Lynn, Ran, and Sonoko said goodbye to Kazumi Tsukamoto.
They went straight to Lynn's upcoming Polo coffee shop.


is this Polo Coffee Shop?”


Ran never imagined the coffee shop downstairs would change so much! The glass, the entire shopfront, and the signboard have been repaired! Although the general layout has not changed, all the counters and seats have become high-end furnishings.
Even the walls had new wallpapers and Beautiful hanging paintings.
Compared with the ordinary coffee shop before, the Polo coffee shop at the moment is beautiful! Is this the Polo coffee shop she knows? She should not be in the wrong place, right?


“I asked someone to redecorate this morning.
Many facilities are quite old.
It's time to get new ones.”


Ran's shocked expression made Lynn secretly amused.
But, he quickly explained the reason.


“But, it's too fast…! It hasn't changed this morning…”


Lynn did explain, but Ran still couldn't accept it.
Although modern society keeps changing each passing day, doesn’t it too fast?


“I found a very efficient decoration company.
By the way, let's stop watching at the door.
Let's go in.”


Why does it change so fast?


Money power!


Lynn provided enough banknotes, and the agency service did its best.
Lynn is very pleased with this result.
The overall layout of the store has not changed a lot.


After opening the store door, Lynn called the middle-aged president and paid the remaining payment.
This agency service is very reliable.
If there is any need in the future, Lynn thinks of contacting them again.


“Lynn,  Is this your coffee shop? so beautiful.”


As the second lady of Suzuki's family, what luxurious place hasn't Sonoko been?  But even so, after walking into the store, she still exclaimed.


“Sonoko, you are welcome.
Please sit down.
Ran, there are work clothes in the dressing room.
You can choose the one you like.”


Lynn picked other work clothes that met his identity as a store manager and changed them.
As for Ran, there are all kinds of women's work clothes in the dressing room.
How to choose depends on Ran's preferences.
Lynn was expecting a maid outfit.
Unfortunately, he doesn't know how much Ran’s acceptance rate is.
If she wears a pink maid outfit, it would be great.


“Okay, I will go now.”


After hearing Lynn's words, Ran immediately walked toward the dressing room.
But, Sonoko followed her.


“Wait! I'll go too!”


Watching Ran and Sonoko walk into the locker room side by side.
Lynn shook his head slightly.
He changes, cleans up the equipment, and hangs out the business sign.




[DING!- The check-in task is complete!]




[DING!- You have acquired “Almighty Coffee owner” Title]




The settlement of the check-in task is “running the Polo Coffee Shop” After the coffee shop officially opens, the check-in task finishes.


Before Ran and Sonoko came out, Lynn explored this reward.
This “Almighty Coffee owner” exists as a title.
When Lynn chooses to use this title, he transforms into a senior manager who has been running a coffee shop for decades and is proficient in all kinds of coffee.
The coffee brewing method, even all types of dessert-making techniques! 


Lynn will become the best coffee shop owner As long as he uses this title! But once he takes off this title, the relevant knowledge he has mastered immediately disappears without a trace!


The title is somewhat limited.
Lynn can only use one title.
He must change it frequently when he gets more.
It’s more troublesome compared to skills.
But, Lynn would not complain about it.


Lynn discovered that, although the relevant knowledge will disappear, some knowledge remains in his mind.
If he chooses to practice, he can quickly absorb this knowledge.
In other words, as long as he is willing, even if he does not have this title in the future, he can still achieve the effect of the title by practice.
That is something for later.


As for now,


“Sorry, Lynn, I kept you waiting for so long.”


 As Ran's voice came, Lynn's stunned.
What surprised him was that Ran wore a pink maid outfit! Different from her usual hearty and generous.
Ran embraced the apron with her hand, lowered her head, and  Did not dare to look at Lynn. 


Lynn found a blush on her cheeks.


“Lynn, Does Ran look good? I chose it for her!”


Based on Lynn’s understanding of Ran, she would not choose this dress.
Not to mention that she is still shy now.
The facts also proved that his judgment was correct. 


Sonoko who was wearing a light blue maid outfit shows a rejoicing expression. 


She is the culprit of all this! Lynn wanted to give her 1000 likes!


Good job Sonoko!


But, Why did you use a maid outfit too?


What's going on?

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