Ding Yue looked at the other party with disdain.

The elder’s face was gloomy, and he did not say anything in response.

“Nine Swords Mountain has really declined.
They expelled a peerless genius and chased him out of the sect.
Instead, they wholeheartedly nurtured a good-for-nothing piece of trash.
How pathetic!”

Liu Pingfeng added insult to injury while also trying to curry favor with Ding Yue.

Over on Nine Swords Mountain’s side, a woman had come over and helped Ying Jiankong up.

She looked at Ding Yue with hatred.

“Ding Yue, you’ve gone too far!”

“Get lost!”

Ding Yue cursed, “How have I gone too far? I’ve already shown mercy by not breaking your man’s third leg.”

“What are you looking at? I’m someone beyond your reach!”

The woman was extremely angry.

She helped Ying Jiankong up and returned to the Nine Swords Mountain’s peak.

The purple-robed woman quickly came over to Ying Jiankong’s side and took out some medicinal pills to treat his injuries.
She encouraged him at the same time.

“Brother Jiankong, don’t be discouraged.
It’s just a temporary setback.
He was just a little lucky and obtained some fortuitous encounters!”

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“As long as you obtain some opportunities in Bai Sheng Mountain’s ruin, you will definitely surpass him.”

Seeing Ying Jiankong surrounded by beauties, Ding Yue was not envious at all.
On the contrary, he had a look of disdain on his face.

“Ying Jiankong, you are hopeless.
Women will only affect the speed at which you draw your sword.
You will never be able to catch up to me.”

The women beside Ying Jiankong all glared at him angrily.

Ding Yue had gone too far!

Han Yingmeng’s beautiful eyes were suffused with a strange light.
Her posture was graceful as flower petals floated around her.

She was like a fairy that walked out of a garden.

She was devastatingly beautiful.

This scene charmed many of the cultivators present.

She walked over step by step, as if she was dancing in the air.
She arrived at the mountain peak where Ding Yue was at.

“Brother Ding Yue…”

Her voice was soft and charming.

“Scram! Woman, stay away from me!”

Unexpectedly, Ding Yue did not hold back at all and directly shouted at her angrily.

Han Yingmeng almost died from anger.

B*stard! B*stard!

She, Han Yingmeng, was always the center of attention wherever she went.
Who had ever berated her like this?

No one!

However, Ding Yue had berated her repeatedly and had gone too far!

“You! I wish you an early death!”

Han Yingmeng returned to her own mountain peak in a huff.

The corners of Chu Xuan’s mouth twitched.
Did he go too far in deceiving Ding Yue? If this continued, this fellow was destined to live alone!

According to the normal plotline development of a son of fate, this Holy Maiden of the Floating Flower Pavilion should have become one of his lovers or admirers, right?

Yet, she had been driven mad by Ding Yue.

I admire geniuses like Brother Ding Yue.
He doesn’t bow down to women.
He can just grab them and have fun when he wants to.
It’s a waste of time to talk about love.”

The Evil King praised him greatly.

The experts of the Floating Flower Pavilion and the other female cultivators all glared at the Evil King angrily.

They wanted to find an opportunity to kill him!

The experts of the evil imperial court all had dark expressions.

Their Evil King really had a problem with his brain.
F*ck! He directly offended all of the female experts present.

He was not like this in the past.

He was very shrewd and cunning.

Why had he become a retard now?

The future of the evil imperial court hung in the balance!

“Brother Ding Yue, my evil imperial court needs law enforcers like you.
Why don’t you come to my evil imperial court to enforce the law and uphold justice!”

The Evil King tried to recruit Ding Yue.

The evil cultivators of the evil imperial court felt their hearts run cold.


The Evil King was really crazy.

He was actually trying to recruit Ding Yue to uphold justice in the evil imperial court?

F*ck! When did justice ever become a thing in our evil imperial court?

They were an empire of heretic cultivators! Justice was not supposed to even be part of our vocabulary!

The corners of the mouths of the other experts twitched.
The Evil King might really have a problem with his brain.

Otherwise, how could he, a heretic cultivator, invite Ding Yue to uphold justice?

F*ck! Was he not afraid of Ding Yue killing all of the experts of the evil imperial court?

Liu Pingfeng had thought so at the beginning but, suddenly, he realized that something was wrong.

The Evil King was indeed cunning!

He had actually used the banner of justice to rope Ding Yue into becoming an expert of the evil imperial court.

Ding Yue was probably more valuable than all ten evil commanders put together.

Thinking this, Liu Pingfeng could not sit still.

He immediately said, “Brother Ding Yue, I am the Prime Minister of the Great Qian Dynasty.
Why don’t you come over to the Great Qian Dynasty instead?”

Liu Pingfeng then immediately offered a condition that showed how much he valued Ding Yue and how much the Great Qian Dynasty respected Ding Yue.

“Brother Ding Yue, the little princess of the Great Qian Dynasty is extremely beautiful and talented.
In terms of looks, she is even more beautiful than Holy Maiden Han Yingmeng.”

“As long as Brother Ding Yue joins the Great Qian Dynasty, the king is willing to wed the little princess to you.”

“Also, I have a little daughter who is also extremely beautiful.
Her dancing skills are even better than Holy Maiden Han Yingmeng’s, and she is willing to do anything for Brother Ding Yue.
In addition, your status will be no lower than mine.”

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have two beauties who are even better than Saintess Han Yingmeng?”

“Also, if you have any requests, feel free to state them.
Be it spirit stones, pills, treasures, or even emperor-level weapons.”

“Brother Ding Yue, as long as you join the Great Qian Dynasty, you can ask for anything.”

Liu Pingfeng was very confident that no one could reject such a generous offer.

He already offered beauties and status.

How many people could reject such an offer?

The experts present were all shocked by Liu Pingfeng’s offer.

Especially the part where he wanted to marry his daughter to Ding Yue and said that the latter’s status would be no lower than his.
This implied that, as long as Ding Yue agreed to join the Great Qian Dynasty, his status would be equal or greater than the Prime Minister’s!

The expressions of those from Nine Swords Mountain were extremely ugly.

Qin Changfang was extremely anxious.
Once Ding Yue joined the Great Qian Dynasty, he would be able to restrain a large portion of the experts from Nine Swords Mountain.
The Great Qin Dynasty would then face the gradual encroachment of the Great Qian Dynasty into their territory.

The Great Qin Dynasty relied on Nine Swords Mountain to restrain the experts from the Great Qian Dynasty.

No matter how strong Qin Keyun was, she could not destroy the Great Qian Dynasty.
How could she defend such a large territory by herself?

He wanted to rope Ding Yue into the Great Qin Dynasty, but they themselves were allies with Nine Swords Mountain, and Ding Yue was an expelled disciple of Nine Swords Mountain.

No matter what, he would not choose the Great Qin Dynasty.

The red-bearded elder did not say anything.
His granddaughter was Ying Jiankong’s fiancée, so how could he rope in Ding Yue?

Han Yingmeng was furious and glared at Liu Pingfeng.
B*stard, you dared to say that your daughter can dance better than me, and the little princess of the Great Qian Dynasty is prettier than me!

Everyone was taking turns to step on her dignity today.
Did they all think that she had a good temper?

Ding Yue looked at Liu Pingfeng, and his face gradually darkened.

Marry the princess to him?

Marry his daughter to him?

What a sinister person!

He actually intended to use beauty to seduce him and mess up his sword heart, turning him into a person who chased after beauties.

If he married his daughter and the little princess, should he stand up for them whenever something happened?

How could he cultivate the Sword Dao if they kept pestering him all day?

They would even give birth to children, which would further restrain him.
People might even use them to blackmail him.

How could he break through the three stages of the way of the sword when he was tied down by such bonds in his heart?

He remembered his master’s teachings clearly.
If he had no woman in his heart, he could draw his sword and slay gods!

The more Ding Yue thought about it, the more he felt that Liu Pingfeng was being sinister and cunning.
He claimed that he wanted to rope him in but, in fact, this man wanted to use beauties to mess with his sword heart.

He wanted to destroy his ambition of reaching the peak of Sword Dao!

He immediately snorted and said angrily, “Old cur, don’t even think of messing with my sword heart!”

“I, Ding Yue, only have the Dao of Sword in my heart! If you want to use beauties to mess with my sword heart, dream on!”

“Old cur, kist give up.
Don’t ever think of messing with my sword heart!”

Ding Yue said angrily.

Liu Pingfeng was momentarily stunned, after which he was consumed by rage!

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