Ran stunned, she shook her head slightly.
Although a look of helplessness flashed in her eyes, her expression was serious and firm.

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“Quit? But Ran, don't you like karate? All your previous efforts will be gone?”

Hearing Ran's answer, Sonoko became uneasy.
She knows how essential karate is to Ran.
But now, Ran has decided to give up.
How can she agree?

“It's okay.
I have already decided.”

Sonoko desperately wanted to dissuade Ran.
She didn't want her friend to leave regrets.
Between hobbies and family, she would choose her family.



“Excuse me…
I’ll cut in.
Regarding the club activities, what time do they usually end?”

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Seeing Ran's determination, Sonoko wanted to persuade her again, but Lynn suddenly spoke and interrupted the conversation.

 “Generally, I will practice until five o'clock.
I had to cook for Dad, so I can't stay too long.”

She doesn't know why Lynn asks, Ran replied instinctively.
There is an unreasonable dad at home, and she can't stay in school too long for club activities.

“In that case, there should be no problem.
Anyway, even if the shop opens in the afternoon, it will take some preparation time.
Ran-san, our coffee shop is scheduled to open at about 4:30.
How about you?”

The high school here is relatively tolerant, and the course ends at 3 pm.
There will be club activities, and those without clubs can choose to go home directly.
If Ran’s club activities were cut by 30 minutes, there shouldn’t be any problem, right?.
Lynn didn't want Ran to give up karate.
That isn’t Ran.

“This…is This okay?”

When Lynn said this, Ran moved.
If there is a solution, then it would be better.
But if you did this, it would put a lot of pressure on Lynn, which made her feel sorry.
So even if her heart moved, she still behaved very hesitantly.

“That's great! As expected of Lynn-san!”

Sonoko, a carefree girl didn’t think so much.
She believes in Lynn.
She clicks 10,000 likes!

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I love you so much!

“It's okay.
It's decided.”

As for this plan, he directly determined it.
In his opinion, opening this coffee shop is only to complete the check-in task, but the income is second.
As for Ran's need to make money.

Then it’s even simpler.
When the time comes, find an excuse to give out a bonus.
or find an opportunity to reduce or exempt the rent.
Aren't there many ways to do it?

“That's right! Lynn-san, what club do you plan to join?”

“Teitan High School stipulates that every student must participate in club activities.
Even if they are just named, they must join one.
How about joining our tennis club?”

Sonoko Suzuki suddenly had an idea and looked at Lynn with scorching eyes.
As she said, Teitan High School has rigid rules for club activities.
In this case, Sonoko naturally wanted to bring Lynn to her club.

“Do I have to join a club…”

Sonoko's words made Lynn frown slightly.
He is somewhat interested in club activities.
After all, watching anime with many attractive clubs will make people yearn for it.
But considering that he still has to run a coffee shop, it is not a good time to join a club.

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“If I can, I better find a club that allows me to be named.
After all, it takes too long to participate in club activities, which will affect the operation of the coffee shop.”

Even if Lynn didn't run a coffee shop, he wouldn't join the tennis club as Sonoko wanted.
What's more, the reason he gave now is so strong.

“If it's a nickname…
Then Lynn can join the karate club.
Anyway, Ran is the club leader.
With her help, there shouldn't be any problems.”

Lynn’s refusal made Sonoko a little disappointed.
It's a pity that she is just an ordinary member and doesn't have the power to help Lynn.
On the contrary, Ran is the karate club leader.
Sonoko could only suggest Lynn go to the karate club.

“Oh? Ran-san, is this okay?”

Although Lynn knew nothing about karate, there's nothing wrong with learning karate, right??

“Of course, we have a lot of ghost members.
If Lynn is willing to be named, let's go to the karate club to fill in the admission application after school.”

For Ran, it is not troublesome to help Lynn.

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“Then please.”

Joining the club was solved perfectly.
Sonoko wanted to pull him into the tennis club.
Why not join the karate club?  If there is a chance in the future, he can go to the karate club more! After all, he will be a full member of the future Karate Club anyway, isn’t he?

Just after the three people had a pleasant conversation, lunchtime ended.
After finishing the two-afternoon classes, as agreed, the next time is Lynn's entry time.

But what makes Lynn want to complain is, Why is the Sonoko here?

Aren’t you a tennis club member? Why don’t you participate in your club activities?

“Suzuki-san…Aren't you going to participate in club activities?”

“Doesn't matter, just a trivial club activity.”

Sonoko's energetic smile made Lynn speechless.

Okay, as long as you are happy.

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