“Tsukamoto-senpai, please give me your advice.”

“Where is your Karate Gi?”

Lynn took off his school uniform jacket, loosened his collar, and walked to the opposite side of Tsukamoto Kazumi.
Lynn’s reaction was beyond Tsukamoto's expectations.
Her first impression of Lynn was “A handsome boy who wanted to pick up girls in the name of joining a Club”

But if he is just an ordinary Handsome boy, they had run away by now.
It is impossible to stand in front of her so calmly, Enough to change Tsukamoto's impression.
Because of this, she realized that Lynn was not wearing karate Gi.

“I haven't officially joined.
I don't have suitable clothes, so there is no need to be so troublesome.”


Of course, changing into a karate uniform is more conducive.
But the question is, Does Lynn need that advantage?


Lynn's attitude makes Tsukamoto Kazumi angry.
Because of this, She throws a powerful kick at Lynn’s head! But, soon! Tsukamoto Kazumi regrets it.  She didn't know Lynn's level.
What if Lynn can't dodge it? Isn’t it just a sparing? Tsukamoto Kazumi directly reduced her kick power.

Tsukamoto Kazumi secretly screamed in her heart, worried! What will happen when the kick lands? 

But, Lynn unexpectedly raised his arm and accurately blocked the forward kick.

“As expected of Tsukamoto-senpai, a powerful kick.”

Lynn's expression did not change.
He even praised Tsukamoto Kazumi.
Tsukamoto Kazumi is indeed strong but a lot worse than Lynn.
Someone who has buff by the system.


Lynn's performance shocked Tsukamoto Kazumi.
She steps back subconsciously! Someone who can parry her attacks is not a random person!

He is a master!

A true master!

How could a master of karate join the karate club for picking up girls?

“Then Tsukamoto-senpai, I will attack too!”

Realizing Lynn’s strength, Tsukamoto was shocked.
But the battle has begun.
How can Lynn care about her mind?

Since this senpai is strong enough, he can test his skills with peace of mind.
After getting Freestyle Karate mastery, Lynn learned the two profound meanings of Freestyle Karate! 

Lynn wants to use one of them now.
“Two fists for a hundred people!” Standing still, Lynn took a deep breath! Freestyle Karate draws on a lot of the essence of Ming martial arts, and the most important one is the Qi control!

[Traslator Note: For those who forgot, the setting of this novel is in Tokyo, Sakura State, a special area of the Ming dynasty.
So there is no Japan or Chinese in this novel.]

With a blast of air surging through his body, at the same time, Lynn's formed when cupped hands are drawn to the user's side and Qi is concentrated into a single point between his cupped hands.
The hands are then thrust forward to shoot out a streaming, powerful beam of energy.
It was away from Tsukamoto's beauty, but Tsukamoto-senpai was hit by a huge force, causing her to be blown away.

So powerful?

Seeing that scene, Lynn was shocked.
His mastery of the Qi technique hasn't been perfect yet.

Lynn thought that he had controlled his Qi and probably will only push Tsukamoto Kazumi a few steps.
But Lynn didn't expect his technique to be so powerful!


Seeing this scene, Ran was dumbfounded.
But she quickly reacted and rushed to Tsukamoto Kazumi.
Not only Ran, but Lynn also rushed over.

“Tsukamoto-senpai, are you okay?”

Tsukamoto Kazumi crashed about three meters, lost her strength and fell to the ground.
But even so, she probably suffered.
Lynn, who didn't expect such an accident felt guilty in his heart.

“It's okay…
It's just that I was shocked.
Falling on the tatami will not hurt me.”

Fortunately, Lynn’s control is still effective.

But just in the next moment!

“Lynn! What's that trick…? I am so far away from you.
Why can you attack me? Is this magic? Or…
is this your karate tecnique?”

Tsukamoto Kazumi jumped from Ran's arms, rushed to Lynn, and grabbed his hands.
Her big eyes were full of fanaticism!

“Tsukamoto-senpai, calm down! That is our Freestyle karate technique.
Simply put, we have to control the Qi in our body, then transmit the qi to our opponent and achieve such destructive move.”

Facing the fanatical Tsukamoto Kazumi, Lynn withdrew his hands deliberately, but Tsukamoto Kazumi's grip got tighter.
As if to say that she would not let Lynn go.
He had to explain it to her.
In desperation, he could only briefly introduce his karate style.

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