“Who are you brat? What is your relationship with Ran?”

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Even though he's not a very good detective, Mouri Kogoro is not a fool.
He knows that with his daughter's strength, a stranger can't break into the house.
That means, the boy in front of him is most likely invited by his daughter.
Even if Mouri Kogoro guessed the truth, his attitude is not friendly.
Maybe all fathers in the world are the same.
They have an instinctive resistance to men who are close to their daughters.
Mouri Kogoro is no exception.

“You are Detective Mouri Kogoro, right? It’s our first meeting, my name is Lynn.”

   Seeing Mouri Kogoro appear, Lynn stood up immediately.
He can see that Mouri's attitude is not good, but at this moment, his performance is very appropriate.

“Oh? Do you know me? But I have never seen you!”


Although Mouri Kogoro was drunk and his mind was not clear, as a detective, he was instinctively vigilant of a boy who he had never met.
But before he continued to question Lynn, Maori Ran, who had walked out of the kitchen upon hearing the scream, interrupted.

“This is our landlord, Mr.
Lynn, Dad, don't be too rude!”

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For Lynn, this landlord, Maori Ran, still has a very good impression.
Lynn had given a lot of help, but her drunk father treat Lynn as a prisoner.
This is too much!

“Huh? The landlord?”

Hearing what his daughter, Mouri Kogoro subconsciously gave a shock.
landlord?  Isn’t their landlord a bald man in his sixties? No! I heard that the landlord has changed a while ago? And the new landlord’s name seems to be—Lynn?

“Hey! It turned out to be the landlord.
Sorry, sorry for my rudeness, I thought it was a wild boy that came to pursue my daughter.
If it’s the landlord, then it’s totally fine.
Sit down, please sit down! Ran! So please make tea to entertain the landlord!” 

In front of Lynn, Mouri Kogoro performed a face-changing skill perfectly.
His serious anti-wolf attitude has directly changed to the current dog licking mode.
Money makes you an uncle these days.
But Mouri Kogoro is a poor man.
Especially for his detective career, he makes more money and less money depends on luck.
It's better to meet a generous benefactor, but in the small cases he usually receives, he doesn't even make money for alcohol.

So facing Lynn, Mouri Kogoro lost his confidence.
The most important thing is, that he knows that he can't pay this month's rent.
Then seeing the landlord, if he didn’t say good things? Otherwise, he will be kicked out.

“Mouri-san is so kind.
Today I was invited by Maori Ran-san to discuss this month's rent.”

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Mouri Kogoro's attitude made Lynn stunned.
But, Lnyy was still calm, and briefly explained the reason for his presence.
At the same time, Maori Ran also whispered an explanation to his father.
Knowing that the young landlord had agreed to postpone the rent, Mouri Kogoro burst into laughter.

“As expected of Mr.
Landlord, he is so heroic at a young age, amazing! Ran! Go cook!”

Approved to postpone the rent payment, Mouri Kogoro's pressure vanished.
It's just the middle-aged uncle's next words that caused many black lines to appear on Lynn's forehead.

Landlord, we will get drunk today! To express my gratitude!”

   “Mouri-san…I'm not an adult yet…”

  Although it has changed to another world, the law of Sakura Special Zone still does not allow minors to drink.
Mouri Kogoro, this old man… He used to work in the Metropolitan Police Department, but now he wants to stay drunk with a minor? Are you serious?

“Dad! What time is this? Are you still thinking about drinking?”

Mouri Kogoro was not aware of his behavior, but Mouri Ran's pretty face was reddening, hurriedly stepped forward and pulled her father's arm, then snatched away the wine bottle in his hand. 

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She can’t let my father drink anymore! The faces of the Maori family…he had lost all of them!

I know, I will not drink today! Absolutely!”

Mouri Kogoro wanted to refute it.
But, before he could finish his words, he saw Maori Ran's pretty eyebrows erect, which instantly made him stiff in place!

   Murderous intent! This is murderous intent!  Even Lynn on the side can feel the chilling aura!

“Ah…then…I…I'm going to cook!”

Probably because of the blunder in Lynn's eyes, Maori Ran was immediately blushing. 

Shame!  What a shame!

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Mouri Ran ran back to the kitchen while holding the wine bottle, and did not dare to look at Lynn again.

Then Mouri-san, why don't we…
sit down first?”

As Ran's back disappeared at the kitchen door, Lynn's gaze quickly turned to Mouuri Kogoro.
Because the wine bottle was snatched by his daughter, this middle-aged uncle shrugged his shoulders softly and looked in the kitchen direction with a frustrated face.

“Sit? Oh yes! Mr.
Landlord, please sit down!”

Under Lynn's reminder, Mouri Kogoro finally reacted and graciously invited Lynn to sit down.

“I heard that Mouri-san is a very famous detective, and I am also very curious about the profession of a detective.
If possible, can Mouri-san tell me about the cases you have investigated?”

   If Lynn is a teenager, and he is left alone with such a middle-aged uncle in the living room, the atmosphere will be very embarrassing.
But Lynn is not an immature boy, he knows how to get closer and communicate correctly.
In just a few words, he easily let Mouri Kogoro open the chattering box.
It's just that once the chat box is opened, it's hard to take it back.
Lynn couldn't help but regret it secretly.
In the future…
He’s better to do less!

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