This world is too dangerous! The first encounter with the heroine?

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〖Let’s met at 1:00 pm? 〗


Although Lynn hasn't figured out the specific status of this sign-in reward, Lynn quickly replies on the phone.


〖It's great, Mr.
Landlord, then the meeting address should be set by the landlord, I will arrive on time.


   Not to mention, this tenant named Maori is kind.
But Lynn's reply at the next moment did not arrange the location randomly but directly stated that he would go to meet with the tenant downstairs.
Although the other party was polite and apologized for this, Lynn had his thoughts.  After all, he won a building for nothing.
Even if he had a cheat system, He didn't see it and felt uneasy.


As for the address of this building, the real estate certificate has been written on it.
Lynn checked it on the phone map.
It was not far from the apartment he rented, about ten minutes.


As for now…


It’s now ten o'clock in the morning, and Lynn has plenty of time.
In that case, Lynn investigates the world's current situation.
Although he inherited some memory fragments, the scattered memories are not as good as his investigation.


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   “This change…
really big…”


Using his ratty notebook for more than two hours, Lynn found the difference between his last world and this world.


Before the Ming Dynasty, the general trend of this world was the same as his original world.
But since the Ming Dynasty, the wheel of history has deflected and completely turned in a direction he didn't recognize.
Ming Dynasty did not die, but through the efforts of the emperors of the past dynasties, it has been developing smoothly until now.


  Especially after a great war a hundred years ago, the Ming Kingdom established its position as the world hegemon.
The two brothers USA and RUS can only be younger brothers with peace of mind now.
As for JP, it was even worse.
After Lose 100 years ago, it was classified as a special zone of the Ming Dynasty—the JP Special Zone!


[TL NOTE: Well, typical Chinese novels in general, put up with this.
things won't be as messy as this chapter 2]


This is very interesting, isn't it?




Lynn realized that the time had come to 12:30, and only 30 minutes were left before the agreed time.
This keeps him busy, puts on his clothes and pants quickly, ready to take care of it briefly.

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Walking into the bathroom, Lynn washes his face and cleans up his messy haircut.
Take a closer look, the appearance of this body is somewhat similar to the original Lynn, but the facial features are more coordinated and three-dimensional, and the skin is fair enough without any blemishes.


Especially those bright eyes, with this exquisite face and sharp nose, if he becomes an idol, he will get countless fans! Except for his body shape is really thin and not too tall, only about 1.7 meters, everything else is perfect! But when Lynn thought that he had become the master of this body, Lynn's mentality suddenly calmed down.


Anyway, from today, the handsome beep in the mirror is himself.
Thinking about it this way, he always feels a little excited.
Well, now is not the time to talk about this.


   Look at the time, it's late.
simply washed his face, and then straightened out the messy hair.
Well, it looks too pleasing to the eye.
deserves to be me!




this is a doujin crossing?”


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   Ten minutes later, through the mobile phone map navigation, Lynn quickly arrived at the place marked on the real estate certificate.
A building in the fifth block of the Beika Town district, that’s right.
But the big characters on the second floor made him stunned. 


He has traveled to a “Detective Conan”?


According to incomplete statistics, in the timeline of Conan World, the accumulation of cases that occurred in just five months requires an average of at least six cases per day!


  What does this mean?


   That means there are at least six people committing crimes in this world every day.
Lynn can easily become the victim of a certain case!  And what makes him want to complain the most is.
Why does he get A place where the Maori detective agency is located? Shouldn't this house belong to Kogoro Mouri himself?


As the landlord of Kogoro Mouri, Lynn could not avoid contact with him.
Once in contact with Kogoro Mouri, He will meet Kudo Shinichi or Conan.
What good things can we get when we meet him? In addition to the important role of the plot, the other supporting actors are either suspects or victims.
Lynn never thought of himself as a protagonist, so his only choice now is—


   Hurry up and ran away as soon as possible! Never come into contact with Kogoro Mouri, keep the drum washing machine as far away as possible!


However, his phone suddenly rang, and Lynn opened his flip phone.
Looking at the words Maori on the screen, Lynn's pupils also contracted sharply.
This call, should he answer it or not…?

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   “You are the landlord, aren't you? I'm sorry to keep you waiting for the first time.
I am your tenant Maori, thank you very much, Mr.
Landlord, for taking the time to meet me in your busy schedule.”


   The phone's ringtone was not interrupted, but there was a light and pleasant voice in Lynn’s ear.
Turning his head, Lynn was greeted by a young girl in high school uniform.  The girl also holds a mobile phone in her hand.


She is the one who dialed Lynn's phone!


Mouri Kogoro's daughter!


Kudo Shinichi’s childhood sweetheart!


The heroine of Detective Conan!


The perfect angel Ran Mouri!


At this moment, Lynn's thoughts drifted away…

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