air, and a brilliant light shone down.
It was as if time had been born.

Chu Xuan could feel that his body had also been reborn at this moment.

Endless chaotic spiritual power filled the surroundings, and his body started gradually growing and taking shape.

He did not know how many years had passed in this state, but his body finally finished its growth.

Purple spiritual power filled the air, and his body seemed untouched by time.


The state of chaos disappeared, and his consciousness returned.

The moment his consciousness returned, Chu Xuan sensed a huge change had taken place in his body.

It was as if he had experienced an indescribable transformation.

It was a transformation far greater than when he broke through to the Emperor Realm, or even the Heaven realm.

Chu Xuan sensed that the strength of his body had reached an indescribable level.
Divine weapons could not harm him, and even Dao weapons could not harm him.

Time seemed to hold no sway over his physical body.

Moreover, he was constantly absorbing the natural spiritual energy around him.

Chu Xuan’s intuition told him that, at this moment, he was capable of absorbing every type of energy.

Whether it was spiritual energy, demonic energy, or other kinds of sinister and poisonous energies, he could absorb all of them and use them to cultivate without any issues.

This was the advantage of the Indestructible Chaos Body.

What made Chu Xuan even more pleasantly surprised was that he had actually broken through to the second level of the Heaven realm.

Moreover, he could clearly feel that his cultivation speed had increased by more than a hundred times.

Although the cultivation resources consumed also increased in tandem with this, did Chu Xuan care?

He did not lack cultivation resources.

What he struggled with the most was cultivation speed.

As long as he cultivated fast enough, he would receive no shortage of resources from the system.

The speed at which his body digested the medicinal effects of pills was so fast that Chu Xuan could barely believe it.

According to his current cultivation speed and, with enough resources, Chu Xuan estimated that he would be able to break through to the Divine realm in about three years.

This cultivation speed would terrify the entire cultivation world if news of it got out.

It was likely that countless Heaven realm cultivators, who had suffered as they tried to break through to the Divine realm, would directly break down and lose their minds.
They would curse the Great Dao for being unfair.

Clenching his fist, Chu Xuan felt that his strength had undergone a huge change.
An ordinary second-level Heaven realm cultivator would not be able to withstand a single punch from him!

This reward was too awesome!

No matter how precious an item reward was, it would never be as valuable or as useful as a reward that increased one’s own strength.

One’s own strength represented true strength.
External items were only supplementary.

Chu Xuan then took out the Chaos Bell.

In his hand was a small, simple and unadorned bell.
It did not exude a powerful aura, nor did it appear particularly domineering, contrary to its description that said it could suppress everything.

It looked like a simple, ancient bell.

However, this small bell was a Chaos treasure that was born from primal chaos.

There were only a few simple patterns on the bell.
At a glance, it seemed to contain endless mysteries, yet also seemed very ordinary.

It was not an exaggeration to say that if one’s talent was not enough, or if one’s luck was insufficient, even if the Chaos Bell was placed in front of them, they would not even recognize it as a treasure.
Such people would end up just throwing it away.

A Chaos treasure could only be obtained by someone with great talent or great fortune!

This bell would ring for all eternity!

Chu Xuan wanted to try ringing the Chaos Bell to hear just how it would ring for all eternity.

However, he discovered that with his current strength, he was not able to ring the Chaos Bell.

On second thought, it made sense.
If he could ring it so easily, it would not be worthy of being called a Chaos Treasure.

He placed the Chaos Bell into his divine soul.

After undergoing the transformation process of the Indestructible Chaos Body, Chu Xuan discovered that his divine soul had also undergone a transformation and now had an indestructible characteristic.

With the addition of the Indestructible Chaos Body and the Chaos Bell, Chu Xuan’s strength had exploded by leaps and bounds.
Even a Divine realm expert would not be able to kill him!

Chu Xuan could not hold back his excitement.
He entered the trial mystic realm to test his strength.

His first choice was to use Buddha Nanwu to test himself.

Buddha Nanwu, who had already broken through to the ninth level of the Heaven realm, was so strong that he was almost at the pinnacle of the Heaven realm.

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