Dedicated, cute, and cute Hiratsuka-sensei

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On the other side of the phone call was a young female voice, a very nice voice, but it's a pity that the tone seems a little bad.




Lynn knew why his new head teacher was irritated.
After all, he who has just transferred has been absent for several days.
Hiratsuka becoming happy is impossible.
He wanna explain the reason slowly, but unfortunately, when the words were just spoken, they were interrupted by Shizuka Hiratsuka.



“I don't want to hear any explanation from you now, and at the same time, I have only one request for you.
This Monday,  I must see you in school or I will personally come and take you to school, understand?”


   The aggressive words made Lynn smile helplessly.
Has the class teacher been so dedicated these days? or is it a special case?


   “I understand Mr.
Hiratsuka, tomorrow morning, I will go to school to report.”


Lynn did not refuse Hiratsuka’s request.
Because he knows that, if he wants to integrate into this world, he must accept everything from the original owner.
As a student, you should look like a student.
Going to school, isn’t it a problem?


Besides, Lynn remembered that the class whose original owner was assigned is Class 2 of Teitan High School.
In this way, he seems to have no reason to refuse.

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eh? Are you serious? Are you enlightened?”


Lynn's promise made Hiratsuka amazed.
She couldn't understand Lynn's action, and she asked subconsciously, wondering if Lynn was doing it perfunctorily.


“Hiratsuka-sensei, something happened in my family recently, which prevented me from attending classes a few days ago.
But now that the problem has been solved, as a student, I should continue to abide by my duty.”


Could it be that the original owner has no credibility and lovely eyes?  Lynn still had to continue to explain why he suddenly changed his mind.
After all, he did experience sudden changes in his family, and the explanation is justified.


“That's it…”


Lynn's explanation did work.
Hiratsuka no longer doubted him, her tone gradually softened.


“Okey… I will wait for you in the office, and then I will introduce you to your classmates.”


It was strong before, but now it has become a gentle teacher's tone.
Such a change made Lynn unable to adapt.
He could only respond quickly after the other party finished saying: 


“Then I’ll trouble Hiratsuka-sensei.”


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“This is my responsibility as a teacher.”


“Then shall see you tomorrow?”


“Okay, see you tomorrow.”




Hiratsuka Shizuka… 


Since characters like Hiratsuka Shizuka are chasing in, will the characters such as Yukinoshita Haruno and Yukoshita Yokino also appear one after another in the future?


After hanging up, Lynn lay back on the bed that had just been cleaned up, and the chaotic thoughts in his mind kept flickering.
Lynn feels that…this journey is more and more exciting! 


As for the decision to go to school tomorrow, which will affect the opening of the coffee shop, He doesn’t need to care too much.
Anyway, even if Ran came to work, she still had to wait until after school.
It’s a big deal.
The business hours of the store are from the afternoon to the evening.
Isn't the time of your store under your control?


Shaking his head, Lynn got up and after a simple tidying up, he went out decisively.


   Before this, he had simply checked the surrounding maps through his mobile phone, and without any detours, quickly buy all the necessities he needed.
He also bought a pork chop bento.
Just when Lynn walked to the door of the coffee shop carrying a big bag and a small bag, he bumped into Ran, who was also carrying two bags of ingredients.

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“Ran-san? What a coincidence, did you just come back from buying food?”

“Yeah, it's a coincidence, you too…
have you gone shopping?”


“Well, I went to buy some life necessities.
After all, I just moved, and there are still a lot of things that I haven't bought.”


Lynn smiled and showed Ran his ‘trophies’, and briefly explained the reason for the purchase.
But just after seeing the bento box in one of the bags, Ran's expression was taken aback.


“Lynn-san, are you going to have that bento for dinner?”


“Yes, I'm alone.
It's troublesome to cook and I have to organize the shop later, so everything is simplified.”


 “That's it…
Lynn-san will go upstairs and have dinner with us.
Although the bento is convenient, it is still not as healthy as homemade food.”


This is very unexpected.
After knowing that Lynn was planning to use bento to satisfy his hunger, Ran unexpectedly sent him another invitation.
He eat at her home this evening and I do it again at night…


Isn't that good?


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I've already interrupted it once at noon…”


“It's okay, there is a big sale in the supermarket today, but I bought a lot of discounted ingredients.
I promise today's dinner will never disappoint Lynn-san.”


“Then…cough…I understand, so let me have another meal with a bold.”


   Ran’s food, although he had only tasted it once, it still made him salivate.
Compared to the dinner Ran cooked by herself, the pork chop bento in his hand is not aromatic! As for whether it will disturb the other party…


What does it matter if I take the second meal? And it is estimated that according to this posture, there will be a third and fourth meal in the future.
Since this is the case, why should he hold back? Thinking of this, Lynn decisively sent the big and small bags he just bought into the coffee shop.


“Excuse me.”


   “Lynn-san, please feel free, I will go to the kitchen to prepare food first.”


   “Is there anything I can help with?”


   “No, You just need to wait patiently.
If you feel bored, watch TV.
The cooking will be done soon.”


   Lynn Followed Ran upstairs, watched her put on her apron, and walked into the kitchen.
Lynn, who was sitting in the living room, couldn't help but feel very moved.
Such a dreamlike experience is truly irresistible!

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