NICE Sonoko!

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Why didn’t I find out your powerful side? In every sense, Kudo Shinichi will be Lynn’s opponent.
Because he wants to pursue Ran, this guy is always a hurdle that must be passed.
But, Lynn would not use degrading methods to slander him.
They are rivals, not enemies!

Otherwise, once Ran finds out the clues, she will only alienate the relationship between the two.
Instead of being self-defeating, it is better to be upright from the beginning! Lynn can't smear Kudo Shinichi's image, but it doesn't mean that Sonoko can't do it.
Look at her, how nice it is!


“Okay Sonoko, don't talk about it.
I just want to work hard and pay back the rent I owed to Lynn.
relationship or something, it's too far for me.”

Ran's mood is very complicated, and she doesn't want to talk about this topic.
But after hearing her say this, Sonoko immediately leaned over with wide-eyed eyes.

“Work? What work? What's the matter with the rent owed?”

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 Ran didn't tell Sonoko that Kogoro Mouri had lost the rent.
Although she has such a rich friend, she never thought of borrowing money from a friend.
Ran briefly talked about the whole story about her going to work under Lynn.  Sonoko understands Ran's difficulties …

“Why does Uncle Maori so unreliable! Ran, if you are short of money, just tell me.
I have a lot of pocket money.
You can return it to me when you have money.”

Eh eh eh?

‘Why did you rob my employees? You were still condemning the unreliable Kogoro Mouri, the next sentence was about to lend money to Ran.
If Ran has money, wouldn't Lynn lose his excellent employees?’

“No need, if I can, I want to rely on my hard work to make money.”

Fortunately, Ran did not disappoint Lynn.
Regarding Sonoko's kindness, she decisively chose to refuse.

“That's it…that's also good.
Is Lynn's coffee shop? It's great, you can work together and go to school together…”

Sonoko knew Ran's character, and she did not insist.
Sonoko suddenly flattened her mouth.
At this moment, she envied Ran.

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“If Sonoko-san has time, you are always welcome”


Sonoko-san, don’t talk nonsense! Lynn knew well that if he wanted to attack Ran, the process would be difficult and long.
So at the beginning of the fight, he didn't think of success in a short period.
He knew that he had to keep a proper distance from Ran, otherwise a slight crossing of the line would cause Ran to be suspicious.

But it turned out to be good.
When Sonoko said so, didn't it invisibly point out that the relationship between the two is too close?

 “Can I…?”

Lynn hurriedly changed the subject, making Sonoko's eyes light up instantly.
She has attracted all her attention to visit Lynn's shop as a guest!

“Of course, I’ll be happy.”

Seeing Sonoko's attention finally shift, Lynn secretly breathed a sigh of relief, the corners of his mouth also raised a faint smile.

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The smile of the male god!

Seeing the corners of Lynn's slightly raised mouth, Sonoko couldn't help but a blur in his eyes.  She decided!  As soon as Lynn's shop opens, she will be the first to join him!

“If nothing happens, We’ll open the business after school.”

“Then let's go together after school! I want to be your first guest!”

The break time between classes is not long, and the dialogue between the three ends.
Although Sonoko, would like to continue talking with Lynn after the second class, unfortunately, because Lynn was exclusively occupied by her and Ran during the first class, this second class ends.
After that, those girls ready to move can't help it anymore!

‘Why should our male lead be monopolized by the two of you?’

‘We want to chat with Lin En too!’

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The girls with such thoughts occupied Lynn's desk.
This made the Sonoko, which wanted to continue connecting with Lynn, stiffen in place.
Yes, other girls will like him too.
Look at the group of girls around Lynn, Sonoko realize that her way of thorns!



“By the way! Ran, What about your club activities?”

During the lunch break, Lynn finally escapes from the girl's block.
Under the leadership of Ran and Sonoko, he found the canteen.
After buying yakisoba, they sat on campus grass and started to have lunch.
After having the textbook, Lynn can finally complete the check-in task without being disturbed by Sonoko.

Then just after the task was completed, his head experienced a storm of knowledge, and truly understood this check-in function power! All the knowledge learned throughout high school is now stored in Lynn's head.

 He is now a well-appropriate academic bully.
This huge change made him keep smiling in his mouth even now.
But Lynn suddenly remembers an important.

That's about Ran's club.
As the main member, if she is absent from club activities, the impact will not be small, right?

“The Karate Club…I plan to leave for the time being.
If it doesn't work, I can only choose to quit.”

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