Ran's scream shocked Lynn and Sonoko.
Wait, following Ran’s gaze towards the door.

Big and so ugly!

But take a closer look.


Lynn uttered the humanoid object’s name that clung to the coffee shop door.
That's right! The real culprit who scared Ran was her father, Mōuri Kogoro!


The scene just now was so horrifying.
Ran didn't dare to see what the object was.
But, After taking a closer look, Isn't this the father who Aways makes her worry?

“Dad, what are you doing? Come down from the window now!”

Ran is born with no immunity to various horror and ghost legends.
When facing horror legends, Ran will show a weak side of a girl.
After confirming that it was Mōuri Kogoro, Ran will immediately return to normal.
She rushed out and dragged her father in dissatisfaction.

Lynn feels helpless.
What kind of trouble is this?


“This is not Ran's first work.
I am worried that she can adapt.”

Mōuri Kogoro scratches the back of his head with A very cramped and uneasy expression.
The so-called parental love.
Ran never had a part-time job experience, and suddenly wants to go to work, even if it is downstairs in his own home, Mōuri Kogoro will inevitably be worried.

But,  this uncle's way of caring is helpless.
There should be many other ways.
How could he choose this one? Although Lynn knew that Mōuri Kogoro was unreliable, he didn’t expect him this worse.

“Dad! Even so.
You can't lie on the window and scare people!”

Her father’s explanation made Ran both moved and angry.
She can feel Mōuri Kogoro's, paternal love.
But, this way of caring makes her unable to accept it.

“Okay, Ran, calm down! Mōuri-san also cares about you.
Mōuri-san, How about trying my craft? Today is the first day of opening, free.”

Although the scene was interesting, it is obviously out of fashion in the store.
Lynn didn't want any guests to be scared away because of this, so he interrupted Ran on time and invited Moori Kogoro to the seat.
He has to give his future father-in-law a little face, right?

“Oh? Hahaha, Thank Mr.

When Lynn persuaded Ran, he called Ran by his name, which made Mōuri Kogoro frown instinctively.
His father sense told him that something was wrong!

How long did the landlord know Ran?

How come he calls her Ran name so quickly?

But soon, Lynn said a treat, but let him completely forget about it.

Recently, Mōuri Kogoro lived struggling.
He lost the bet to Marseille.
He has no Money Except for the necessary operating funds.
Don't talk about drinking.
He even can’t buy a bottle of water!

Now that the landlord is very kind and planning to treat him, he certainly can’t miss this opportunity! But, he didn’t expect that when he kept flipping through the menu and wanted to order the most expensive cup of coffee, the cheeky face made Ran feverish.

What a shame! Today, my father has made her shame!

“A cup of Irish coffee? I see.
By the way, Ran, Sonoko, what do you want?”

After much consideration, Mōuri Kogoro did not choose the most expensive coffee but a cup of Irish coffee with alcohol.

What should he say?

As expected of Mōuri Kogoro?

Even drinking coffee did not forget his alcohol addiction! Ran's understanding of coffee is poor.
Otherwise, when Mōuri Kogoro ordered this cup of coffee, she didn’t stop him.
But Lynn didn't plan to tell her.
After taking from Mōuri Kogoro's orders, he asked Ran and Sonoko preferences.
Anyway, Lynn had promised the Sonoko before to entertain guests.

“Huh? Is this okay? We are working…”

“We haven't been opened yet.
You can also help me evaluate the taste.”

Apart from Mōuri Kogoro, no one has come in yet, so when Lynn is going to treat them makes Ran hesitate.
But the reason Lynn gave was that she couldn't refuse.
After all, quality checking is also part of the job.
In this case, Ran and Sonoko chose coffees-cappuccino and caramel macchiato.

“No wonder Lynn opens a coffee shop.
He is so amazing.”

After getting the order, Lynn started to operate behind the bar.
Although it was the first time doing it by hand, the experience made it like he's done it a thousand times.
No matter which step he performed, it was pleasing to the eye.

At this time, he seems to be standing in a picture scroll, not to mention the taste of coffee.
This sight alone makes customers feel the price is worth it! Not to mention the Sonoko, even Ran couldn't help but bring a touch of confusion in her gaze at Lynn.

“Done, please taste.”

Until Lynn finished, Ran and Sonoko finally turned back to their senses.
Ran was a little shy about the lack of consciousness just now, but the Sonoko is different.
She has always been cheerful and generous, and she almost wants to plunge into Lynn's arms immediately so that she can feel the body temperature and smell of the male god.
Only Mōuri Kogoro, this guy's attention focused on the Irish coffee in front of him.
He hurriedly picked up the cup—


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