“It's all some tea and rice, Mr.
Landlord, you please!”

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When the food was served, Kogoro Mouri finally stopped his boasting.
He still has some ideas, but his daughter’s gaze at him is a little unkind, so he doesn't dare to continue.


“It’s very Delicious, I won't be polite.”


For Kogoro Mouri’s warm hospitality, Lynn was not very polite.
He was really hungry.
Although the dishes are just some home-cooked, Lynn admits that Ran Maori does have very good cooking skills.
She is completely different from her mother who can only make burn food.


“It's delicious!”


Accompanied by Japanese characteristics— and Lynn quickly picked up a piece of fish on the plate in front of him.
After it was put into his mouth, his eyes lit up.
it is indeed a delicious dish with all the flavors.
If his future wife’s cooks taste like this, then It is a blessing!


“Right? The landlord knows the goods, Ran food is delicious!” 


Hearing Lynn's evaluation, Kogoro Mouri burst into joy.
Ran Maori on the side was blushed.


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“This is just a very ordinary meal…”


Although Ran thinks that her cooking skill is not bad, it is not so exaggerated.
Now, when her father boasted about her cooking skill in front of outsiders, she suddenly didn't dare to look at Lynn.


“What Mouri-Jisan said was right, and your cooking skills are indeed good.
If I had a daughter in the future, and she can be as good as you, I will also be proud like Mouri-Jisan.”


The atmosphere right now is a bit embarrassing, but it doesn't matter, Lynn is very good at dissolving it.
Lynn smiled and finished speaking, he took the opportunity to drink another flavor-enhancing soup.
For Lynn, who has just crossed into this world, such Japanese cuisine makes him feel quite fresh.
Of course, the taste is really good, he didn't lie about this.


As expected of Mr.
Landlord, what I said is correct! Ran is my most proud daughter!”


   Hearing Lynn's word, Kogoro Mouri finally found his confidant, and he laughed out loud.
But, Lynn could only vomit secretly in his heart while smiling at the same time.
Ran is indeed a daughter to be proud of, but you are a foolish detective…
you are a super father who makes your daughter worry!


   “I'm sorry, Mr.
Landlord, my dad…
If there is any offense, please don't mind.”


   After eating, Kogoro Mouri received a call.
this is probably related to A case.
After hanging up the phone, he said goodbye and hurriedly left.
When his father left, Ran Maori immediately bowed and apologized to Lynn.
The meal just now was listening to Moori Kogoro boasting.
Moori Ran, who was a daughter, felt helpless, let alone Lynn as a guest?

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“It doesn't matter, Mouri-jisan has a very straightforward personality, and it is quite pleasant to communicate with him.”


Facing Ran’s embarrassed expression, Lynn smiled and shook his head.
He is not trying to comfort Ran.
Although Mouri Kogoro has various pitfalls, talking to him is not annoying.
Of course, most of the credit is because he has a very excellent daughter. 


   “Then Ran-san, I'll leave.
Thank you very much for this lunch.
If there is anything that needs help in the future, please feel free to contact me.”


The meal was finished, and Lynn couldn't continue to stay, so he got up and prepared to leave.


“It's just a common meal, Mr.


Hearing Lynn’s thanks, Ran Maori waved her hand quickly.
She just invited someone to have lunch.
She can't think of a better way to repay Lynn, so she can only get up and send him off, which can be regarded as doing her part.
Although Lynn has repeatedly said that he does not need to, Ran is determined.
So there is no way, Lynn can only ask Ran to send him downstairs. 


After all, he needs to find out the surrounding living environment as soon as possible or he can only rely on google maps. 

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“This coffee shop… Is it closed?”


Walked downstairs with Ran, and Lynn took advantage of the opportunity to see the closed coffee shop on the first floor.
He can't remember all the story of the famous detective Conan, he only remembers some important scenes, but even so, he also knows that this coffee shop is always open in the original book.
So logically speaking, He also needs to charge shop rent, but a closer look shows that the furnishings in the coffee shop are already covered with dust.
The owner of the shop is not doing well, and he ran away?


“I heard that the manager moved to live abroad.
This is the best coffee shop nearby.
When the manager left, everyone felt very sorry.”


   Well, the truth is not what Lynn imagined.
But in this way, the reality is completely derailed from the original plot that Lynn understood.
Lynn remembers that in the original plot, there is an important figure who worked as a clerk in this coffee shop.


   Why do I struggle so much! The original plot is the original plot, and reality is reality.
If you travel to the two-dimensional world, you think that everything will follow the original work.
That is the most stupid idea.
After all, Since Lynn became the landlord of the Maori family, the original plot has been completely ruined!


   “Well, that's a shame.
If this shop is as good as the Ran-san said, I would like to taste it.”



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   Shooking his head, Lynn expressed regret for the closing store.
But before he could think about it again, the sudden sound made him stun in place.


[Ding— check-in location found]


[Ding— check-in function activated]


[Ding— check-in task triggered— “Open Polo coffee shop”]


[Ding— check-in task reward—title- “Almighty coffee shop owner”]




Check-in task?


Is this turned on?

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