Chu Xuan was stunned.

Mighty Heavenly Dragon?

He looked at the shadow of the Dragon condensed from Buddhist light that had arisen behind Mo Luantian, and watched as it turned into a huge dragon that coiled itself around Mo Luantian’s body.
The dragon’s roar was mighty and awe-inspiring.

The cave collapsed and the rocks on the mountain were turned to dust.

This Mighty Heavenly Dragon divine technique was extremely powerful.

However, there was something wrong with this disciple of his!

Chu Xuan fell into a state of deep thought.
When he had deceived Mo Luantian back then, he seemed to have said a bit too much.
Something about the Mighty Heavenly Dragon, the Venerable Ksitigarbha?

He had even said something along the lines of, “Buddhist light transforms into a heavenly dragon, forming a boundless divine technique.
Buddhist dharma is boundless!”

Therefore, this fellow, Mo Luantian, had memorized his words.
After comprehending the Buddhist scriptures, he had actually created such a divine technique.


Chu Xuan could not help but sigh.
This disciple of his was really awesome.

He had only said a few words of deception, but his disciple had managed to link it to the Buddhist dharma and create a divine technique.

He could not help but also think of Ding Yue and Wang Luo.
He had also deceived these two disciples back then.

Why was it different for them? Why did they not create any powerful secret techniques?

Was it because of Mo Luantian’s unique talent, or was it because his deception back then was lacking?

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The Buddhist light around Mo Luantian’s body converged, and the shadow of the dragon assimilated itself into his body.
He put his palms together and said, “Amitabha!”

Mo Luantian then left the desolate mountain.
He walked barefoot, and a saber hung on his waist.
His expression was gentle, and his eyes were clear.

After breaking through to the Emperor realm, Mo Luantian had gained some confidence.
He wanted to spread Buddhist dharma and convert the demons around him.

Chu Xuan was very pleased with this disciple, and he looked forward to the next time Mo Luantian would earn him a system reward.

He then deactivated the Myriad Heavenly Mirror and received the system reward.

“Using the Dao-seeking Mirror, you can search for the Great Dao and the Dao, and can record the Dao auras you find…”

Chu Xuan examined the small mirror in his hand.
There was an illusory compass needle on it, which seemed to be condensed from the Great Dao.

It was actually a treasure that could search for the Great Dao and the Dao.

What was the Dao?

Searching for the Dao probably referred to Dao realm experts.

Chu Xuan impatiently poured in his spiritual power, as he wanted to know if there were any Dao realm experts in the nine zones and, if there were any, where they were hiding.

As the needle on the Dao-seeking Mirror rotated, Chu Xuan felt his spiritual power crazily pour into the Dao-seeking Mirror like a flood.

His soul power was also drawn into the Dao-seeking Mirror.

After just a few minutes, Chu Xuan felt that he could not hold on any longer.

He hurriedly cut off the spiritual power input, and the needle on the mirror stopped.

In those few short minutes, he had not been able to find any traces of the existence of Dao realm experts, or anything related to the Great Dao.

He swallowed a medicinal pill to recover his spiritual power.

“There’s no rush.
I’ll search every day to see if I can find a Dao realm expert.”

The Dao-seeking mirror could detect Dao realm experts and record a strand of their Dao aura.
Once a Dao realm expert’s Dao aura was recorded, Chu Xuan would be able to locate them through the Dao-seeking Mirror.

Furthermore, after recording the auras of these Dao realm experts, Chu Xuan would be able to infuse these Dao auras into the Origin Dao Crystal.

He would then be able to use the Origin Dao Crystal to communicate with them.

He could even secretly ask the other party to help him nurture the Origin Dao Crystal.

Given the abilities of these two supreme treasures, the other party should not be able to detect anything amiss.

If he recorded the Dao auras of eight to ten or Dao realm experts to nurture the Origin Dao Crystal, would he not be able to quickly upgrade the pocket dimension again?

Would the world inside the pocket dimension be able to evolve a complete Great Dao?

Chu Xuan was extremely excited when he thought about this.

Of course, the prerequisite for all of this was that he had to find these elusive Dao realm experts.

Following that, Chu Xuan would use the Dao-seeking Mirror every day in an attempt to find Dao realm experts.

However, more than ten days passed fruitlessly.

“Could it be that there really are no Dao realm experts in the nine zones?”

“Since such a realm exists, there should naturally be experts who have reached this realm.
Could it be that they have all left the nine zones?”

“If they aren’t in the nine zones, where did they go?”

“Could there really be a higher realm?”

Chu Xuan was very puzzled.

If there was a “higher realm,” then why were there no legends about this?

Or had he failed to find any Dao realm experts because he could not use the Dao-seeking mirror for more than a few minutes at a time?

This was also a possibility.

Given Chu Xuan’s current strength, he could only search for a few minutes each day.
Any longer and it would consume too much of his spiritual power.

As such, given such a short search duration, finding a Dao realm expert was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Chu Xuan was helpless.
He wanted nothing more than to uncover the secret of whether Dao realm experts existed, but could not find one.
He was extremely despondent.

As a result, he had no interest in listening to Su Xian’er play the zither.

Su Xian’er was even more depressed.
It had only been a short while.
Had Master already grown tired of listening to her play this zither?

“Mister, can I dance for you?”

“I’m not interested.” Chu Xuan raised his eyelids and replied.

Su Xian’er stomped her feet and squatted in front of Chu Pingfan.
“Little Pingfan, can aunt dance for you?”

Chu Pingfan held the wooden saber in his hand.
He shook his head and said, “Aunt Su, I don’t want to watch you dance.
I want to cultivate my saber!”


Su Xian’er was very angry.

As such, she entered the pocket dimension to look for Ding Yue to spar, beating him up to vent her anger.

Time flew by.

Almost ten years had passed since Chu Xuan had moved into this small courtyard.

Whether it was because the development of the Chu family had been progressing well, or whether it was because Chu Tianming missed his precious son, Chu Qiuluo, this old grandfather of his finally remembered that he had a grandson who had been thrown into the small courtyard.

Hence, he got the head butler to go over and get Chu Xuan to return to the ancestral residence.

“Go back to the ancestral residence? I’m not interested!”

Chu Xuan shook his head and refused.

He was surprised that the old man, Chu Tianming, had suddenly remembered his existence.

“This is an order from the family head.
Could it be that Thirteenth Young Master wants to disobey the family head?”

The head butler was surprised by Chu Xuan’s attitude.

“I’m living very happily here.
I won’t go back.
Go back and tell him not to disturb me again.”

Chu Xuan waved his hand and turned his back to the head butler.


The head butler was a little angry.

“Go and tell him not to disturb me.
Otherwise, Yun’er and I will leave the Chu family with our belongings.
Don’t blame me for not telling you this in advance.”

The head butler’s heart skipped a beat.
If Chu Xuan really did this, Chu Yun would really listen to him.

He also remembered that Chu Yun had warned him not to disturb Chu Xuan.

He could only return to the ancestral residence helplessly.

“B*stard! Just let him stay there then!”

Chu Xuan was not bothered by Chu Tianming’s roars coming from the ancestral residence.
This old man had not had anything to shout about in a while anyway.

It was good to roar once in a while.
At least he could express his emotions.

Tomorrow would mark the ten-year milestone of his seclusion in the courtyard.

Chu Xuan was full of anticipation.
What would he receive as a reward for staying put for ten years?

The five-year period would reward the portable small world.

The reward for the ten-year seclusion milestone would definitely be more valuable than a simple pocket dimension, right?

In order to celebrate his ten-year seclusion milestone, he called Su Xian’er out.

He asked her to change into a set of clothes.

He also summoned the Spirit-devouring Flower.
Flowers bloomed all over the courtyard.
They were extraordinarily gorgeous and very charming.

“Come, let’s dance to add to the fun!”

Su Xian’er: “???”

Why did he suddenly ask her to dance again?

He even made such a big scene.
Could it be that he was going to have her serve him in bed next?

Thinking this, Su Xian’er’s pretty face turned red, and her heart pounded violently.
She was nervous and expectant at the same time.

As she danced, her waist twisted more and more exaggeratedly, her dance becoming more and more alluring.

Chu Xuan: “???”

Something was not right with this girl!

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