Three days later, Xiang Xing subjugated the fiery bones physique and activated its potential.

Chu Xuan then passed part of the refining knowledge of the Myriad Dao Artifact Scripture to him, as well as the secret techniques that he had passed on to his other disciples.

For example, the Immovable Mountain technique, the Hundred Tempering divine technique, the concealment technique, and so on.

After he had taught him everything, he gave Xiang Xing a task, which was to forge a parent-child communication talisman.
For this task, he would have to use the knowledge he had learned from the Myriad Dao Artifact Scripture to improve it.

This could be considered as a test for him.

“The little hammer that you have nurtured can be considered to have some growth value, but it will take a long time for it to transform,” Chu Xuan said.

Xiang Xing’s heart was once again shaken.
His master actually knew about the little hammer that he was nurturing in his body?

On second thought, he felt that it was only natural.
How could his master not know? What kind of existence was he?

He took out the little hammer.

It was a fist-sized, round little hammer, carved with some patterns and patterns.

“Please give me some guidance, master.”

Looking at the little hammer, Chu Xuan could not help but sigh.
Xiang Xing was indeed worthy of being the son of fate of the Southern Zone’s Eastern Region.
He was young, and his cultivation level was not high, yet he was still somehow able to obtain such a treasure.

The small hammer was refined by Xiang Xing himself, and the core materials were imbued into it by him using various materials.

That small hammer was a special treasure.
It could be used to refine Dao artifacts and strengthen other artifacts.

Even a Divine realm expert would covet such a treasure.

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Of course, the small hammer had yet to be fully nurtured, and Xiang Xing did not have the ability to refine Dao artifacts.

Thus, up until now, this little hammer was only a low-grade emperor-level weapon at best.

“This little hammer of yours has the beginnings of a Dao weapon in its core.
However, transforming and nurturing it will take time.
The structure of the hammer that you refined for it was too rough.”

Chu Xuan raised his hand and made a beckoning gesture.
The little hammer fell into his hand.
With a slight shake, the little hammer shattered, revealing the little stone at its core.

With another wave of his hand, a ball of golden liquid appeared in his hand, wrapping the small stone within it.
It then underwent a brief period of transformation.

Not long after, the little hammer reappeared.
The material used was of a higher level, and it had transformed from an emperor-level weapon into a heavenly weapon.

Xiang Xing was shocked.
It seemed so simple.
Master had refined it with a wave of his hand…

And it was now a heavenly weapon?

As expected of his master!

He threw the little hammer back to Xiang Xing and said, “Nurture it well.
Your master has accelerated its transformation process for you!”

“Thank you, Master!”

Xiang Xing was extremely excited.

He waved his hand and instructed Xiang Xing to cultivate on his own.

Chu Xuan then took out the Dao-seeking Mirror and poured in his spiritual power again.

Ever since he had obtained the Indestructible Chaos Body, the duration that Chu Xuan could use the Dao-seeking Mirror had increased.
Even so, he still could not find any Dao-level existences.

He wondered if there were actually any Dao-level existences in the nine zones.

Had they left the nine zones, or had they hidden themselves so deeply that they could not be found within a short period of time?

Xiang Xing’s arrival had allowed Chu Xuan to start implementing the plans he had for the Black Moon Tower.
However, he was not in a hurry.

Bao Hongyan had already reached the ninth level of the truth realm.
Chu Xuan had begun to nurture her in preparation to take full control of the Black Moon Tower in the Southern Region.
As such, she had taken over the authority of its operation in the Southern Region.

Chu Xuan had also provided some help for Bao Hongyan to prepare to break through to the Emperor realm.

The parent-child communication talisman had not yet been released for the time being.
He had a big plan.
The key prerequisite for this plan was that Xiang Xing’s cultivation had to break through to the Emperor realm.
He would only be able to implement the plan when he was capable of refining higher-level communication talismans.

As long as this plan was carried out successfully, any force that used the communication talisman would be monitored by him.

Ever since he obtained the Dao-seeking mirror, Chu Xuan had been searching for Dao realm experts every day.
However, he had yet to find any.

Over time, he paid less attention to it.
He only continued to search once a day as usual.

Another three months passed.

Xiang Xing had already broken through from the ninth level of the void realm to the truth realm.
He would soon reach the Emperor realm.

Chu Xuan had finally broken through to the third level of the Heaven realm.

His strength had doubled again.

He could now defeat the Buddha Nanwu in one or two minutes.

If he activated a trump card from the get-go, he could almost defeat him in an instant.

As usual, he poured a bottle of pills into his mouth and began a new day of cultivation.

Suddenly, a system notification rang out in his mind.

“Your disciple, Mo Luantian, has spread the idea of equality among all living beings.
To save a demonic beast, slaughter a thousand demons.
You have been rewarded with the Demonic Scripture.”

Chu Xuan: “???”

Something was wrong!

What was wrong with Mo Luantian?

Why was he not acting like a proper monk?

He spread the concept of equality among all living things, and then killed a thousand demons just to save a demonic beast?

Chu Xuan took out the Myriad Heavenly Mirror and connected it to Mo Luantian.

Outside a small city, corpses littered the ground, and the stench of blood filled the air.
Amidst the corpses stood a bald man.
His white robes were spotless.

He had delicate features, clear eyes, and wore an expression of pity.

He held a saber in one hand, and a small black beast in the other.

At the city gate, the city lord clutched a large axe in his hand, and his entire body trembled.
His face was pale as he looked at the Mo Luantian, and he cried out in fear, “You! You are a demon! Don’t come over!”

Chu Xuan: “!!!”

Damn it! The demon race actually called Mo Luantian a demon?

Who was the real demon here?

The small black beast in Mo Luantian’s hand looked like a lion.
It was trembling, and its eyes were filled with fear as it looked at Mo Luantian.

Mo Chaotian hung the saber back on his waist and lowered his head, saying, “Amitabha.
Benefactor, put down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha.”

“You, you should also put it down.
You, you can’t kill me!”

The city lord said while trembling.

“Good, good.
This penniless monk is merciful, after all.
How could I kill?”

Mo Luantian smiled kindly, his expression full of compassion.

The city lord’s heart almost collapsed.
How could you be merciful and not kill?

Were my guards killed by dogs?

This baldy was a demon.
He was crazy.

All he did was catch a small demonic beast to roast for dinner.

Then this guy ran over and said that all living things were equal; that the lives of demonic beasts were also lives, and that they should not kill living beings.

After just a few words, he killed all his guards and saved the demonic beast.
He even said that he was merciful and did not kill living things!

He slowly placed the axe in his hand on the ground and said, “I’ve put down my weapon.
Can I leave now?”

Benefactor, this penniless monk sees that you’ve committed the grave sin of killing.
Would you grant this penniless monk the honor of helping you transcend?”

“As long as you don’t kill me, anything is fine!”

The city lord wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

This baldy was too powerful.

Moreover, his power was very strange.
He could actually purify his demonic power, which rendered him completely powerless to resist.

Transcending wasn’t important.
As long as he didn’t get killed, it would be fine.

“This penniless monk will only help you transcend, not kill you!”

“That’s good, that’s good.
You can help me transcend, then.”

The corner of Chu Xuan’s mouth twitched.
This fellow from the demon race did not know the meaning of transcending.
He was actually willing to transcend?

This fellow Mo Luantian was too damn demonic.

As expected of one of the sons of fate of the Demon Zone.
Even though he had become a Buddhist, he was still so demonic.

Besides, how did he deviate from the dharma?

Why was it all so wrong?


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