“Freestyle Karate? Never heard of this style.
But, Qi Control? that legendary move…?”

Tsukamoto Kazumi never heard about Lynn’s Freestyle Karate.
But As a warrior, Tsukamoto Kazumi knows about Qi.
She has mastered various Karate styles.
But, she had never found someone who truly masters Qi! Qi was once considered by her a product of fantasies.
But she did not expect that one day she would see the user!

“Lynn En! Please Introduce me to your Karate Style! In any case, no matter what the price, I want to learn IT!”

Tsukamoto Kazumi held Lynn's hands tightly.
She had made up her mind.
Freestyle Karate! She had to learn this style!

Lynn dumbfounded.
Joining his karate style? Where can I find a Freestyle Karate school for you to join?


“Tsukamoto-senpai, Freestyle Karate has been passed down to my generation, and I am the only one left.
This style is dead in name.  So, sorry.”

In this case, Lynn can only talk nonsense.
But he didn't lie either.
He is the only one who can use Freestyle Karate.
You will not find another Freestyle Karate inheritor!

“What? How could this be?”

All primary styles have disappeared in the long river of history due to the decline of talents.
This situation happens in every martial arts.
Lynn's statement is reasonable.
But because of this, Tsukamoto Kazumi was even more disappointed.
A style that teaches how to control Qi!

“This is normal.
After all, not everyone can grasp the meaning of Freestyle Karate.
Unless you have an outstanding martial arts talent, you can't even learn.”

Tsukamoto-senpai would believe it, would her? Let’s set the plot that way and make this reason even more invulnerable! However, Lynn didn't know that the more he said,the more guilty Tsukamoto Kazumi's heart was.

A powerful style like Freestyle Karate absolutely can't just decay like this! She can’t just sit idly now, or she will become a sinner in the karate world!

“Lynn En, You are the only Freestyle Karate user now, right?”

“Um…that's right…”

Lynn doesn't know what Tsukamoto-senpai wants to do, so he answered subconsciously.
But at the next moment!

“In this case, please accept me as your apprentice! I would like to join the Freestyle Karate and desire to carry forward the Freestyle Karate! Let us, master and apprentice, develop the Freestyle Karate into the world's strongest karate style!”


‘Worship me as a teacher?’

‘Tsukamoto-senpai, are you serious?’

Lynn was stunned and didn't expect to be in this situation.
However, Tsukamoto Kazumi didn't joke at all.

“Sorry, Tsukamoto-senpai.
Although I am very grateful for your kindness, my strength has not yet reached the level of teaching a disciple.”

Accept a female apprentice?

Lynn never thought about this kind of thing.
Although the Tsukamoto-senpai in front of him is pretty, accepting her will cause a lot of trouble!

No! Shishō, Your strength is More than enough to become my teacher! Ran! help me persuade Shishō!”

Facts have proved that Tsukamoto Kazumi doesn't believe at all.
There must be another reason for the other party not accepting her.
Even if she has to stalk Lynn, she must make Lynn change her mind.


At this moment, Ran didn't know what she should do.
She can't keep up with the rhythm at all.
Tsukamoto-senpai wants to become Lynn's apprentice.
Although this shocked her, it doesn't strange.
If she can learn this trick too…


Ran wanna help her sempai.
But how…

Looking at Lynn En's appearance, he didn't want to accept Tsukamoto-senpai.
As a friend, Ran shouldn't make him embarrassed.
She was in a dilemma.

“Tsukamoto-senpai, please calm down and listen to me!”

Ran's twisted appearance made Lynn feel helpless.
He didn't expect the matter to develop to such an extent.
In order not to help Ran and calm down the stubborn Tsukamoto-senpai, he can only choose to back down.

“I won't become your teacher, but if Tsukamoto-senpai wants to learn my Freestyle Karate, I can give you some tips in my spare time.
If Tsukamoto-senpai is not talented enough to realize the existence of Qi, then I can only say sorry.
Do you think this works?”

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