“You deserve to die.
Don’t even think about leaving Bai Sheng Mountain alive!” Bai Shaokong roared with a ferocious expression.

Ding Yue was not afraid at all.
After swallowing another emperor-level pill, he had already recovered 40% of his strength.

He sighed in his heart.
Wang Luo’s pills were really useful.

He could not beat Bai Shaokong in a fight, but there was no problem in escaping.

Chu Xuan sighed in his heart.
Ding Yue was indeed worthy of being the son of fate of the Southern Region.

The Holy Maiden of the Floating Flower Pavilion was looking at Ding Yue with a tender gaze.

This trip to the ancient ruin had yielded a lot of gains for him.
If Chu Xuan had not deceived him, Ding Yue would have returned from this trip with a beautiful woman in tow; the kind of person who would stick with him through thick and thin.

As his teacher, Chu Xuan knew his disciples like the back of his hand.
He could tell from a glance that Ding Yue was going to escape.

Bai Shaokong made his move; this punch was even more powerful.

Unexpectedly, Ding Yue left a shadow where he had been standing, and his real body had disappeared without a trace.


The shadow was shattered by the punch, and the impact of the strike created a big pit on the ground.

Ding Yue’s voice could be heard from the entrance of the ancient ruin.

“I won’t play with you anymore.
I’m going back.”

Bai Shaokong was going crazy.

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“Stop him for me!” He roared.

The Nine Swords Mountain elder and Liu Pingfeng moved and tried to stop Ding Yue.

However, Ding Yue, who was focused on escaping, was not going to stop for them at all.

The group of people quickly rushed out of the Bai Sheng Mountain ruin.

The moment they came out, Liu Pingfeng and the Evil King’s expressions changed.
They instantly gathered together and looked ahead warily.

A beautiful figure had appeared on top of a mountain at the entrance of the ruin.
She looked majestic, domineering, and elegant!

Great Qin’s Empress, Qin Keyun!

“Keyun, stop that person!”

Hong Fei immediately said when he saw Qin Keyun.

No matter what, Bai Shaokong belonged to the Great Qin Empire back then, and his status was extremely important to them now.

Naturally, he had to help Bai Shaokong.

Moreover, since he had already offended Ding Yue, if he allowed the latter to further develop, it would be disadvantageous to the Great Qin Dynasty.

Qin keyun raised her jade-like hand, and wisps of slender light flew out as she prepared to seal off the surroundings.

However, when she noticed that the person in question was Ding Yue, her expression instantly changed, and she immediately stopped her actions.

She would not stop him!

She had once seen Ding Yue in Chu Xuan’s small courtyard.

She knew that this person was with that terrifying person, and that she could not afford to offend Chu Xuan.

Heck, oo one in the entire Southern Region could afford to offend him.

Ding Yue looked at Qin Keyun in surprise.
He felt that this woman seemed a little familiar?

Since she did not stop him, she could be considered a friend, maybe?

After flying for a few miles, his figure had disappeared without a trace.

“Keyun, why did you…?”

Hong Fei had a puzzled look on his face.
Why did Qin Keyun not stop Ding Yue?

“You are the Great Qin Empress? Why didn’t you stop him?”

Bai Shaokong was furious.

“Young Sect Master Bai, you have just recovered.
There are some things you don’t quite understand yet.”

Qin Keyun said calmly.

Then, she sent him a voice transmission, “Young Sect Master Bai, the person behind him can’t be offended.”

Bai Shaokong calmed down.
He frowned and sent a voice transmission in response, “Who is behind him?”

“Young Sect Master Bai, it’s better if you don’t know.”

Qin Keyun shook her head and did not say anything further.

The Evil King and Liu Pingfeng were afraid that Qin Keyun would make a move, so they did not stay any longer and left quickly.

Bai Shaokong clearly had a connection with the Great Qin Dynasty.

The two of them immediately realized that the Great Qin Dynasty would become one of the strongest forces in the Southern Region with Bai Shaokong joining them.

The curtains on the ancient ruin of Bai Sheng Mountain had finally come down.

The one who gained the most was undoubtedly Ding Yue.

The Great Qin Dynasty had also reaped a bountiful harvest.

Bai Shaokong had become the Great Qin Dynasty’s guardian expert.

Chu Xuan had a premonition that as the day the Asura Ancient Land would open approached, some more of the three faction’s arrangements would gradually appear.

Ding Yue had returned.

“Master, I’m back.”

“Mm, comprehend it well.”

Chu Xuan nodded.

He then introduced Chu Pingfan to him.

Ding Yue took out all the gains he had obtained from Bai Sheng Mountain’s ancient ruin.
Chu Xuan then told him to put it aside and let Su Xian’er handle them.

As for the spirit herbs, he naturally gave them all to Wang Luo.

Ding Yue did not immediately enter the pocket dimension.
Instead, he went into seclusion inside the universe space to accumulate his foundation and prepare to break through to the Emperor realm.

Su Xian’er was about to break through to the Emperor realm.

After the exploration of the Bai Sheng Mountain ancient ruin, the Southern Region regained its peace, and the various powers maintained their restraint.

The Nine Swords Mountain, Great Qian Dynasty, and the other powers all bought information from the Black Moon Tower in an attempt to find out who Ding Yue’s master was.

However, the Black Moon Tower did not give them an answer.

This caused the various powers to tread carefully, uncertain of Chu Xuan’s identity.

The experts who knew some of the secrets of the Asura Ancient Land realized that Ding Yue was a chess piece of another participating faction.

Chu Xuan used the Myriad Heavenly Mirror to connect to the various regions, and also used the Heaven-spying Mirror to investigate the various areas around the Southern Region.

However, he spent more time on cultivation.

After all, there were only thirty to forty years before the Asura Ancient Land would open.
This was calculated based on the current rate of recovery of the laws of Heaven and Earth in the Southern Region.

It was still unknown whether this date would be brought forward.

He had to raise his cultivation level before that.

Without sufficient strength, how could he control the overall situation?

How could he prevent the experts above the Emperor realm from interfering in the fight for the fate treasures?

Since he had bragged about this in front of Qin Ying, he had to accomplish it.
Otherwise, where would his prestige as a peerless expert go?

After he passed the Tyrant Dragon Body technique to Qin Ying, Chu Xuan did not contact him anymore.

As a peerless expert, it was impossible for him to pay attention to an in-name disciple at all times.

Ren Changhe had not contacted him for some time either, so Chu Xuan took the initiative to contact him and also helped him solve some problems he was facing with the Yin-yang God Combination Seal.

Ren Changhe’s life-and-death cycle comprehension was successful, and he would soon reach the Divine realm.

Three months later.

Chu Xuan received news that Du Yuan had arrived in the Southern Region.

He asked the Black Moon Tower to arrange a secret place for him to cultivate in peace as he waited for an opportunity.

There were many ancient ruins in the Southern Region.

Chu Xuan had a premonition that, as the laws of Heaven and Earth in the Southern Region were restored, the sects that had disappeared during the Great War, or some treasure lands, would gradually return.

These opportunities were not something that could be casually conjured.

The universe space was filled with a faint Dao rhythm as the power of the natural laws guided it down.

Su Xian’er was in the midst of a breakthrough.

Chu Xuan took a glance and did not continue to pay attention.

Given Su Xian’er’s talent, cultivation techniques, and various resources, breaking through to the Emperor realm would not be a problem.

Moreover, the domain she constructed was guided by the laws of the Great Dao, surpassing the laws of the Heaven and Earth of the Southern Region.

Generally speaking, only after breaking through to the Heaven realm would one come into contact with the laws of the Great Dao.

One would not come into contact with them at the Emperor realm.

The uniqueness of the universe space space, coupled with Chu Xuan’s Soul Communion Dao technique, guided the Dao rhythm down, which acted as a catalyst that allowed Su Xian’er to transcend the laws of the Heaven and Earth in the Southern Region and come into contact laws of the Great Dao ahead of time.

She would then break through to the Emperor realm.

After she broke through, her strength would be much stronger than ordinary Emperor realm cultivators.

With her cultivation level at the first level of the Emperor realm, it would not be a problem for her to fight third-level Emperor realm cultivators.

In addition, her domain had the ability to suppress ordinary Emperor realm domains.

In this world, there were countless supreme geniuses and those who obtained fortuitous encounters.
Su Xian’er would definitely not be the first to break through to the Emperor realm using the laws of the Great Dao as a catalyst.

Ding Yue and Wang Luo were both in the universe space, watching Su Xian’er’s breakthrough.
Witnessing this would enlighten them and help them when it was their turn to break through to the Emperor realm in the future.

Chu Pingfan held onto his wooden saber, quietly watching as well.

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