Mouri Ran Invitation And Meet Mouri Kogoro?

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“I see, it's fine on my side.
It won't matter if you pay the rent a few days late.”


The one who contacted Lynn was not Mouri Kogoro, but unexpectedly Mouri Ran.


Then why did Mouri Ran find Lynn the landlord? The reason is very simple.
Mouri Kogoro was addicted to horse betting.
Because he believed that he got top-secret information from the inside, and was 100% sure that he would win the bet, he pressed all the rent he had prepared before to make a fortune.


   But everyone can guess that Mouri Kogoro was deceived so he couldn't pay this month's rent.
In desperation, as a daughter, Mouri Ran can only bite the bullet and contact the landlord, hoping to delay the payment for a few days.
So, as the landlord, how can he not give Mouri Ran face.
Although he is also very poor now, he is not going to drive out the Maori father and daughter for this month's rent.


After all…


Ran, she is so cute, isn't she!


Although Lynn was always considering how to stay away from that “Elementary school Grim Reaper”.


But now…


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Kudo Shinichi!


I will snatch your childhood sweetheart!


“Thank you very much for your help! It was a great help, Mr.


Lynn’s refreshment was very grateful to Mouri Ran.
Before this, she was nervous and uneasy, because she only knew not long ago that the house she lived in had a new owner.
She had never met the new landlord and never knew what the other person would be.
But after the real meeting, she finally breathed a sigh of relief.
The new landlord is a very good person.
He is young, handsome, and very talkative.
When communicating with him, there is always a very reassuring feeling, very comfortable.


   “It's nothing, just a small matter.”


   “Then since there is nothing wrong, I will leave first.”


There was always a smile on Lynn's mouth.
Being able to communicate face-to-face with the heroine he likes is something he never dreamed of.
But he knows very well what is too late.
Let’s just leave a good impression of each other in This first meeting.


With the relationship between the landlord and the tenant, there are more opportunities for intersection in the future.
Let today's meeting end here, and keep looking forward to the next meeting! However, Lynn did not expect that sometimes the plan cannot keep up with the changes.


The most important thing is that he has forgotten one point, he hasn't even eaten yet.
Right after saying goodbye, before Lynn could take a step, the scream in his belly made him instantly freeze.
Lynn doesn't feel hungry, but it doesn’t mean his body can hold it.


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The sound is seriously protesting Lynn.
“It”s Time to eat!”


“Oh puff…
It looks like the landlord didn't have lunch yet.”


In front of a girl, his belly screamed so loudly, This is embarrassing! After hearing this sound, Mouri Ran was also stunned.
But, seeing Lynn's awkward expression, she finally couldn't bear it and chuckled softly.


I'm going out in a hurry, I forgot to eat.”


Although Mouri Ran didn't say anything, Lynn still scratched his cheek in embarrassment.
What should he do? Act as if nothing happened? Or immediately turn around and leave, leaving this embarrassing place? With the kind angel Maori Ran here, Lynn doesn't have to consider any choice at all.


“I just made lunch.
If the landlord doesn't mind, please go upstairs and have a light meal together.”


Look! so empathetic!


“Is this…


Lynn moved, after all, it was the lunch that Ran made by herself! It would be a pity if you miss it! His heart is moved, but his expression is instinctively hesitant.
After all, he is not willing to cause trouble.


“Of course, there is no problem, but it’s only some simple home-cooked dishes, I don't know if it suits the landlord's appetite.
But! you can’t skip lunch!”

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   Facing Lynn hesitant, Mouri Ran stretched out his index finger and shook it in the air.
Her tone is very preaching, but it is not annoying, on the contrary, it feels more cordial.


   “In that case…
I'll be bothered.”


   At this point, Lynn has no more room to refuse, so he can only nod his head to express his gratitude.


   “After all, the landlord helped me so much, this meal can be regarded as a thank you.”


   Seeing Lynn agree, Mouri Ran also smiled and led the way.
Going upstairs on the left side of the closed coffee shop on the first floor, Lynn, led by Mouri Ran, walked to the bedroom on the third floor.
Passing through the entrance, what you see is a living room of about ten square meters.


The first floor of this building is about 70 square meters.
As the home of Maori father and daughter, it is much better than the cheap apartment rented by Lynn.


“Please sit down, Mr.


In the middle of the living room, a square table has been set.
At this moment, Lynn saw that Mouri Ran had put on an apron and asked Lynn to take a rest in the living room.


“Okay, then I'll bother.”


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He has come, and Lynn doesn't need to be hypocritical.
graciously sat down at the table and watched Mouri Ran walk into the kitchen.


  What kind of dishes will Ran make? As soon his mood relaxed, Lynn suddenly felt a pang of hunger, and he couldn't help but look forward to the next lunch.


   “Ran! I'm hungry! What do we have for lunch?”


   Just as Lynn was waiting in peace, there was a staggering sound of footsteps from the hallway.
Before he saw anyone, the voice entered Lynn's ears.


   Before Mouri Ran in the kitchen could react, a figure carrying a wine bottle and smelling of alcohol walked into the living room.
Seeing this, Lynn immediately recognized the identity of the other party.


Mouri Kogoro!


Lynn knew Mouri Kogoro very well, but Mouri Kogoro didn't know this handsome boy who appeared in his living room.


‘Who is this kid?’


At the moment when he met Lynn, Mouri Kogoro narrowed his eyes.
My daughter brought a strange boy home?


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