Visit the coffee shop and invite Ran to work?

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Since Lynn crossed into this world, he had learned about this world situation and then had lunch with the Maori family, which caused Lynn to have no time to study his system function. 


But, unintentionally it’s inserting.
Lynn glanced at the coffee shop on a whim, and activated the check-in task! 


The mission content is simple, “Clean up and open this Polo coffee shop. 


But this mission rewards…


[Almighty coffee shop owner?]


What the **** is this? Is it like in the game, after you get this title, you can put it on your head, and then shout-wow You have become a legend? Okay, let’s forget about it!


Landlord, Are you okay?”


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The sudden check-in task made Lynn stunned.
Realizing that his expression is not right, Ran hurriedly asked with concern.


I just thought of something… BTW Ran-san, if I re-operate this coffee shop, will the customers around here come?”


Facing Ran's concerned eyes, Lynn shook his head slightly.  Regardless of what the task reward is, he always has to try to complete the task he opened for the first time.
It’s just that he still doesn’t know if it is possible or not to re-operate the coffee shop by himself.


“Huh? Are you planning to take over this coffee shop? If the coffee shop can reopen, I think everyone around will be happy.
But, You should contact the old manager.
There are a lot of procedures to go through, right?”


Ran's face showed a surprised expression.
From her point of view, she is very happy that the coffee shop downstairs can reopen.
Not to mention that it is the landlord.
But, if Lynn wants to take over a coffee shop, there will be a lot of trouble.
If it's just an impulse decision, she doesn't recommend Lynn to do this.


You are right.”


Lynn understood Ran's words clearly.
It’s right to think about it carefully.
Although he is anxious to complete this check-in task, re-operate at a coffee shop is not that simple.


“By the way, I have the key, let's go in and see?”


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Although he originally plan to leave directly, his system say otherwise.
the check-in task was suddenly triggered, and Lynn didn't rush away Remember that there were a bunch of keys along with the real estate certificate.
Maybe it was the key to the coffee shop?


“Is this…


Ran is still hesitating, and Lynn has already taken out the key decisively, tested it in the keyhole of the coffee shop's door, and it clicked…
the door was opened.
Before, Lynn was still wondering what exactly was this set of keys used for.
Now he finally figured it out.
Except for the key to the store, the rest should be the keys to the other rooms inside.


“Please come Ran-san.”


Stepped into the coffee shop first, and Lynn immediately made a please gesture towards Ran…


I'll bother.”


Since the Polo coffee shop closed, Ran has never stepped into this shop again.
Looking at the familiar decorations in the store, Ran shows a look of nostalgia.


“I haven't been here for a long time”


“Is that so…? Then  when this shop reopens, come and visit me!”

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Smiled at Ran, and Lynn looked at the situation in the store.
The overall area is not very large, it is a small shop of about 40 square meters.
Lynn will think to renovate it.
But, with the current shame in his pocket, Lynn can only postpone this plan for the time being.


“It will not too troublesome.”


After taking a quick look at the situation in the front hall, Lynn quickly opened the work area door and went into the dressing room, kitchen, warehouse, and a not-too-big living room.
The dressing room, kitchen, and warehouse need not be mentioned, but in this living room, Lynn found a document on the desk.
The content of the document is very simple, it is about the ownership of this coffee shop and the various procedures that need.
With these, Lynn no longer has to worry about opening a store.
As long as the goods are bought, the opening sign can be displayed anytime!


“Huh? So the landlord is already prepared.”


After visiting the store, Ran followed Lynn into the work area.
Although she often comes to Polo Coffee Shop, the work area has always blocked customers, so she has never come in here.
After seeing the file in Lynn's hand, Ran showed a surprised expression.
No wonder,  he had organized everything.


I am quite confident about brewing coffee.”


What can Lynn say about this situation? Told Ran that all of this is handled by his caring system?


Well, he was very confident in making instant coffee, but unfortunately, he didn't have a good stomach, so he never dared to touch it again.

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As for other coffee…


At best, he can only call out a few names.
For more relevant knowledge, he is completely unaware of it.


“It turned out to be like this, then I'm looking forward to Mr.
Landlord's coffee!”


   Lynn’s cowhide was blown out, but the problem is, that Ran thought Lynn was good at brewing coffee.
At this moment, she couldn't help but look forward to it.


I have a chance in the future, I will ask the Ran-san.”


   “Oh by the way, since the Ran-san family situation is relatively tense, and on my side, if there is only one person to open a shop, it must be too busy.
Or…Ran-san come to work whit me in your spare time? Maybe this can also ease your problem.”


   Listening to Ran's words, Lynn wanted to slap herself.
Let’s not cry over spilled milk, and it’s too late to explain.
In desperation, he can only change the subject quickly, otherwise, he will be exposed? As for the content…


   Sure enough, asking Ran to come to work is more practical!

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