“Very good.
Ran's maid outfit suits her well.
But, Sonoko?”

“I wanted to try maid outfit a long time ago.
Unfortunately, I never had a chance.
How is it?”

Sonoko picked up the corner of her skirt and turned around gracefully, her expression full of excitement.

“Pretty good!”

Lynn gave Sonoko a thumbs up. 


Although Sonoko is still inferior to Ran, this is because of her headband.
Sonoko even put on maid hair bands in her maid costumes.
Why did she proud of her forehead so much? she is incredibly gorgeous without her hair bands.
Lynn shakes his head secretly.
This girl, her aesthetics are helpless.

“In that case, can I work in a shop like Ran?”

Sonoko didn't know Lynn's complaint in his heart.
After hearing Lynn's compliment, her big eyes lit up.
Her purpose was to stay in the store and get closer to Lynn!

“Working? Sonoko, why did you suddenly want to work?”

Lynn feels a little confused.
‘This girl's thinking is very radical.
Is she so greedy for my body?’

“This… I'm already in high school.
If I can earn pocket money by working, mom and dad will be proud of me, right?”

She didn't dare to lie! As for pretending to be poor for a part-time job, As everyone's understanding deepens, Lynn will know the identity of her second Miss Suzuki of family.
Instead of being exposed by then, it's better not to lie.  So in a panic, Sonoko can only rack her brains and find a reliable reason.
But, even so, It still made Lynn speechless. 

With the financial resources of your family, what can you do with the salary earned from me? I'm afraid I can't even afford lipstick!

“Is that so? Sonoko, you have such an idea, and I support it, but I don't know if you can adapt it, or let's try it today.
If Sonoko can do this job, I welcome it.
What do you think?”

Honestly, Lynn doesn't want to let Sonoko come to work in his shop.
Adding Sonoko is like adding a light bulb.
As Ran's best friend, Sonoko's favorability at a high level is undoubtedly essential.
Lynn can’t offend her and can only nod, giving Sonoko a chance.

“Marvelous! Don't worry, Lynn, I will never let you down!”

Sonoko could not hear the subtext in Lynn's mouth.
As soon as she heard that she could stay with Lynn, her whole body was cheered up, as if a raging flame ignited behind her.

“Ran! Let us work hard together!”

“Huh? Oh, Gambate!!”

Why did Sonoko suddenly become Ran’s part-time partner? 

This change is too fast, right?

“Ran, Sonoko, you are responsible for receiving guests.
The menu is here.
Acquaint yourself.
I would make coffee and dessert.
After the first guest enters the store, we will start the official business.”

The business signs are already hanging out.
Of course, Lynn will not continue to chat with the two girls.
After briefly explaining their job desc, he distributed the prepared menu to Ran and Sonoko.
The menu ware customized by the agency service company he commissioned in advance. 

So at this time, Lynn brought out the intermediate version of the menu.
Generally has the common coffee styles on the market.
By the way, it also comes with a variety of tea and ice drinks.
This intermediate menu can already meet the needs of most customers!

“Okay! I understand!”

Taking over, Ran feels that she has taken on some challenging missions.
She doesn't want to make any mistakes in her first part-time job! Looking at Ran's ‘tragic’ expression, Lynn almost laughed.

“Relax, Ran, we are not going to the battlefield.
Look, Sonoko is in good condition now, Isn’t she.”

“Okay, I get it.”

Ran takes a deep breath after hearing Lynn's comfort, and looking at her friend's relaxed expression,. 

Don’t be nervous!

Must not be nervous!

As Ran worked hard to stabilize her mood, she turned her head and looked at the door, wanting to see if there would be a guest coming.


   “Ah! There are monsters!!”

A piercing scream spread throughout the coffee shop in an instant!

What the **** is lying outside the coffee shop window!!

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