A fifth block of the Beika Town district,  Tokyo Special Zone.

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   Staring at the words 〖Maori Detective Agency〗 on the second floor, Lynn shivered.


Maori detective…


The sleeping Kogoro?


Is this journey into the world of Detective Conan?


Lynn crossed to this world.
Just, as usual, turning off the light and going to sleep after finishing his game.
Lynn never thought that, after waking up, the strange ceiling and strange room will greet him.
Before he could figure out the situation, the memory fragments suddenly appeared in his mind and brought him a huge shock.
After finally summarizing these memories, Lynn finally realized that he had become a member of the vast transmigrator army.




Starting from today, He has to live in this world with this new identity!


Lynn looked around, an LDK house with a total area of ​​less than 30 square meters, a very typical Japanese apartment.
The whole room looks very shabby, but there is not much clutter.
There are a few unopened boxes piled in the entrance because the original owner was officially moved into this new home a few days ago.


   As for why…


The original owner has the same name as him, both named Lin En, but the difference is that this body is younger, only sixteen years old this year.  Well, it's the age at which you can open a Gundam.
But unfortunately, he is not a hot-blooded anime MC, nor a huge robot driver that fights for the universe.
In short, Lin En in this world experience can be described as “tragic”.


His mother passed away due to dystocia when he was born.
A Half month ago, his father was finally reunited with his true love through a plane crash.

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   Such a typical orphan protagonist template makes Lynn curse.
What's, even more, **** is, just after the original owner's father suffered an accident, another old man who claimed to be his grandfather came.
According to the old man’s explanation, his father was a wealthy young man who escaped marriage and eloped.
He falls in love with a commoner girl and abandons his family business for her.
Even if his wife dies, he never thinks about bringing his son back to the Lin family.


The old man wanted to conform with his son more than once, but his stubborn father refuse, firmly believing that the family was a prison.
He doesn't want to be bound by that cage anymore, and he doesn't want his son to suffer the same ‘suffering’ as him.


   So after Lynn's father in this world die, the old man came again.
He has lost his only son and doesn't want to lose his grandson too.
So according to common sense, shouldn't he become crazy rich now?


Hey! It turned out to be the opposite.


The original owner himself is not much better.
He firmly believed that his father was just missing and not dead, so he decisively rejected the old man's request, insisting that he should wait for his father to return.
He wanted to protect this small but very warm home! But the question is, a sixteen-year-old boy, how can he carry the burden of his family?


Within two days, he was swept out by the Landlord because he had no money to pay the rent.
After losing his home, the teenager had to work day and night to make money.
He felt that he could stick to it.
He did.
But unfortunately, after he managed to save enough rent and successfully rented this cheap apartment, he stayed forever on the first night he fell asleep.
When these eyes opened again, this body had already welcomed its new owner.
As a latecomer, Lynn expresses his heartache!


Yes, He has to work hard for 24 hours and die. 


Lynn also gave up, considering the problems he had to face now.
There are two options before him.


   He takes initiative to find his rich grandfather, and live as a second rich generation.
the life that is envied by everyone.
The other option is, that he will keep the status quo, support himself in this world, and work hard to survive. 

The first option is easy and difficult.  The old man who only wants to reunite his grandchildren will not refuse him.
But, Lynn didn't know how rich his grandfather in this world was, but he knew that as soon as he entered a wealthy family, he was jumping into a deep sea.
He had to be careful with every step he took.


As for the second option…


That is undoubtedly the most difficult level…


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Lynn just wants to choose this hell-level difficulty!


It’s not that he has a self-abuse tendency, but that the original owner resolutely rejected his grandfather's invitation not long ago.
If he suddenly agreed and changed his mind, he would be a very suspicious person.
His Grandpa probably wouldn't mind, but what about the rest of “Lin Family”? Before he could fully adapt to this identity, he had no reason to make his survival more difficult.


After all, he is a member of the transmigrator army.
The hell level might become a very easy mode.
There are so many shortcuts and cheating methods for the transmigrator army, he can't embarrass his senior, right?


   Lynn looks at his wallet.
Excluding the paid room fee, he only had about 70.00 cherry Dollars. 


70,000 Cherry Dollar may sound like a lot, but this city is Tokyo.
The city with the highest consumption in the entire Special Economic Zone! 70.000 Cherry Dollar would not enough.
If he can't find a way to get the money as soon as possible, he will face a hungry dilemma.


   Then the question is, What is the fastest way to get money as a Transmigrator?


Based on the experience of countless Transmigrators, copybooks! Copy comics! Copy songs! To be a cultural porter between the two worlds is undoubtedly the easiest way.
It seems to be a simple plan, but before Lynn started to act, he officially gives up.
The reason is simple.


Through the ratty notebook left by the original owner, Lynn first checked the world’s cultural and entertainment development on the Internet and learned about the most popular music and novels in recent years.


   Fortunately, the cultures of the two worlds do not have any intersection.
If he can publish that classic works, his possibility of success is extremely high.


   For copy songs, neither Lynn himself nor the original Lynn, has not experienced systematic music training.
he doesn’t even understand a musical scale,  how can he copy a song completely.


   copied the comics, for the same reason as above.
Without relevant painting experience, Lynn can draw a stickman at best.
Who would watch work like this? Should he copy “One Punch Man” original style?


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   As for writing novels…


   This one is barely reliable.
But here comes the problem again.
For those classic novels, Lynn only remembers a few plots at best.
not to mention whether he has the writing skill or not, even if he does, it will take a lot of time.


   70,000 Cherry Dollar isn’t enough to support his living expanse till he gets the manuscript fee.


So, this road was completely unworkable from the beginning.
He envies his senpai who can cheat at the beginning, even if they lie down, they can make money.


Why does his life as a Transmigrator so difficult?




That is…


After thinking about it for a long time, but couldn't come up with a reliable plan, Lynn could only lie on the bed disappointedly.
But just when he thought that it would be impossible or continue to find a convenience store to work, at least to earn living expenses, a flashing red light spot under the corner of his eye made him almost shout.


   This flashing red light spot is more like an AR virtual product, floats under the corner of Linn's eye, as if it can be clicked on by reaching out.


   So this sudden spot of light is his golden finger as Transmigrator? Or is it…
the alluring Pandora's Box, waiting to be opened by itself?


Exuberant curiosity is urging Lynn to touch the light spot.
He stretched out his hand and slowly touched the red light spot that floating under the corner of his eye!


〖Ding—Sign-in and check-in function activated〗


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〖Confirm to start the first sign-in function〗


〖Sign-in complete〗


〖You get property right for a single-family building〗


〖The sign-in reward has been sent】


〖The check-in function has not been activated yet, please try to enable the check-in function by yourself.〗



   The sudden sound in his mind made Lynn tremble.
But after listening to the contents of these voices, his expression gradually turned from shock to euphoria!


   Sign-in and check-in?


He was envious of his Transmigrator seniors for being able to lie down and make money, but now he become a part of it.
Looking at the real estate certificate and several keys that appeared in front of him, Lynn couldn't bear his excitement.


   Before he could express his joy, the sudden sound from the phone attracted all his attention.


Landlord, I am your tenant Maori.
I have important things that I want to explain to you.
If You have time, can I visit you? 〗




        Is his house already rented out? In other words, on the first day of the journey, he was officially promoted to a landlord?

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