang Luo had already attracted the attention of the various large factions.


Many factions had extended olive branches to him.

After all, on the surface, Wang Luo was only a genius itinerant cultivator.

The Wang family had also extended an olive branch, and even intended to marry one of the daughters of direct descent to him.

When Wang Luo’s identity was revealed, the Wang family would lose all their credibility and become a joke of the Northern Region.

Wang Luo’s former fiancée’s family had also extended an olive branch.

Chu Xuan was looking forward to how Wang Luo would perform in the finals, how he would crush the Wang family, and how he would make the Wang family and his former fiancée’s family lose all credibility.

However, would his enemies fly into a rage out of humiliation and send their experts to kill Wang Luo?

On this day, Chu Xuan had just finished cultivating and was about to take out the Dao-seeking Mirror to search for Dao realm experts as usual.

Suddenly, the system’s reward arrived.

“Your disciple, Mo Luantian, has transformed his ancient demon bloodline and given birth to the heart of Buddha.
His fate has undergone a transformation, affecting the fate of the Demon Zone.
You have been rewarded with a soul journey through the Great Dao.”

His bloodline had transformed and he had given birth to the heart of Buddha?

It had even affected the fate of the Demon Zone?

What had Mo Luantian done?

This fellow was really fated with Buddhism.
He could comprehend Buddhist dharma at any time and even gave birth to the heart of Buddha.

He did not receive the reward immediately, but took out the Myriad Heavenly Mirror and connected it to Mo Luantian.

An image projection soon materialized.

Corpses littered the ground.

Demonic power surged and Buddhist light shone.
A battle was taking place here.

On one side was naturally Mo Luantian.

His opponent seemed to be some from the heavenly demon tribe who had reachedthe seventh level of the Emperor realm.

On the other hand, Mo Luantian had yet to reach the third level of the Emperor realm.

In terms of cultivation, Mo Luantian was weaker, but Buddhist dharma had a restraining effect on demonic power.

Thus, both sides fought fiercely.

That seventh-level Emperor realm heavenly demon tribe member was not an ordinary Emperor realm expert.
He was on the same level as a Heaven’s blessed character.

Mo Luantian was still garbed in that spotless white robe.
However, over the course of the fight, he had used up a lot of spiritual power.

He cultivated Buddhist power, and the medicinal pills from the Demon Zone did not have much effect on him.
He lacked medicinal pills that could recover his Buddhist power.

Now, Mo Luantian had gradually fallen into a disadvantageous state.

Chu Xuan glanced at the corpses on the ground.
They were all from the demon race, and one of them was from the heavenly demon tribe.
He was also an Emperor realm expert.

They were all dead.

Mo Luantian had been surrounded and attacked, yet only this seventh-level Emperor realm young expert from the heavenly demon tribe was left.

“Damn Baldy, you killed my younger brother! Go to hell!”

“Buddha? I want to see how this Buddha of yours can survive under my attacks!”

Mo Luantian suddenly opened his heavenly eye, and golden light bloomed as his figure soared up.
He then shouted, “Mighty Heavenly Dragon!”

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