“Fiery bones?”

Everyone was stunned.
They had never heard of such a unique physique.

Xiang Xing was also stunned.
He had searched through all of the ancient records he could find, and had asked around everywhere, but had still failed to find an answer.

In Chu Xuan’s eyes, Xiang Xing’s origins were as clear as day.

Nothing could hide from the Heavenly Secrets Origin probing technique.

“Xiang Xing, the illegitimate son of the Xiang family of the Eastern Region of the Southern Zone.
Because his mother consumed the Dao fruit of fire, his bloodline changed, and he was born with fiery bones… He mistakenly entered an ancient zone-crossing formation and ended up in the Southern Region of the Northern Zone…”

The illegitimate son of a large family was born with the fiery bones physique, and he was the son of fate of the Eastern Region of the Southern Zone.

Moreover, his mother was probably not an ordinary person.

After she consumed the Dao fruit of fire, Xiang Xing’s bloodline had undergone a transformation, thus giving rise to his fiery bones physique.

The Dao fruit was a treasure that contained the essence of the Dao, and even a trace of the Dao.

How could someone who could eat the Dao fruit be an ordinary person?

Based on the information the Heavenly Secrets Origin probing technique gave him, Xiang Xing’s mother did not die, nor was she in the Xiang family.
She had disappeared after leaving Xiang Xing behind.

It was likely that there was some sort of karma hidden behind this whole situation.

Chu Xuan did not care about what kind of secrets were hidden behind the scenes.
When Xiang Xing grew stronger, he would deal with them himself.

As long as he was Chu Xuan’s disciple, he would not be bullied.

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It was just a Dao fruit, after all.
It would not be long before he would have one, and then many more.

He looked at Xiang Xing and asked, “Are you willing to take me as your master?”

Xiang Xing was stunned for a moment, after which he became overjoyed.

If this expert had managed to identify his physique and special illness from a single glance, and was willing to take him in as his disciple, it meant that he naturally had a way to resolve the flare-ups related to the fiery bones physique

He was so excited that he was about to cry.

“I’m willing, I’m willing!”

Su Xian ‘er and the other two were not surprised by this.
When Chu Xuan mentioned that Xiang Xing was born with the fiery bones physique, they had already guessed that he was going to take in another disciple.

Ding Yue was born with the Heaven’s Will Sword Pulse, Wang Luo was born with the innate pill meridians, and Su Xian’er herself was also born with the Grand Moon Mystic Body.
All of them possessed very special talents.

Xiang Xing’s fiery bones physique was also considered a special talent.

Chu Xuan waved his hand, and his spiritual power wrapped itself around the precious medicine, causing it to wrap around Xiang Xing’s physical body.
Not long after that, Xiang Xing’s physical body recovered.

Chu Xuan’s spiritual power then formed clothes around Xiang Xing’s body.

After all, if he had left him like that, Xiang Xing would be completely naked and exposed.

Chu Yun widened her beautiful eyes and stared at Chu Xuan curiously.
She had been trying to figure out just how strong Chu Xuan was.

She even felt that he might be the true inheritor of the Chu family’s heritage.

“Thirteenth Brother, how strong are you?”

Chu Yun held onto Chu Xuan’s arm and asked curiously while blinking her eyes.

Chu Xuan laughed as he patted her head.
“I’m just a little stronger than you.
Just a little.
I have to keep a low profile.
Keep a low profile!”

Chu Yun rolled her eyes at him.
“I know.
Thirteenth Brother wants to keep a low profile!”

Xiang Xing plopped to the ground and kowtowed thrice.
“Disciple Xiang Xing greets Master!”

Thump! Thump! Thump!

“Get up.”

Chu Xuan was elated.
There was finally someone who could take over the task of refining artifacts from him.

The communication talismans could finally be refined too.
The Black Moon Tower plan could be further developed.

“You have accepted a disciple with the fiery bones physique.
You have been rewarded with the Great Sun Burning Sky Scripture.”

Chu Xuan received the reward.
This cultivation technique was just right for Xiang Xing.
It could perfectly unleash his talent.

“This is your eldest senior brother and second senior brother!”

Chu Xuan introduced them.

Xiang Xing greeted them one by one.

After meeting his senior brother, Xiang Xing thanked Chu Yun, “Xiang Xing thanks you for saving my life, and for the gift of rebirth!”

Dong! Dong! Dong!

If Chu Yun had not saved him and brought him here, he would be dead by now, so calling it the gift of rebirth was not an exaggeration.

Chu Yun waved her hand embarrassedly, “You’re welcome.
I was just curious and wanted to pick up a treasure.”

She asked Ding Yue and Wang Luo to bring Xiang Xing along to change clothes and to familiarize himself with the environment.

Chu Yun hugged the Heavenly Spirit Cat and rubbed Chu Pingfan’s little head.
She chatted happily with Su Xian’er and they found many common topics to talk about.

After staying in the courtyard for a day, Chu Yun went out to train.

“Greetings, Master!”

After familiarizing himself with Ding Yue, Wang Luo, and the others for a few days, Xiang Xing came up to Chu Xuan and bowed respectfully.

“I don’t have many rules.
Your senior brothers told you all about them, didn’t they?”

Chu Xuan was very satisfied with this disciple of his.
In the future, he could hand over any refining tasks to this disciple.

For example, the refinement of soul puppets and the like.

Although he was only at the ninth level of the void realm right now, given the time flow difference in the pocket dimension, Xiang Xing’s cultivation would be able to rise very quickly.

Xiang Xing’s talent was excellent, especially in terms of the Dao of artifact refinement.

The Myriad Dao Artifact Scripture could finally be put to good use.

“I know.
Eldest Senior Brother has already told me what the first rule of entering the sect is.
It is to have no woman in your heart!” Xiang Xing nodded.

Ding Yue, this b*stard!

Chu Xuan’s face was dark.
Damn it! He had just taken in this disciple, and had not even deceived him, yet somehow he was led astray by Ding Yue first?

It was all his fault, so he endured it.

Chu Xuan did not correct him, but said, “You just need to remember to not be a simp.”

“Yes, Master!”

Xiang Xing could roughly understand what it meant to be a simp.

“I already know your origins.
You have great karma, and that is something you will have to resolve after you become stronger.”

“You were born with the fiery bones physique, and you come from an artifact-refining aristocratic family.
You have extraordinary talent in the path of artifact refinement.”

Xiang Xing’s heart was shaken.
His master knew everything?

This was a truly peerless expert.
He must have peered into the secrets of Heaven and Earth and calculated his origins.

At the same time, he was puzzled.
What great karma did he have?

“You were born with the fiery bones physique.
It is a very special innate talent.
If you want to subdue it and activate the potential of the physique, you must burn yourself, burn your heart, and burn your will.
Only in this way can you burn the sky.”

After Chu Xuan finished speaking, he raised his hand and pointed, passing on the Great Sun Burning Sky technique to Xiang Xing.

“I will pass on the Great Sun Burning Sky Technique to you.
You should cultivate it well.
After you subdue the fiery bones physique and activate its potential, I will pass on the Dao of artifact refinement to you.”

“Thank you, Master!”

Xiang Xing examined the cultivation technique in his mind and was deeply shocked.
What level of cultivation technique was this?

It pointed straight to the Great Dao!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

He kowtowed three times respectfully!

He raised his head and asked, “Master, what great karma do I have?”

“When the time comes for you to know, you will naturally know.
At this moment, there is no need for you to know.
Just cultivate well.”

Chu Xuan continued, “You only need to remember that with me as your backing, you don’t need to worry about karma.”

“Yes, thank you, Master!”

Xiang Xing was extremely touched.


Dong! Dong! Dong!

He kowtowed three times.

Chu Xuan was gratified.
This child was very polite and respectful to his master.

If you need any cultivation pills, just look for your second senior brother.”

“Yes, your disciple will take his leave!”

Xiang Xing bowed and retreated before entering the pocket dimension to cultivate.

The first step he had to take was to subdue the fiery bones physique and stimulate its potential.

With the Great Sun Burning Sky technique, Xiang Xing was not worried about achieving this.

He had been suffering from its flare-ups since he was young, which had resulted in his extraordinarily strong will.
It was something that he had gained after undergoing countless torments and sufferings.

Chu Xuan felt that in terms of determination alone, Ding Yue and Wang Luo were lacking compared to Xiang Xing.

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