Chu Pingfan went out to play for a few days before returning to continue his cultivation.

Perhaps staying with Chu Xuan for too long had turned Chu Pingfan into a little bit of a shut-in at such a young age.

Of course, this was also related to his character.

During the following days, Chu Xuan often used the Myriad Heavenly Mirror to randomly connect to various places in an attempt to find a monster that could be cultivated.

However, he never found one.

It was worth mentioning that after Chu Xuan broke through to the Heaven realm, the number of Myriad Heavenly Mirror marks increased to nine.

At the moment, there were still six unused marks.

Chu Xuan tried to transport living creatures through the Myriad Heavenly Mirror, but found that he could only transport creatures below the unity realm, and that the spiritual power consumption for doing so was extremely huge.

His current cultivation of the first level of the Heaven realm was actually insufficient to transport creatures above the unity realm.

This also meant that he was unable to bring Mo Luantian over and send him into the pocket dimension to cultivate.

However, when he thought about the fact that Mo Luantian was one of the children of fate in the Demon Zone, he felt that the latter would likely be able to obtain some fortuitous encounters in the Demon Zone and rapidly raise his cultivation level.

As the ten-year seclusion milestone grew closer and closer, Chu Xuan also added entertainment to his schedule.

For example, he asked Su Xian’er to dance.

Su Xian’er was very happy.
She had finally gained her master’s attention again, and she was more than happy to tell Chu Xuan that she could also play the zither.

Therefore, Chu Xuan refined a zither and taught her a sound projection technique to Su Xian’er so that she could play the zither for fun.

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Their days were getting more and more comfortable.

Ding Yue and Wang Luo spent most of their time cultivating in the pocket dimension to train and increase their strength.

As long as the two of them could reach the ninth level of the Emperor realm before the Asura Ancient Land opened, it would be fine.

They could suppress their breakthroughs to the Supreme realm so that they could participate in the fight for the fate treasures.

The fight for the fate treasures was the main event, and the rewards that would be triggered if they succeeded would be extremely generous.

Both of them were children of fate, so they should have a natural advantage when it came to fighting over their region’s fate treasure.

It had been such a long time, and Chu Xuan did not know how Qin Ying was doing, so he decided to find some time to visit this in-name disciple of his.

He had not visited Ren Changhe, his other in-name disciple, for some time either.
He reckoned that it was about time for Ren Changhe to break through to the Divine realm.

Chu Xuan returned to his quiet and low-key life, patiently awaiting the arrival of the ten-year seclusion milestone.

Every day, he would cultivate for a fixed duration, listen to music, sip tea, give his disciples some pointers on cultivation, and then find time to use the Myriad Heavenly Mirror to connect to various places randomly.

After his cultivation level reached the Heaven realm, the number of times he could use the Myriad Heavenly Mirror increased; he could now use it five times a day.

He probably could not even use the Myriad Heavenly Mirror without restrictions even if he reached the Divine realm.
Perhaps he would be able to do so once he reached the Dao realm.

Chu Pingfan cultivated diligently and successfully nurtured his saber.
He had officially started learning the Heaven’s Fate Saber Scripture, and he was getting stronger with each passing day.

Chu Pingfan’s daily life was very simple.
He cultivated, played with the Heavenly Spirit Cat, carved sculptures, and ate medicinal pills as snacks.

The pills he ate nourished his body and contributed to the cultivation of the Extreme Dao.

An ordinary person would not have been able to withstand the powerful medicinal effects of these pills.

However, Chu Pingfan was extremely special.
He could use the pills’ medicinal effects on the Extreme Dao, on the saber, or on his body.

Although he was only nine years old and was only a truth realm cultivator, the strength of his body was no weaker than an ordinary first-level Emperor realm cultivator.

Those who cultivated the Extreme Dao would not have a weak body.

Otherwise, they would not be able to bear the burden and power of the Extreme Dao.

Chu Xuan passed the Aurora technique to Chu Pingfan, as well as the same indispensable concealment technique.

Ordinary cultivators would not be able to sense the cultivation of an Extreme Dao cultivator.

Even if Chu Pingfan could not conceal his aura, due to how special the Extreme Dao was, very few cultivators would be able to sense his cultivation level.

On the contrary, he would just seem like an ordinary person, with some special characteristics.

Ding Yue and Wang Luo were also cultivating the Aurora technique, but they found it to be quite difficult.
They were unable to get the hang of it for quite some time.

However, Chu Pingfan easily mastered it.

The ten-year seclusion milestone was getting closer and closer.
Chu Xuan was filled with anticipation.

On this day, he took out the Myriad Heavenly Mirror and connected it to Qin Ying.
He discovered that Qin Ying was cultivating on that same cliff.

He had already started cultivating the Tyrant Dragon Body technique.
His graceful body belied his powerful strength.

His arms now had some slight muscular definition.

Of course, that was all it was for now.
He was still far from becoming a full-fledged muscular beauty.

On the contrary, his countenance and demeanor seemed to exude ambition.

Qin Ying had already cultivated to the fifth level of the Emperor realm.

In addition to the Tyrant Dragon Body technique he was cultivating, Qin Ying also had combat experience and techniques from his life, as well as all kinds of powerful secret techniques from the Luo family.

It would not be a problem for him to face off against an ordinary ninth-level Emperor realm cultivator.

However, Chu Xuan chose not to meet him.
What if Qin Ying asked him for a way to restore his male body? How would he reply?

Deceive him?

Chu Xuan was afraid that he would not be able to keep himself from deceiving Qin Ying.

He shut off the Myriad Heavenly Mirror’s connection and connected to Ren Changhe instead.
He found that the latter’s body was surrounded by the aura of life and death, which were intertwined with each other, exuding a faint Dao charm.

He was about to break through to the Divine realm.

To be more precise, Ren Changhe was currently in closed-door cultivation while he broke through to the Divine realm.

However, the process of breaking through would take a long time.

Chu Xuan was worried that Ren Changhe might not be able to complete his breakthrough within the next three to five years.

Chu Xuan did not disturb him.
Instead, he turned his gaze to the Buddha Nanwu.

After the Origin Dao Crystal was placed in the pocket dimension, it allowed the world in the pocket dimension to be connected to the Great Dao.
Buddha Nanwu could directly comprehend the Great Dao inside the pocket dimension.

At this moment, Buddha Nanwu’s cultivation had already reached the ninth level of the Heaven realm.

Chu Xuan summoned him over.

He explained the Buddhist dharma to him once again, causing Buddha Nanwu’s comprehension of the Buddhist dharma to become even deeper.

Another half a month passed.

The ten-year seclusion milestone was inching ever so close.
Chu Xuan’s hard work in cultivation had brought him half a step closer to the second level of the Heaven realm.

He estimated that, after another hundred-year cultivation boost reward, he would be able to break through to the second level of the Heaven realm.

He continued to work hard in his cultivation.

After swallowing a pill, Chu Xuan lay lazily on the reclining chair and cultivated.

Suddenly, a system notification rang out in his mind.

“Your disciple, Mo Luantian, experienced an epiphany in the Buddhist dharma, and his cultivation soared.
He broke through to the Emperor realm.
You have been rewarded with a Dao-seeking Mirror.”

Chu Xuan: “???”

What was going on?

Mo Luantian had actually experienced an epiphany in the Buddhist dharma and had broken through to the Emperor realm?

Moreover, the system did not reward him with a cultivation boost this time.

Instead of rushing to receive the reward, Chu Xuan immediately took out the Myriad Heavenly Mirror and connected it to Mo Luantian.

On a barren mountain inside a dark cave.

Mo Luantian, who was dressed in a white monk robe, was seated cross-legged while floating in midair.

Buddhist light surrounded his body.

Atop his head, a circle of Buddhist light appeared.

He looked like a Bodhisattva that had descended to the mortal world.

He clasped his hands together and chanted Buddhist scriptures.

Chu Xuan was dumbfounded.
It had not been too long since he last saw Mo Luantian, but it seemed that this disciple of his had changed drastically.

He had really become a Buddha!

“Open the Heavenly Eye!”

Mo Luantian shouted in a low voice, and a gleam of light instantly bloomed between his brows.
A third eye opened, making it seem as if he had seen through every illusion.

Seeing this scene, Chu Xuan could not help but exclaim in surprise.
Mo Luantian and Buddhism were indeed fated; he had comprehended the Heavenly Eye.


The Buddhist light around him was dense, and his white clothes were like snow.
Not a speck of dust could be seen on them.
In addition, he looked holy, and definitely not like an ordinary person.

However, the next scene almost made Chu Xuan bite his tongue.

Mo Luantian, who had just opened his Heavenly Eye, suddenly shouted again, “Mighty Heavenly Dragon!”



A shadow of a Dragon condensed from Buddhist light arose from behind him.

Chu Xuan: “???”

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