normal to call each other by their first name?


“Huh? This is not so good…”


“Well, if it is during work, you will call me [store manager], but in private, You will call me Lynn, is this okay?”


Ran hesitated when she heard Lynn's request.
But after thinking about it carefully, it seemed that what the other party said was right, and more his reasoning of a two-pronged approach, calling work and private separately.




After receiving Ran's response, Lynn certainly wouldn't have to take an inch.
At this point, the matter was decided.
In the end, Lynn also simply discussed with Ran other trivial mater and salary before opening the store.


After all, time is pressing, and the cash in hand cannot support the operation of a coffee shop.
What he needs to do most now is to return to the low-cost apartment he rented before, pack his inheritances, move to a coffee shop, and then go to discuss with the agent the cancellation of the rent.
Although it was inevitable to pay a certain amount of default fees, Lynn still got most of the rent back-150,000 Cherry dollars.
Plus the previous 70,000 Cherry dollars, a total of 220,000 Cherry dollars, which is all the start-up funds he used to open the shop.

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He doesn’t think about decoration.
the ready-made coffee-making equipment and various tableware can be used.
The only thing that needs to be considered by Lynn is to buy various ingredients and coffee beans.
As long as these are prepared, the store can officially enter the state of operation.
It's only a pity that it's getting late after the rent is canceled.


It’s impossible to get everything done today.
If lucky, Lynn might be able to officially open in the afternoon.
Then the rent is refunded, and Lynn has to move to the coffee shop today.
Fortunately, the original owner left him not much ‘legacy’.
After throwing away more personal items such as toiletries, there is not much left.


As for after everything is settled…


Well, Lynn still has to buy something.
Like toothbrushes, towels, and personal clothing, they all need to be repurchased.
There is no way, even if Lynn is unclean, he certainly will not use the things left by the original owner.
This feeling, I believe everyone should be able to understand? But when Lynn simply cleaned up the room and was about to start shopping, his phone rang, but he instinctively stopped.


Open the flip of the phone and look at the caller information on the screen-Mr.


Who is this again?


Oh, right his new headteacher! whose name is…Shizuka Hiratsuka?


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Wait a moment!


Shizuka Hiratsuka?


That harsh and cute of Harmony?


She is…
Teitan High School teacher?


This is not Detective Conan's world…?


Although Lynn received the memory of the original owner, these memories are scattered fragments, which will only appear when he needs them.


Because of this, Lynn didn't think about his student status, so he naturally ignored the fact that he was a transfer student from Teitan High School, and since the transfer, he has not officially appeared at all.
Looking at the old phone that was stubbornly ringing, Lynn Pressed the answer button…


   “Hello, this is Lynn.”


   “Student Lynn! When will you come to school?”

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