The Heaven’s Fate Saber Scripture could finally be used.

Chu Xuan had obtained this Extreme Dao technique a long time ago.
Due to the harsh cultivation process, he had never found a suitable person to cultivate it.

Even though Chu Xuan had comprehended the Heaven’s Fate Saber Scripture, he had never cultivated it.
Thus, he was unable to unleash the full power of this technique.

He was not an Extreme Dao saber cultivator!

There was no specific grade when it came to Extreme Dao techniques.
Whether or not it was powerful depended entirely on the person who cultivated it.

Chu Pingfan was innately talented when it came to the Extreme Dao of the Saber.
Chu Xuan knew that he would be very powerful if he managed to cultivate the Heaven’s Fate Saber Scripture.

His potential would not be inferior to Ding Yue or Wang Luo.

Looking at Chu Pingfan clutching the ordinary saber in his arms, Chu Xuan liked this nephew of his more and more.

He was only six years old.

If he started cultivating now, under Chu Xuan’s guidance, it would not be a problem for him to break through to the Emperor realm by the age of twenty.

An Emperor realm expert at the age of twenty was likely unheard of since ancient times.
It was absolutely unbelievable!

Moreover, Chu Xuan was fully confident that Chu Pingfan would be able to break through to the Emperor realm even before the age of twenty.

The benchmark of a top-notch Heaven’s blessed, which was that of the hundred-year emperor realm, was for others.

For one to have talent in the Extreme Dao itself was special.

Chu Pingfan, who was innately talented in the Extreme Dao, should not be compared to ordinary top-notch Heaven’s blessed.
Moreover, Chu Xuan believed that the way he taught his disciples was the best in the world.

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After all, he had the blessing of the Sagemaster’s Halo.

An emperor realm expert who was not even twenty years old would emerge under his guidance.
The system’s reward for that would definitely be absolutely generous!

It was worth looking forward to.

“Pingfan, Thirteenth Uncle will teach you a saber scripture.”

“Thank you, Thirteenth Uncle.”

Chu Pingfan looked at Chu Xuan excitedly.

Chu Xuan raised his hand and pointed his finger toward Pingfan’s forehead.
He transmitted the Heaven’s Fate Saber Scripture to Chu Pingfan.

Chu Pingfan closed his eyes and tried to comprehend the saber scripture that had suddenly appeared in his mind.

Half an hour later, he opened his eyes and looked at Chu Xuan.
“Thirteenth Uncle, I like this cultivation technique very much.
I’ll definitely work hard to cultivate it.”

Chu Xuan did not want him to only know how to cultivate at such a young age.
Even though he was feeling internally stifled, and still wanted to fight for his parents, he should not be allowed to miss out on the fun of being a child just because of that.

“Pingfan, you should also pay attention to relaxation and recreation aside from cultivating.
You shouldn’t go to extremes just because of the burden in your heart…”

Chu Xuan’s Sagemaster Halo enveloped his body, and his voice seemed to break through the walls around Pingfan’s heart, reaching the depths of his heart.

He wanted to heal the wounds in Chu Pingfan’s heart and restore the innocence that a kid his age should have.

Chu Pingfan fell into a dazed state.
When Chu Xuan finished speaking, Pingfan raised his head; his eyes were now clear.

“Thirteenth uncle, I understand.
I’ll definitely cultivate well and have fun at the same time.”

Chu Xuan was very gratified.
Chu Pingfan still looked dull, and he still gave one the feeling that he was somewhat dumb.

However, he no longer exuded that frustrated, stifling feeling that he had before.

From today onward, you will learn how to nurture your saber.”

Chu Xuan rubbed Pingfan’s head.

Nurturing one’s saber was the first stage of cultivating the Heaven’s Fate Saber Scripture, and also the first step to the Extreme Dao.

The method to cultivate the Heaven’s Fate Saber Scripture was not an ordinary one.

When nurtured properly, a saber was like a human.
It had a body, a heart, and a soul!

Before it was nurtured, it was like any ordinary person.

Once it was successfully nurtured, its strength would skyrocket, completely ignoring the shackles of its realm.
In an instant, it would advance several realms and reach an extremely high realm.

This was the uniqueness and power of the Heaven’s Fate Saber Scripture.

However, it was not so easy to nurture a saber.

Only a genius of the Extreme Dao could afford to nurture a saber.

The higher the realm of a saber was nurtured to, the greater the increase in its realm would be on the day of its success.

From that day onward, Chu Pingfan held the ordinary saber and started to nurture the saber according to the saber-nurturingtechnique of the Heaven’s Fate Saber Scripture.

As Chu Pingfan started to nurture the saber, the wooden saber made of ordinary wood gradually changed, as if it was becoming a part of Chu Pingfan.

Although that was the case, it still looked like an ordinary wooden saber.

Chu Xuan was looking forward to the day when Chu Pingfan would nurture his saber to a higher level.

Void realm? Unity realm?

Or perhaps even the truth realm?

Of course, it was impossible for him to reach the Emperor realm with that.
On the path of cultivation, the Emperor realm was like a giant chasm.
It could not be achieved by simply nurturing a saber.

Chu Xuan was sure that, among all of the Extreme Dao experts, no one had more resources than Chu Pingfan did now.

He was using the ordinary wood blade as his starting point to nurture his saber, so his starting point was much higher than others.

The ordinary wood’s indestructible nature matched up perfectly with the cultivation of the Extreme Dao and the Heaven’s Fate Saber Scripture.

Chu Pingfan used the Heaven’s Fate Saber Scripture to nurture his saber, nurture his body, nurture his mind, and nurture his soul.
As he nurtured his saber, physical body, mental state, and mental will, he would also improve in all of those aspects.

In order to nurture Chu Pingfan’s physical body as much as possible, and increase the efficiency and limit of his saber cultivation, Chu Xuan took out many treasures.

Every day, he would give Chu Pingfan a medicinal bath.
He even instructed Wang Luo to specially refine emperor-level medicinal baths to temper Chu Pingfan’s body.

He was using emperor-level medicinal baths to temper his body.
Even the legitimate descendants of the human kings’ families did not receive such treatment.

Not everyone had access to emperor-level medicinal bath formulas.
The effects of these medicinal baths were mild, and even children could soak in it.

Moreover, it was not that easy to find the natural treasures required to refine these medicinal baths.

Chu Xuan possessed countless resources in his pocket dimension, which allowed him to be so extravagant.

Su Xian’er and Wang Luo were in charge of Chu Pingfan’s daily life and cultivation.
Chu Yun would also come over every once in a while.

She would deliver medicinal pills to Chu Pingfan as well.

Gradually, Chu Yun also discovered something different about Chu Pingfan.

However, she only thought that her medicinal pills had taken effect.

Chu Pingfan quietly cultivated his saber.
In the eyes of Su Xian’er and Wang Luo, he was still a child.

The only difference was that he bathed in emperor-level medicinal baths to temper his body, making his body very strong.
Now, he truly looked like a tiger.

Other than that, there was nothing special about him.

His talent still seemed ordinary.

The only thing he liked was the wooden saber, which was almost always with him.

The two of them could not figure out how Chu Xuan was going to train Chu Pingfan.

Was Chu Xuan not going to increase his talent?

Thinking along these lines, Wang Luo found some heavenly and earthly treasures and refined a pill that could increase one’s talent.

This was the highest grade pill he had refined so far.

He failed three times in a row before he succeeded.

It had taken Wang Luo a lot of effort to refine this pill.

When he saw Chu Pingfan, he thought of himself.
Back then, he had received similar treatment in the Wang family and had not been well-liked.

“Pingfan, come over here.”

As he exited the pocket dimension, Wang Luo waved and called out to Chu Pingfan.

“Uncle Wang.”

Chu Pingfan carried the wooden saber and ran to him.

“Here, eat this pill.”

Although he saw the pill in Wang Luo’s hand, Chu Pingfan did not take it immediately.

Instead, he looked toward Chu Xuan.

Chu Xuan glanced at it and said, “If you want to eat it, just eat it.
Just treat it like a piece of candy.”

Chu Pingfan was a genius of the Extreme Dao.
Pills like these that could improve his talent were useless.

Chu Pingfan took the pills happily and put them into his mouth to chew.

He ate quite a number of pills, as they tasted pretty good.
He ate them as snacks.

Whether it was Chu Yun or Wang Luo, both refined pills that were relatively mild for him, and the medicinal efficacy of those pills would slowly nourish him.

Therefore, even though Chu Pingfan had not even reached the mortal realm, he could still eat these pills.

The medicinal effects of the pills he ate were all used to nurture his saber.
He remained ordinary, without any improvement.

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