>”Student Lynn's average score from his previous school was 81.
I believe you understand what this means.
I’ll count on him to give me a good grade! So you all paid attention to me! Don't bother Lin En, if he doesn't do well in the exam… Do you understand?”


As a class teacher, the performance of the class is tied to her evaluation.
Although class 2-B overall performance is not bad.
Lynn will undoubtedly make it even higher! Hiratsuka Shizuka never doubted Lynn's Hansome face destructive power, this is why she has to say this.


Little kids, don't always think about falling in love!


Teacher, I don't even have a boyfriend yet!


Want to enjoy the sweet love time under Hiratsuka Shizuka's eyes?


Do you see me agree?


“Average Score 8.1…”

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Hiratsuka spoke quietly, just to frighten the little girls in the class.
But she forgot that the introduction just now added a new bonus item to Lynn.
High value, good learning! perfect boyfriend candidate!


If you can chase such a male lade into your hands, your high school career will be perfect, wouldn't it? At this moment, the eyes of many girls in the class flashed scorching eyes.
Even Lynn, who was standing on the podium took a half step back under this powerful gaze.


“That empty seat is your place.
Lin En, Study hard, and don't disappoint the teacher's expectations of you!”


Lynn at this time expressed a lot of pressure.
but Shizuka Hiratsuka had already grabbed the second to last empty seat near the window.
Indicating that there was Lynn's position.
It was the only empty seat in the class.


Lynn saw the protagonist's seat!


Such a coincidence?


What does this mean?


Nominated himself as the protagonist?


“What? You don't like that position?”


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Seeing Lynn standing still on the podium, Shizuka thought he didn't like near the window position.
But for this, Lynn shook his head slightly.


“No, I was in this position in my last school.
I didn't expect to be in the same position after transfer.
It's a coincidence.”


Such a good protagonist setting.
Of course, Lynn can't miss such a good protagonist setting.  As for the excuse to answer Hiratsuka Shizuka, he is casually spewing bullshit.
She would not investigate where he sat in his last school, right?




After hearing Lynn's answer, Hiratsuka Shizuka didn't care anymore but cast an expectant look at him.
Unfortunately, Lynn calculated that she would be disappointed. 


After all, He is not the original Lynn.


Lynn nodded quietly and walked to his seat.
But, when he just sat down!


〖Ding—check-in location found, check-in task triggered—〗


〖Ding—check-in task triggered—〗




A new check-in task?

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