uka Hiratsuka naturally saw this scene.
She just warned, how could someone come breaking it so soon?

“Report to Teacher Hiratsuka! Lynn has no textbooks.
I lent him the textbooks and study together!”

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Called by Shizuka Hiratsuka Sonoko immediately raised her hand and stood up.
Facing the death gaze of the headteacher, She is reasonable, what is she afraid of?


“Okay, sit down!”

“Lynn En, get your textbook immediately.”

Sonoko is indeed reasonable.
The so-called rationality travels all over the world, even if Hiratsuka is dissatisfied, she can’t trouble her.


In desperation, she could only let Sonoko sit down.
Just then, she glared at Lynn for no reason, which was puzzling.
What's wrong with me? It's my fault that I didn't get the textbook? I can be a passive person all the time! There is no way, even if Lynn is wronged no matter how badly he is, he just puts there and does nothing but he is the original sin in Hiratsuka Shizuka's eyes.
There is no place to make sense of this kind of thing!

“Class! Good morning, classmates, today we are going to talk about…”

Fortunately, the bell for the first class rang, and as Hiratsuka quietly left, a small storm finally reduced.
The math teacher who walked into the class started today's lecture, and Lynn planned to listen carefully to complete the task of clocking in this time.

 After all, it’s just one lesson time, so it passed easily.
Originally Lynn thought so, but soon he realized that he was naive! He thinks this check-in task is very simple, but the premise is no one bothering him.
but There is Suzuki Sonoko next to him, can he complete the task smoothly without interference?

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“Lynn-san, where did you transfer from? Your score is so high, can you teach me?”

Whispering and passing small notes during class.
everyone has experienced it during their student years, including Lynn.
But today, the math teacher chose to turn a blind eye, and ignore his extreme bitterness!

Teacher! Didn’t you see Suzuki-san interrupting my study? As a teacher, shouldn't you scold and let her realize her mistake? You are not qualified as a teacher! After a whole class, the check-in task was not completed, but Lynn answered many of Sonoko's questions.
Made him uncomfortable, but he couldn't get angry with Sonoko.

“Then Sonoko, I'm going to get the textbook.
Thank you so much.
for this desk…
you should move back.”

The bell rang.
Lynn immediately got up from his seat! He must get the textbook as soon as possible! Otherwise, his check-in task may not be completed in this life!

“Huh? Lynn, wait for me! I'll go with you!”

“No need! I can do it myself!”

Seeing that Lynn was going to fetch the textbooks, Sonoko wanted to follow along, but unfortunately, before her words fell, Lynn ran out of the classroom.


A look of disappointment flashed on Sonoko's face.
She is not a fool, and she can feel the faint disaffection from Lynn.

Did I fail?”

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