Become disciple? It's impossible, but he can teach one or two tricks.
After all, to put it bluntly, Freestyle Karate follows the free-flowing route.
Frankly speaking, the difficulty of this karate style lies in the breathing technique. 

An advanced and esoteric breathing technique in which the user inhales the maximum amount of oxygen in a specific breathing pattern to increase their physical and mental strength to the highest level.
The effects increase physical and mental abilities, such as superhuman physical characteristics.
At a more advanced level, it could freeze wounds caused by severe injuries and slow the circulation of poison in the bloodstream.
Only this threshold can stop 99% of the warriors.


Lynn didn't know whether Tsukamoto Kazumi had the talent for cultivating Qi.
She is talented and intelligent, but if she fails, that's fate.
He can’t do anything. 

“You’ll teach me….”

Lynn has taken a step back.
Although her failure to succeed in the apprenticeship made Tsukamoto upset, it would be an excellent opportunity for her.

“In this case, let's start!”

Lynn thought about it carefully.
Hearing what he said, Tsukamoto-senpai was stunned.


Isn't this too fast…?

“Tsukamoto-senpai, please turn around and aim your back at me.”

Before Tsukamoto Kazumi could speak, Lynn made her turn around.
Not knowing what he wanted to do, Tsukamoto Kazumi turned around instinctively, and Lynn's palm connected to her back.


“Don't talk.
If you can feel this Qi, it proves that you have the talent for cultivating Qi.
Otherwise, you cannot practice the profound meaning of Freestyle Karate.”

The warmth coming from her back made Tsukamoto Kazumi subconsciously want to speak.
But before she could finish her sentence, Lynn interrupted her.

After hearing Lynn's words, Tsukamoto Kazumi hurriedly calms down.
She didn't want to miss her chance.
Tsukamoto Kazumi could only focus on feeling the Qi from Lynn's palm.
An experience that was difficult to describe in words, like something new all over her body, causing her body to heat up, and even sweat began to burst out of her forehead.

Is this the legendary Qi…?

“Lynn-san, Is a warm feeling…?” When Lynn stopped, Tsukamoto Kazumi asked quickly.

“Yes, that's Qi.
Congratulations, Tsukamoto-senpai!”

Unexpectedly, Tsukamoto-senpai is a unique martial arts genius, and she felt the Qi that ninety-nine percent of martial artists could not.

Was she born for Freestyle Karate?


“Ran-san, would you like to try it? If you can also perceive the existence of qi, you should be able to practice Freestyle Karate like Tsukamoto-senpai.”

Something is wrong! A genius warrior is not a Chinese cabbage.
How can he find one casually? He has to look at Ran's talent and decide whether Tsukamoto Kazumi's situation is.

“Huh? Can I do it too?”

Tsukamoto-senpai sensed the existence of Qi, and Lynn also confirmed her chance to practice Freestyle Karate.
Ran was happy, but As a Karateka, she was envious to Tsukamoto-senpai.
Yet, she didn't expect Lynn would take care of her as well.
But, thinking about Lynn's character, it is not surprising that he did such a thing.

“Of course, it's not a problem anyway.”

“Then…I would be rude.”

Since he teaches Tsukamoto-senpai, Lynn would not leave the heroine in his heart.

“Lynn-san! I feel it too, warm and comfortable.”

“Congratulations, Ran, you can also cultivate Qi.”

With Ran's surprised voice, Lynn can be sure.
The so-called unique martial arts genius has become a Chinese cabbage, and he found two! Is this the legendary protagonist’s luck? If Ran is the protagonist.
How can he explain Tsukamoto-senpai?

“Lynn! Lynn! Help me test it! What if I was a martial arts geniuses as well?”

Sonoko suddenly ran up to him and said with an expectation.
She witnessed the whole process of Tsukamoto Kazumi and Ran successively obtained Qi training certification.
She was happy for the two, but she was also lonely.
If Ran and Tsukamoto-senpai accepted Lynn’s advice, wouldn’t it confirm their relationship with Lynn? 

“Suzuki-san is also interested in karate?”

“Okay, let's try it.”

Sonoko's performance made Lynn amused secretly.
Of course, he knew Sonoko was not interested in karate, but he could not refuse Sonoko's request.
He wants to see if there is any so-called protagonist luck.
After all, Sonoko was an essential supporting role.

“Lynn-san, you pass the breath.”

Standing in front of Lynn, after a long time, Sonoko turned his head and blinked at him with a very innocent expression.


Facing this scene, Lynn could not make any other expressions except speechless.
He almost runs out of energy! But Sonoko thought it hadn't started yet.

“Sorry, Suzuki-san, You are not suitable for practicing Freestyle Karate.”

In the end, Lynn could only helplessly shake his head.
She is more than not suitable for practicing Freestyle Karate.
She is a martial idiot!

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