When all of the demonic power in Mo Luantian’s body had been converted into Buddhist power, his cultivation dropped from the third level of the truth realm to the first level of the truth realm.

However, his strength increased rather than decreased.

This was especially when he was facing another member of the demon race, whereby his strength increased exponentially.

“Praise be to Buddha!”

Mo Luantian put his palms together and knelt on the ground.

He had become a devout Buddhist disciple.


Chu Xuan let out a sigh of relief.
He had finally brainwashed Mo Luantian… Uh, more accurately, he had successfully converted him.

However, looking at Mo Luantian’s current appearance, it seemed that although he possessed the temperament of a monk, for some reason, he also exuded a bit of demonic nature.

Chu Xuan muttered inwardly, ‘Could it be that when Mo Luantian had converted, his added words of deception had caused the other party to go astray?’

He hoped that nothing bad would happen.

He would be able to successfully create a storm in the Demon Zone and gather a group of Buddhist believers.

“Your grand goal is to convert the demon race into Buddhas.
You have taken the first step in creating the Buddhist race, and have been rewarded with the Buddhist scripture.”

The system’s reward suddenly arrived.

Chu Xuan was stunned.
Even this sort of thing could trigger a reward from the system?

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He received the Buddhist scripture.

After the system finished instilling the Buddhist scripture into his mind, Chu Xuan became shocked.
This time, he was really going to become a true Buddha.

The Buddhist scripture contained all of the Buddhist scriptures, all the Buddhist techniques, Mahayana scriptures, and so on.
This was a complete set.

There were also some Buddhist scriptures that Chu Xuan did not understand and had never heard of.

He selected a few scriptures that were mainly used to help people become good, spread faith, and educate believers.
He used the Sagemaster’s Halo to inscribe them on a booklet.

He then passed the booklet to Mo Luantian and asked him to use the knowledge within it to spread Buddhism in the Demon Zone and convert believers.

Mo Luantian received the Buddhist scriptures with a devout and burning gaze.
He kowtowed again and knelt on the ground.

“You took one of the children of fate of the demon race as your disciple and converted him into a Buddha.
You have been rewarded with a lucky mystic realm and a trial mystic realm.”

Chu Xuan received another system reward.

Moreover, Chu Xuan noticed that the word “one” had appeared in front of the term “children of fate of the demon race” in the system’s description.
Did this mean that the demon race had more than one child of fate?

On second thought, it made sense.
The demon race was so powerful, so there had to be more than one person who could shoulder the race’s fate.

After encouraging Mo Luantian and imprinting the Myriad Heavenly Mirror’s mark on his body, Chu Xuan deactivated the Myriad Heavenly Mirror.

He could not wait to receive the reward.

First was the lucky mystic realm.
Chu Xuan was already very familiar with this thing.

Seeing that he had obtained another lucky mystic realm, Chu Xuan decided to actually set up this lucky mystic realm.

He had a plan in mind as to where he would set it up.

Next, he received the trial mystic realm.

This was the first time this thing had appeared.
From its name, one could already roughly understand what this mystic realm was used for.


Chu Xuan examined the description of the trial mystic realm.

“The trial mystic realm can completely replicate its user, allowing them to challenge themselves, through which the user can find their own flaws, defeat oneself, and break through their own limitations.”

“The trial mystic realm is filled with all kinds of dangers, experts of various cultivation realms, cultivators that use all kinds of weird and powerful cultivation techniques; where one can fight one on one, or one versus many.”

Chu Xuan examined the function of the trial mystic realm, after which he could not help but let out a sigh.
As expected of a product of the system, this thing was indeed extraordinary.

Currently, he just happened to be lacking in combat experience.
Now that he had the trial mystic realm, he could participate in these trials to his heart’s content.
He no longer needed to worry about being found lacking in terms of combat experience.

It would also allow Ding Yue and the others to improve themselves in the trial mystic realm.
They would be able to hone their combat experience with it.

The trial mystic realm could replicate all of one’s abilities.
One could challenge oneself, defeat oneself, and find one’s weaknesses and strengths.
It could truly help with breaking through one’s limits.

There were also all kinds of dangerous settings, as well as all kinds of experts of all realms.
One-on-one combat trials could be carried out, or one-on-many combat trials.

Basically, there were all kinds of dangerous situations and trials that could be encountered in the trial mystic realm.

One could even simulate corresponding trial scenarios according to the trial-taker’s wishes.

More importantly, one would not really be injured or killed in the trial mystic realm.

That being said, injuries suffered while inside the trial mystic realm would behave just like injuries in real life.
It would affect one’s ability to display one’s strength and ability.

If one died in the trial, one would be immediately ejected from the trial mystic realm.

Aside from that, the trial mystic realm could be used to invite another to battle.
One could truly fight with one’s bare hands or weapons to see who was the strongest, and who would be able to survive until the end.

Chu Xuan took out the trial mystic realm.

A fist-sized jade bead that was full of Dao aura appeared in his hand.
At a glance, it was as if he could see all sorts of trial scenarios within the jade bead.

This was the trial mystic realm that had not been opened.

Chu Xuan thought about it and decided to place the trial mystic realm in the pocket dimension.

The universe space was limited and was not a suitable place for the trial mystic realm.
Placing it inside the pocket dimension was the best solution.

He then set up the trial mystic realm.

Chu Xuan could not wait to enter the trial to test his strength and increase his combat experience.

His body was still sitting there in the small courtyard, but his consciousness had already entered the trial mystic realm.

He did not choose to enter directly with his body.

He selected the one-on-one battle trial option.

An ordinary ninth level Supreme realm expert would be instantly killed by him with a single punch!

He gradually increased the strength of the ninth-level Supreme realm expert he was fighting.
In the end, the strongest strength that could be displayed by the trial mystic realm that matched Chu Xuan’s cultivation was that of a peak ninth-level Supreme realm expert.

The battle did not last for long.
In about a minute, Chu Xuan killed his opponent.

“So my strength is indeed invincible in the same realm.
In the history of the nine zones, the strongest ninth-level Supreme realm expert couldn’t even last a minute against me.”

Chu Xuan’s ego suddenly felt a bit inflated.

He chose the next trial level; his opponent was now a first-level Heaven realm expert.

It was just an ordinary first-level Heaven realm expert.
Chu Xuan wanted to see if he could bridge the realm difference and defeat this first-level Heaven realm cultivator.

One had to know that the Supreme realm and the Heaven realm were separated by a giant natural chasm.

The gap between them was much larger than the gap between the truth realm and the Emperor realm.

The battle soon commenced.

Chu Xuan used all kinds of secret techniques and abilities.

The battle lasted for an hour before Chu Xuan used the time illusion technique to heavily injure his opponent.

The price for that was that he was killed.

The gap between him and the Heaven realm was too big.
He, the strongest ninth-level Supreme realm cultivator in history, was unable to bridge realms and kill a first-level Heaven realm expert.

Next, Chu Xuan chose to challenge himself.

He wanted to break through the current limits of his strength and find out what his own shortcomings were, as well as weaknesses he had in battle.

In the battle with the Heaven realm expert, Chu Xuan had found that although he had many divine abilities and secret techniques, during certain moments, he was unable to use them properly.

He was unable to unleash his full power in combat.

He felt that if he broke through his current limits, he would have a chance of defeating an ordinary first-level Heaven realm expert.

For the next three days, Chu Xuan challenged himself inside the trial mystic realm.

Every time he fought, he would discover more flaws and fix them before his next battle.

However, his clone would also do the same.
As such, it was easy to imagine how difficult it would be to break through his limits if he wanted to defeat his clone.

Ten days…

Chu Xuan spent ten days immersing himself in battle.
He finally unleashed his strongest attack and successfully killed his clone.

The moment he broke through, Chu Xuan suddenly had an epiphany.

His strength had stepped into a new realm.

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