We are just childhood friends.
That guy, he goes to solve the case somewhere.”

During the recent period, she hasn't met Kudo Shinichi.
She heard that he was busy with cases but never showed up.
For some reason, Lynn abruptly flashed across Ran's mind.
Kudo Shinichi's appearance was gradually fading.
What's wrong with her?

“Ran-san-san, Sonoko-san.”

Just as Ran's thoughts were a little confused, Lynn's voice came into her ears.
Holding a stack of textbooks, with a faint smile on his face, it wholly overlapped with the image in her heart!

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“What's wrong? Ran-san, are you okay?”

Lynn, who had just picked up the textbook, didn't know their conversation, especially what Ran was thinking.


Awakened by Lynn's worry, Ran blushed.
She shook her head hurriedly, no longer daring to look at Lynn.
Does it look like nothing? Seeing Ran lower her head, Lynn was puzzled.

“We were talking about Ran's childhood sweetheart, very famous high school detective Kudo Shinichi.
Lynn, have you heard of him?”

Sensing Lynn's gaze, Sonoko, immediately opened her mouth.
Listening to Sonoko's words, Lynn nodded clearly.

“Kudo Shinichi, I have heard of him.  The one who calls ‘Holmes in the Heisei era’”

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Although the Sakura Special Zone has become Ming Dynasty territory, the Sakura Royal Family has been able to retain it, and even the reign can continue.
As for the primary school Shinigami, he is naturally famous! 

But, what’s happened to Ran?

What's the situation?


“Huh! What's so amazing! He is a logic maniac! He can do nothing other than reasoning!”

Sonoko, Ran, and Kudo Shinichi had known each other for a long time.
Though, Sonoko is totally on Ran's side.
Kudo Shinichi often abandons Ran, making her feel outraged whenever she thinks about it.

“Ran, just ignore that guy and find a boyfriend.
That kind of guy, even if you have a relationship with him, he will immediately leave his girlfriend and go to the crime scene !”

The more she talked and the angrier she became.
Although she always teased Ran with Kudo Shinichi and even secretly matched them.
But, After careful thinking, she found that she was wrong.

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