After passing the Myriad Elixir Scripture and the Myriad Spirit Scripture to Wang Luo, Chu Xuan passed him the concealment technique as usual.

He also included a few secret techniques.

This included the Immovable Mountain technique, which was a great defensive technique.

It was not an exaggeration to say that, armed with these secret techniques, Wang Luo was almost invincible among alchemists of the same level.

He would definitely be the most powerful existence among alchemists.

The Hundred Tempering Divine Technique was complete so, after thinking for a bit, Chu Xuan decided to pass the first part of the Hundred Tempering Divine Technique to Su Xian’er, Ding Yue, and Wang Luo.

He would also pass it to Chu Yun when she came back.

He called them out of the pocket dimension.

“Today, I will teach you a great soul technique.”

Chu Xuan then passed the Hundred Tempering Divine Technique to the three of them.
At the same time, he also passed the soul cloning technique and the soul substitution technique to the three of them.

He did not need these soul secret techniques.
In the future, when the three of them went out to explore the vast cultivation world, these techniques might come in handy.

This was especially true of the soul substitution technique.
During critical moments, the technique could save their lives.

Su Xian’er and the other two were shocked.
This soul technique was too powerful and mysterious.

They felt that Chu Xuan’s strength was unfathomable.

After sending the three of them back into the pocket dimension to continue cultivating, Chu Xuan took out the Myriad Heavenly Mirror.

He injected his spiritual power into it and the Myriad Heavenly Mirror connected to a random place.

Waves of light rippled, and an image projection appeared.

A cliff, an ancient tree, and a beautiful woman.

The ten thousand heavenly mirror connected to a cliff.
On a large rock, a beautiful woman in a man’s attire sat cross-legged.

The woman was cultivating.

On the cliff, there was an ancient tree with sparse foliage.

Chu Xuan’s gaze landed on the woman.
The woman’s appearance was extremely beautiful, and she seemed to exude a heroic air.

The heroic air seemed innate and blended in perfectly with her beautiful appearance, giving the whole scene a special charm.

“What a beautiful woman!” Chu Xuan gasped in shock.
What a heroic and valiant beauty!

He then examined the woman’s cultivation level.
She was at the third level of the Emperor realm!


Suddenly, Chu Xuan noticed that the woman did not seem too old.
She only seemed to be in her twenties.

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Although cultivators could maintain their youthful appearance, their age could not be concealed in front of experts.

Chu Xuan’s strength was much higher than the other party’s, so he could naturally tell the approximate age of the woman from a glance.

She had already broken through to the third level of the Emperor realm at such a young age?

There were many people in the truth realm in their twenties, and they were all considered top geniuses.

However, no genius in their twenties could break through to the Emperor realm unless they had gained some special opportunities.

This was a huge hurdle.

Even if one only needed ten years to break through from the profound realm to the truth realm, one would still be stuck at the bottleneck to the Emperor realm for a long time.

They would need time to accumulate and would have to wait for an opportunity to break through.

Chu Xuan could not help but think of the special situation that allowed this woman to surpass the 100-year Emperor realm benchmark.

He immediately became very interested in the valiant woman.

“Luo Ying, the top heaven’s favorite of the Luo family of the Central Region in the Eastern Zone, which is a human king’s family.
Possesses the bloodline of the human king, and is the reincarnation of the Great Qin Emperor Qin Ying.
He was reincarnated using the human king’s Dao Weapon…”

Under the Heaven’s Secrets Origin probing technique, the identity of the woman was revealed.

At the beginning, Chu Xuan felt shocked.
She had such a powerful background.

She came from the Central Region’s human king’s family and possessed the bloodline of a human king.

However, when he reached the end of the probing technique’s description, Chu Xuan was stunned.


She was the reincarnation of the Great Qin Emperor?

The Great Qin Emperor was a woman?

For real?

The peerless figure who had unified the South Province and established the Great Qin Empire was actually a woman?

Something was not quite right.

Chu Xuan took a deep breath and continued to investigate the woman’s origins.

Qin Ying relied on the human king’s Dao Weapon to reincarnate into the Luo family.
Did this mean that he died back then and his soul escaped?

At the same time, he had laid out a plan for the Asura Ancient Land and plotted his return?

Despite further investigation, he could not find out Qin Ying’s original gender because the Heaven’s Secrets Origins probing technique was disturbed.

The Human King Dao Weapon in Qin Ying’s body was interfering.

Chu Xuan was only at the Supreme realm, and the Heaven’s Secrets Origins probing technique was not powerful enough to ignore the human king Dao Weapon’s interference.

The Eastern Zone’s Central Province!

Qin Ying had actually reincarnated into the Eastern Zone’s Central Region as a member of the human king’s Luo family.

Did Qin Keyun know about it?

The human king’s family was a truly top-notch faction.

Those who could be called human kings were all peerless existences who led the rise of the human race and unified the area they were in.

The five zones that the human race occupied were all related to the rumored human kings.

Of the five zones of the human race, only the Northern Zone had never produced a human king.

The other zones were different.
The rise of their human kings, who swept the land in all directions and annihilated all enemies, led the human race to become the leader of those zones.

It was precisely because of this that they were called human kings.

The Eastern Zone was too far away from the Northern and Southern Zones, so Chu Xuan did not know much about that zone, and the Luo family only showed up in a few records in some ancient books.

Qin Ying had actually reincarnated into the Luo family.

Could it be that his human king Dao Weapon was left behind by the Luo family’s human king?

More importantly, was the Great Qin Emperor really a woman?

For some reason, Chu Xuan felt that something was not right.

After placing the last mark of the Myriad Heavenly Mirror on Qin Ying’s body, Chu Xuan deactivated the Myriad Heavenly Mirror.

Today he encountered an unexpected surprise—the Myriad Heavenly Mirror had connected to Qin Ying—an important figure in the context of the Asura Ancient Land as well as a key figure who laid out the plan back then.

The other party had already reincarnated.

Furthermore, he had reincarnated into the Luo family of the Eastern Zone.

Could it be that he wanted to use the might of a human king’s family to take revenge and rise up once again?

The Northern Zone had never produced a human king.

Most likely, no power could resist the might of the Wang family, right?

Chu Xuan sent a message to Bao Hongyan, asking her to tell Qin Keyun to come to the courtyard.

Chu Xuan felt that it was necessary to ask Qin Keyun about Qin Ying’s gender.

Was the Great Qin Emperor actually a woman?

There were not many records about Qin Ying but, from the few records, one could feel how domineering the Great Qin Emperor, who had once unified the Southern Region, was, and how mighty and extraordinary he was.

From those few records, the Great Qin Emperor did not seem to be a woman.

Inside the Great Qin Imperial Palace, Qin Keyun was cultivating.

“Your Majesty, Tower Lord Bao has sent over a letter.”

The maidservant walked in and said respectfully.

Qin Keyun frowned.
Black Moon Tower’s gold-level Tower Lord, Bao Hongyan?

She raised her hand and took the letter from her maidservant’s hand.

She opened it and took a look.

Her pretty face changed immediately, and her eyes now displayed an uncertain expression.

She waved her hand to get the servant girl to leave.
Qin Keyun read the letter several times and bit her lips, feeling uneasy.

Why did he summon her to meet him?

Chu Xuan was indeed good-looking, and she also wanted to see him.
However, when she thought of Chu Xuan’s terrifying strength, Qin Keyun always dismissed the idea of visiting.

She was not a nymphomaniac, nor was she a slut.
She knew that visiting him would be akin to inviting danger upon herself.

Being an empress was pretty good, so why did she have to go and bow down to him?

In fact, she might even become a servant girl.

He was not the Great Qin Emperor!

However, Qin Keyun did not dare to ignore Chu Xuan’s summons, nor did she dare to refuse.

If she refused to go, what if he personally came to Great Qin Imperial Palace?

Qin Keyun gritted her teeth and changed out of her empress’ robe.
She put on some casual attire and reverted to her cute and shy appearance.

She silently left the palace and went to the Chu family’s territory to pay her respects to Chu Xuan.

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