le impression.
She appeared in a few episodes, but there were not many scenes.
But since she is the Karate Club's former leader and also a senior, politeness is still necessary.

“I'm Tsukamoto Kazumi, third grade.
Lynn, Have you had any relevant practice experience?”

Tsukamoto-senpai is different from those simple girls who only care about looks.
Lynn's outstanding faces also attract her.
But, for her, martial arts ability is the most important thing! The negative impressions of previous examples also made her look at Lynn displeasedly.

“Tsukamoto-senpai, you are misunderstood.
Lynn wants to join in name, not to learn karate.”

Seeing Tsukamoto Senpai's wrong expression, Ran realized Tsukamoto-senpai misunderstanding.
But, she fails to solve Tsukamoto-senpai's misunderstanding.

Just to hang on?

You come just for girls!

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She has seen many boys like this!

“registration will not take much time.
Come on, Ran! Let Lynn En feel the charm of karate.
What if he likes karate because of this?”

Tsukamoto-senpai doesn’t have a radical personality.
She also has her way of dealing with boys like Lynn.  For example, she forced Ran to fight.
Because as long as the battle begins, the majority of them will run away!

“Huh? But…”

“It’s okay for Ran-san.
There is still plenty of time anyway.
Since Tsukamoto-senpai is interested, then promise her.”

Ran didn't expect Tsukamoto-senpai to be so stubborn, which made her feel distressed.

“In that case…
I'll change my clothes first.”

The words have already reached this line, and Ran has no reason to refuse.
In desperation, she can only go to the locker room to change into a karate suit.

Lynn planned to open his coffee shop after this.
He could feel the slight resistance from Tsukamoto-senpai.
Though, he didn't know where she was offended.

However, he has no choice at all.

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Because the check-in task suddenly opened!

〖Ding— check-in location found〗

〖Ding— Check-in task triggered—〗

〖Ding— Carefully observed karate match〗

〖Check-in task reward—skill- Freestyle karate〗

Freestyle karate? Lynn does not know what it is, but he knows how powerful system rewards are.
Because of this, he can't give up this task anyway.
So he can only persuade Ran to accept Tsukamoto-senpai's request.

“Tsukamoto-senpai, I'm ready.”

Ran, who had changed into a karate Gi, appeared in front of everyone.
But, Kazumi Tsukamoto's attention was all on Lynn now.


You look pretty serious.

Let’s hope you won’t be scared in a while!

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