dir= ”ltr ”>When Sonoko said these words, Ran did not react.
Should she let Lynn call her Ran? It seems to make sense.  After all, She was his half disciple, not wrong at all.
If Lynn can call her “Ran” directly.

In an instant, Ran's cheeks blush.

“Ran, do you mind Lynn-san your name called directly?”

Sonoko stepped forward, gently pulled her friend's arm, and gave her several winks. 

That look made Ran agree quickly.
Although she didn't understand what was happening, she shook her head subconsciously.

I don't mind…”

Not only to respond to Sonoko.
But, She doesn't hate Lynn calling her Ran.
It makes her shy.
She felt that they were getting closer and closer.

“Then there will be no problem! Lynn-san, Are you still not willing?”

Ran's answer made Sonoko satisfied.
This time, her words gave Lynn no choice.

“If Ran doesn't mind, of course, I am fine.
But don't call me Lynn-san.
Just call me Lynn.”

Of course, Lynn prefers to call Ran directly instead of Ran-san or Mouri.
But the question is the relationship between the two of them still not that close? Of course, he needs to be steady and gradual.
When the time comes, it’s not too late to make changes.

Sonoko's sudden operation surprise him.
But judging from the results, it seems that he made a profit.
He just doesn’t understand why Sonoko did this.

 “Okay, Lynn…”

Lynn said these words to Ran.
But unfortunately, although Ran tried very hard to change her tune.
But in the end, she was still shy.

Is Ran such a shy girl?

“That's right! Lynn, since you have changed your way to call Ran.
Should you also call me Sonoko? After all, I am Ran's best friend, and now we are friends.
If Lynn called me Suzuki-san, I would feel very lonely.”

Okay, Lynn hadn't figured out what she wanted to do before, but now he finally figured it out.
She just wanted to change how Lynn called her. 

“I see.
Sonoko, I would like to ask you for your advice from now on.”

Lynn did not disappoint her expectant gaze.  After all, after passing this incident, Lynn and Ran became closer. 

Forget it.
You don’t need to know the details.
After all, sometimes, the less you know, the happier you will be, right?

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