Breaking through to the eighth level of the Supreme realm meant that Chu Xuan was one step closer to the Heaven realm.

The Supreme realm and the Heaven realm were separated by a natural chasm.

It was even bigger than the gap between the truth realm and the Emperor realm.

Most importantly, breaking through to the Heaven realm would bring about a tribulation.

Only by passing through the tribulation could one break through to the Heaven realm.
Otherwise, one would either die from the tribulation or be severely injured.
Those who were injured would have their foundations damaged and they would forever remain in the Supreme realm.

Generally speaking, it was almost impossible to break through to the Heaven realm again, even if one was lucky enough to survive the heavenly tribulation after trying to break through the first time.

The only hope for such people was to obtain a great fortuitous encounter and reach the peak of the Supreme realm again.
Despite this, they would still have to face the heavenly tribulation again.

However, such second chances were extremely rare.

Almost every Supreme realm expert who failed but survived the heavenly tribulation would have their foundation severely damaged, and they would not be able to return to their peak again.

They could only remain in the Supreme realm for the rest of their lives.

Chu Xuan was not worried about the heavenly tribulation.
He would simply stay in the courtyard and make a quiet breakthrough.

Everything would be managed by the system, so there was no need to worry about the heavenly tribulation.

Moreover, given his deep and sturdy cultivation foundation, he would easily be able to survive and successfully pass the heavenly tribulation.

If even he could not survive and successfully pass the heavenly tribulation, then there was no Supreme realm expert in this world who could do so.

Buddha Nanwu was in the process of condensing his golden body.
When he finished condensing his golden body and recovered his strength to its peak, he would have the chance to break through to the Divine realm.

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He was no longer a demon, but a Buddha.

In that sense, the road ahead was smooth.

The door to the Divine realm had already opened for him.

Ren Changhe would break through to the Divine realm, and Buddha Nanwu would also break through to the Divine realm.
Chu Xuan would then have two Divine realm experts under his command.

The reward from the system for that achievement would not be poor.

Moreover, Chu Xuan felt that, as long as he worked hard, he might be able to break through to the Divine realm before Ren Changhe and Buddha Nanwu.

Wang Luo was already at the ninth level of the truth realm.
He was startingto accumulate strength and consolidate his foundation.

He was also preparing to break through to the Emperor realm.

However, his foundation was still a little lacking.
He would not be able to find the opportunity to break through for the time being.

Chu Xuan looked in the direction of the ancestral residence.
Chu Yun’s cultivation level was still weak, so it was time for him to devote some resources to this little sister of his.

He would help her increase her strength as soon as possible.

Chu Yun should also participate in the exploration of the Asura Ancient Land.

He would guide her into the pocket dimension to cultivate.

Chu Xuan made a decision to increase Chu Yun’s strength to the truth realm as soon as possible.

Buddha Nanwu was still refining his golden body.
His progress was not slow, and it was estimated that he would be able to complete it in half a month or so.

Chu Xuan was not in a hurry to discover the secrets of the Asura Ancient Land.
After all, there was still a lot of time until it would open.

On the other hand, the Bai Sheng Mountain ruin was about to open.

Chu Xuan took out the Heaven-spying Mirror and began to observe the process of Bai Sheng Mountain’s ruin opening.

He was just watching for the novelty of seeing people explore the ancient ruin.
It was very much like watching a movie.


Space shook.

Bai Sheng Mountain’s ancient ruin was becoming clearer and clearer.

All the people who had obtained a spot looked at the ruin with a solemn expression.

Those who had not obtained a spot were all expelled and had to stay 100 kilometers away from the ruin.

The major forces each sent out experts to guard the entrance of the ancient ruin to prevent people from sneaking in or breaking in forcefully.

Those who had not obtained a spot were either itinerant cultivators or those from small and medium-sized forces.

These cultivators naturally did not have the ability to fight against the combined forces of the major forces.

As for the top experts among the itinerant cultivators, such as that half-step emperor realm expert, they had already obtained a spot.
Naturally, they would not stand up for these unrelated cultivators.

Ding Yue looked at the ancient ruin that was about to open.

He expressionlessly still held his long sword.
It seemed that he did not sense the malice of Nine Swords Mountain and the other experts.


Space shook and a gap suddenly opened.
Bai Sheng Mountain’s ruin had finally re-emerged from the spatial crack!

The ancient ruin was now open!


The Nine Swords Mountain elder led Ying Jiankong and the other experts of Nine Swords Mountain to the entrance of the ancient ruin.

Liu Pingfeng also led the Great Qian Dynasty’s exploration squad in.

Heavenly Cauldron Mountain, evil imperial court, the Great Qin Dynasty…

All these experts entered one after another.

Han Yingmeng’s figure was graceful as she followed that beautiful woman from the Floating Flower Pavilion toward the entrance of the ancient ruin.

As soon as the people from the Floating Flower Pavilion moved, beautiful petals fell from the sky, making them look like fairies amidst a verdant garden.

Han Yingmeng looked at Ding Yue, who was still standing proudly on the mountain peak.
She sent him a voice transmission, “Be careful.
Nine Swords Mountain and the Great Qian Dynasty are conspiring to kill you.”

However, she immediately regretted her actions.

Why did she remind this b*stard?

Had it not been for him, she would not have been belittled so many times.

Ding Yue looked at Han Yingmeng in surprise.
What did this woman mean by that?

A friendly reminder?

Or did she want to use this opportunity to gain his favor and get close to him?

Dream on!

She should not even think about messing with my sword heart!

After the cultivators from the Floating Flower Pavilion entered, Ding Yue moved and headed toward the entrance of the ruin.

They wanted to surround and kill me?


So what if they have half-step emperor realm experts?

Stepping into the ancient ruin, the first thing that greeted him was a huge broken statue.

The statue was broken; half of its head and one of its arms was missing.

Apparently, it was destroyed during the battle.

Ding Yue saw a name on the base of the statue.

Bai Sheng!

He was the founder of Bai Sheng Mountain.

The sect was also named after him.

Bai Sheng was a famous expert in the history of the Southern Region.

However, he would never have imagined that the sect he founded had been destroyed.

The entrance to the ancient ruin was also the entrance to Bai Sheng Mountain’s sect.
It was a huge square that had been destroyed during the battle and was full of potholes.

The square was constructed out of gold and jade, and had an array formation engraved on it.
Attacks by ordinary Emperor realm experts would not be able to leave a dent on it.

Even so, the square had been destroyed.

This also indicated how powerful the Bai Sheng Mountain sect was back then.
The square that served as the sect’s entrance was already so extraordinary.
It was clear how rich the sect was at its peak.

Yet such a powerful sect had been destroyed.

The battle back then was likely very intense.

Four figures suddenly appeared from the four cardinal directions, surrounding Ding Yue.

All four were half-step emperor realm cultivators!

These people were the Nine Swords Mountain elder, Liu Pingfeng, the red-bearded elder, and the itinerant half-step emperor realm cultivator.

In the distance, many people had stopped by to watch.

The four experts attacked.
No matter how strong Ding Yue was, he was not an Emperor or even a half-step emperor realm cultivator.
He was almost certain to die.

“Are you really not going to attack?”

The beautiful woman from the Floating Flower Pavilion asked.

She did not think that Ding Yue could survive the attack by the four experts.

Even if he managed to escape this time, he would definitely be heavily injured and die in the ancient ruin.

How could Ding Yue, alone, fight against the combined forces of several major forces?

Han Yingmeng shook her head and said, “There’s no need.
I don’t have much of a grudge with him.
Even if I’m angry with him, I won’t take the risk.”

“Take the risk?”

The beautiful woman did not think that joining the attack was a risky move.

The Evil King’s disdainful voice could be heard from afar, “Using numbers to bully the weak.
I’m ashamed to be associated with such despicable people!”

Everyone was speechless.

‘You’re a heretic cultivator for god’s sake! Why are you talking about rules and justice?’

It seemed like the Evil King’s brain was really damaged.

The experts from the evil imperial court were helpless.
They were afraid that the evil king would cause factions to join forces against them, as that would truly be troublesome.

The evil imperial court had always had a bad relationship with the Floating Flower Pavilion and the Great Qian Dynasty.
If they provoked Nine Swords Mountain and Heavenly Cauldron Mountain as well, things would not end well for them

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