“Come on, let's see your progress!”


Tsukamoto-senpai takes her fight stance.

“Please guide me!”

Ran, who is in her battle state is different from her daily gentle image.
She tied her hair into a ponytail, and her expression became sharp! After bowing to each other, The battle officially started!

Lynn watched the battle between Ran and Tsukamoto-senpai.
Their power is not something ordinary people can resist.
Lynn knows that if Ran punches him, he will faint for sure.
Not dying was the best result he could hope for!



“Thank you for your advice, Tsukamoto-senpai.”

This battle did not last long, About three minutes.
After experiencing a mutual pullback, Ran and Kazumi tacitly chose to stop.
Although it was not long, Ran's forehead was sweating.

“Not bad! I look forward to better results in the next All Japan Championship!”

Tsukamoto Kazumi, who was wiping her sweat, nodded in satisfaction.
As a warrior, a short fight is enough to understand the opponent's state.
But what Tsukamoto Kazumi didn't notice was that when she was talking about the All Japan Championship, Ran expression become down.

“Lynn, what do you think after watching me and Ran fight?”

After praising Ran, Tsukamoto Kazumi set her sights on Lynn.
According to her experience, 80% of will retreat after seeing this game.  It's a pity that Lynn's response was the other 20%.

“It's amazing, a wonderful duel.”

〖Ding— Check-in task completed—〗

〖Ding— Carefully observed karate match〗

〖Check-in task reward—skill- Freestyle karate obtained〗

When Ran and Tsukamoto Kazumi bowed to each other, all the knowledge about Freestyle karate flooded.
Not only that, but Lynn's body changed.

Under the clothes, Lynn's original thin and weak body has gradually bulged muscles! Fortunately, the physical modification did not make Lynn feel pain, or his abnormal condition may arouse suspicion.
At the same time, Lynn was lucky because he obtained the Freestyle karate heritage, or he would not be able to control that suddenly strengthened power.
As for Tsukamoto-senpai's question, Lynn praised her politely.

Although Ran and Tsukamoto-senpai were playing energetically, Lynn realized that he could do it better himself.

At least, it shouldn’t be a problem to beat Tsukamoto-senpai and Ran simultaneously! But, he is not a competitive person, so naturally, he won't show off.

“Oh? If that's the case, you can also have a practice battle with me.
Let me teach you karate.”

Lynn wanted to keep a low profile, but Tsukamoto-senpai did not let him.
Tsukamoto Kazumi also secretly frowned at this moment.
She found that this new transfer student was a bit difficult.
No solution anymore! In this case, I can only do it myself, so I can educate this student who doesn’t know the sky and earth!

“Tsukamoto-senpai, isn't this bad? Lynn has never practiced karate…”

“Okay, since Tsukamoto-senpai wants to point me, I'm happy to accompany you!”

Ran became anxious.
She didn't know the reason why Tsukamoto-senpai doesn’t like Lynn.
but she knew that she brought Lynn, so she must be responsible for him! Ran knows how strong Tsukamoto-senpai is…

She wasn't sure could beat Tsukamoto-senpai, let alone Lynn.
What's the difference between this and bullying? But Lynn suddenly agreed without hesitation.

“Lynn, you…”

“It's okay, Ran-san.
I forgot to tell you that I am not completely a newbie.”

Lynn was indeed a complete layman before, but he is a real karate master now!  Lynn didn't know where he had offended Tsukamoto-senpai.
What's more, he also wants to try his Freestyle karate limit.
After all, he never experienced a real fight.  And now, it is a great opportunity!

“Huh? Has Lynn ever practiced karate?”

She didn't expect Lynn to have practiced karate, which made Ran, who was still very worried, suddenly stunned.
Not only Ran, but even the Sonoko widened.

“Lynn's academic performance is so good, and now he is still a martial artist?”

 Handsome, good at studying, and strong.

This is too perfect, right?

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