Qin Ying was overjoyed.

“Thank you, Master!”

He had never lost to anyone in the same realm.

The only thing he was worried about in this fight for the fate supreme treasures was that human Divine realm expert.

If that expert had surpassed the Emperor realm, but was not allowed to interfere, then there was nothing for him to be afraid of!

He would definitely retrieve the fate supreme treasure!

He would definitely kill his enemies!

“This is your fate,” Chu Xuan said indifferently.

“You also wanted a body tempering technique.
This venerable one has countless such techniques, but they are all too powerful for you in your current state.
You can’t cultivate them.
Even the so-called Divine realm experts that you are talking about aren’t able to cultivate these.”

He was just messing with him.
Of course, Chu Xuan was just bragging.

Qin Ying was shocked.
Body tempering techniques that even Divine realm experts could not cultivate… how powerful were those techniques?

Chu Xuan thought for a while, and then said, “I have three body tempering techniques that I created in my younger days.
They are a bit trashy, but they happen to be just right for you to practice at your level.”

The corners of Qin Ying’s mouth twitched.
Trashy body tempering techniques were just right for him to practice?

Still, the body tempering techniques that Master mentioned should be very powerful, right?

“These three body tempering techniques are the Thirty-feet Golden Body technique, the Hundred-battle Demon Body technique, and the Tyrant Dragon Body technique.
You can choose one.”

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The Thirty-feet Golden Body technique was a body tempering technique that belonged to the Buddhist sect.
It was a body tempering technique recorded in the Three Lives Buddhist Scripture.

The Hundred-battle Demon Nody technique was a body tempering technique that the system had rewarded him with some time back.

The same was true for the Tyrant Dragon Body technique.

Chu Xuan was only using the first two techniques to make up the numbers.
The one he wanted to pass on to Qin Ying was the Tyrant Dragon Body technique.

He believed that Qin Ying would also choose this body tempering technique.

After all, he had always been looking for a domineering body tempering technique.

The Tyrant Dragon Body technique was undoubtedly domineering.

When it was cultivated to completion, it would allow its user to exude fierce dragon might, and it could even condense dragon armor which would attach itself to the user’s body.
Divine weapons could not penetrate this armor.

“Master, I choose the Tyrant Dragon Body technique.”

As expected, Qin Ying did not hesitate at all and immediately chose the Tyrant Dragon Body technique.

“When this technique is cultivated to completion, it will allow you to exude dragon might and condense dragon armor to protect your body.
It can be considered average.”

Chu Xuan waved his hand and flicked a small book over to Qin Ying.

The small book contained the Tyrant Dragon Body technique that he had jotted down while using the Sagemaster’s Halo.
When Qin Ying opened the small book, he could directly comprehend the technique.

As for how much he comprehended, that would depend on the level of his talent.

The direct transmission of the technique would only happen once, which was when he opened it for the first time.

This was also one of the abilities of the Sagemaster’s Halo.

Qin Ying was extremely excited.
He took the cultivation technique book and said respectfully, “Thank you, Master!”


Chu Xuan nodded and continued, “Since you are my disciple, I should tell you that the Nine Zones are just a small corner of the myriad realms.
As for a mere human king of the Northern Zone? Even if one becomes the human king of the nine zones, they are nothing in the grand scheme of things.”

“You must remember that if you cultivate diligently, you will be able to travel to the myriad realms with me.
Be it the human king of the Northern Zone, or the human king of the nine zones, they are just stepping stones on the path that you must take in order to cultivate.”

“Only by stepping into the myriad realms of the heavens will you be able to truly begin your journey as an expert.”

Qin Ying was shocked.
“The myriad realms of the heavens?”

“Cultivate diligently and don’t slack off.
If you manage to step into the myriad realms of the heavens in the future, I will make an exception and accept you as my true disciple.”

Chu Xuan’s majestic voice gradually faded into the distance.

The circle of light disappeared, and with it the image projection.

Qin Ying was still in shock.
The nine zones were just a small corner of the myriad realms?

He felt as if he had stumbled upon an incredible secret.

Could it be that the experts who had disappeared had all left the nine zones and headed to the myriad realms?

How could they travel to the myriad realms?

The Desolate Ancient Zone!

The first place Qin Ying thought of was the Desolate Ancient Zone.
After all, the Desolate Ancient Zone was the most mysterious and vast zone among the nine zones.
It hid countless secrets.

Even the Heaven realm experts were unable to discover its secrets.

It had always been rumored that the Divine realm experts were hidden in the Desolate Ancient Zone.

Now he knew.

The Divine realm experts had gone to the Desolate Ancient Zone in order to find the way to the myriad realms of the heavens.

Qin Ying was extremely excited.

“I, Qin Ying, will definitely go to the myriad realms of the heavens and become Master’s true disciple!”

“After becoming the Northern Zone’s human king, I, Qin Ying, will definitely become the first human king of the nine zones!”

“Only then will I have the qualifications to become a true disciple of Master!”

At this moment, Qin Ying’s blood was boiling.
He had regained his ambition of unifying the Southern Region!

After a long while, he finally calmed down.

He then looked at the book in his hand.

“I hope that the trashy cultivation technique that Master mentioned will meet my requirements.”

He was regretting his decision at this moment.
He should have asked Master for a powerful cultivation technique.

Given Master’s strength, any cultivation technique that he imparted to him would be more powerful than the Luo family’s cultivation techniques.

He had made a mistake!

When he flipped open the book, he suddenly felt as if the words on the book had come to life, surging directly into his mind.

The information regarding the cultivation technique surfaced in his mind, and he immediately entered a state of comprehension.

After an unknown period of time, Qin Ying awakened from his state of comprehension.
He had already grasped the Tyrant Dragon Body technique.

Looking at the book, his mouth was agape with shock.

His master was too powerful.
Simply opening the book allowed him to enter a state of comprehension.

After putting away the book, Qin Ying became excited.
The Tyrant Dragon Body technique was even more powerful than he had expected.

Once he cultivated it to completion, it would be even more powerful than the overlord body technique he had used in his previous life.

If he had this body tempering technique in his previous life, coupled with his overlord physique, his strength would have been even stronger.

When the Tyrant Dragon Body technique was cultivated to completion, Divine weapons would not be able to harm him!

Moreover, when he used the Tyrant Dragon Body technique, he would not only exude a domineering aura, but also fierce dragon’s might.

It was incomparably powerful.

Qin Ying immediately began to cultivate the Tyrant Dragon Body technique.

As for whether his fair and delicate female body would end up becoming muscular and masculine, that was something that did not matter to him at all.

He just needed to become stronger.

So what if his body was full of muscles?

Standing on the cliff, Qin Ying looked down.
He could only see his chest and could not see his toes.
Once again, his heart was filled with grief.

Why did he reincarnate into a woman?!

It was too tragic!

“I made a mistake!”

Qin Ying suddenly sighed.

He had actually forgotten to ask his master if there was a way to turn a woman back into a man without being rejected by the Great Dao.

He wanted to be that fierce man from his previous life.

What a mistake!

Qin Ying was extremely vexed.
He had only focused on obtaining a body tempering technique.
Why did he forget about finding a way to become a man again?

He had been careless!

The next time he met his master, he had to ask his master for advice regarding this matter.

Chu Xuan stretched lazily.
He had accepted Qin Ying as his in-name disciple, taught him the Tyrant Dragon Body technique, and broadened his horizons.
He was feeling pretty accomplished right now.

The human king had to be one of his disciples.
It was useless for anyone else to fight over that position.

That being said, he had to improve his strength as soon as possible.
Otherwise, he would not be able to control the whole situation.

Su Xian’er was on the verge of reaching the Emperor realm.
She was about to break through.

Next was Ding Yue, and then Wang Luo.

Chu Xuan also expected much from Chu Pingfan.

He glanced at Chu Yun.
She was cultivating in the ancestral residence of the Chu family.
He guided her into the pocket dimension so that she could increase her cultivation and reach the truth realm quickly.

It was time for the Chu family to produce an Emperor realm expert.

Chu Pingfan was holding a wooden saber in his arms.
He was immersed in his cultivation of the Saber Dao.
Occasionally, he would swing the wooden saber around.

This was the saber technique he had learned from the Heaven’s Fate Saber scripture.

Suddenly, a message came through from the communication talisman.

It was from Bao Hongyan.
A great battle had broken out in the Bai Sheng Mountain’s ruin.

Many experts had fallen.

An ancient Emperor realm expert’s soul had been revived!

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