“Dad? You…”

Originally, Looking at the garland in the cup that looked like a work of art, Ran was still a little lost.
But after hearing Kogoro Mouri’s voice and seeing his drunken expression, her expression suddenly changed.

“Irish coffee is not pure coffee.
It should be classified as a cocktail.
But even so, Mouri-Ojisan's way of drinking is too heroic…”

Lynn explains what Irish coffee is…

It was Lynn's first time making coffee.
He completed every step in his memory carefully.
Unfortunately, he ran to Mouri Kogoro.
Even if Irish coffee needs to be drunk while it's still hot, you don't have to drink it right away, do you? It’s better to give Mouri Kogoro a glass of whiskey directly!

“Cocktails? Dad, Didn't I say that Cocktails are prohibited?”


Ran does not have coffee knowledge.
After hearing Lynn’s explanation, she finally realizes.
Mouri Kogoro did not order coffee but wine with coffee!

Such a dad… 

Sure enough, She should educate him!

“Huh? I just drank a cup of coffee, but there was a little alcohol in the coffee.”

Maori Kogoro, who was immersed in the wine’s aftertaste shuddered. 

“Just a little alcohol?” Facing Mouri Kogoro's refusal, Ran's mouth flicked a deep smile.
sorry Lynn, I need about ten minutes rest.
Is that okay?”

Along with a series of laughs, Ran lowered her head slightly, making people unable to see her expression.
However, the blazing flames that ignited behind her made people shudder. 

“Of course, please!”

If Lynn persuades her with a few words, it may calm Ran's anger.
But the question is, is it necessary? Lynn Raised his hand and made a polite gesture.
He has foreseen Kogoro Mouri's tragic end!

After reporting to Lynn, Ran walked toward Kogoro Mouri with a gloomy face.
Facing her fogged father, she did not hesitate to grab his collar and pull Kogoro Moori.
Ran dragged him out of the coffee shop step by step.
At this moment, Mouri Kogoro panicked, but under his daughter's strange power, there was no chance to resist.

“Ran, if possible, do not spend too long.
Cold coffee won't taste good.”

Lynn, who was somewhat unbearable, finally spoke.
Although He doesn't know how much this sentence can save Kogoro Mouri, it is always a good thing for him to be beaten for a few minutes less, right?


In response to Lynn, Ran's face showed a smile like a spring breeze.
But unfortunately, as she dragged Kogoro Mouri upstairs, They heard the hammering of fists from the ceiling and the continuous screams of Kogoro Mouri.
Lynn coffee shop is located on the first floor.
Lynn and Sonoko couldn't help but look at each other.

“Mouri Ojisan…should not die, right?”

“He shouldn't be dead, but half-dead is still possible.”

Sonoko, of course, knows that Ran is angry.
But she has no sympathy for what happened to Kogoro Mouri.

“Half dead…”

Listening to the beating sound still coming from the ceiling, Lynn shakes his head slightly.
Ran is gentle when she is gentle, but it's also really scary when she is angry.
Fortunately, he has Freestyle karate.
He will not have the same fate as Kogoro Mouri.
He’s not a foolish Kogoro Maori, and he won't make Ran angry.
How could he get beaten?

“Sonoko, I will cook some desserts.”

Wavering the cranky thoughts in his mind, Lynn handed over the work of entertaining the guests to Sonoko.
As he said, the coffee shop sells not only coffee but also desserts.

“Huh? Oh, I see.”

Upon receiving Lynn's request, Sonoko didn't react at first.
After seeing Lynn’s figure walking towards the work area, she realized that she had wasted the opportunity to be alone with the male god! This made her annoyed, but looking at the empty hall, she couldn't help but stop.

She has no solution! 

She can only wait for the next chance!

Lynn didn’t know Sonoko’s chagrin and walked into the kitchen, he had already decided in his heart the pastries to be made today.
Due to lack of time, cakes like those that need to be fermented cannot be considered for the time being.

Simple and popular desserts such as cookies and cupcake cups become Lynn's first choice.
According to the memory and experience in his mind, Lynn immediately took action, without a trace of extra movement, and matched the various raw materials together at the fastest speed.

He put a batch of cookies and cake cups into the oven.
He looked up at the time and realized that only ten minutes had passed!

Is this the power of the almighty coffee shop owner title?

“Is Ran back?”

Lynn originally thought he would have to spend at least half an hour!

Although marveling at the powerful ability of the title, the work that should be done has been done, and Lynn can't stay in the kitchen and not go out.
Then when he returned to the lobby, he found that Ran had completed the ‘education’ of his father and was enjoying coffee with Sonoko.

In such a short time, the coffee must still be warm.

“I'm back, Lynn.”

After hitting Mouri Kogoro, Ran looked stifled.
But facing Lynn, she blushed and didn't dare to look at him.
No wonder, Lynn had seen her violent side.

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