“Although I am very happy to meet Suzuki-san, if we don't enter the school, we will all be late”

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The current situation makes Lynn embarrassed.
Lynn Removed his hand purposely, but Suzuki Sonoko clung to it again.
Although her hand is soft, Lynn can't let her hold it until she is old!



“Yes, Sonoko! We will be late if we don't!”


Her Bestfriend's bi**** performance made Ran feel ashamed.
As a girl, you must learn to be reserved! Never mind in private, but in front of Lynn, it will scare people away! Although she is not good at dating, she also knows that chasing boys is not like that!


 “Eh? Oh! Lynn-san, Let’s have lunch together this afternoon”


Under normal circumstances, when a boy keeps holding a girl’s hand is called taking advantage.
But in this case, the reverse is not called taking advantage.
At least at the moment, Sonoko Suzuki felt that she had lost her advantage.
If possible, she wanted to hold Lynn’s hand until she is old.
Even if she noticed Ran's wink, she was unwilling to give up.
Even before the separation, she wanted to make an appointment for Lynn's lunch break.


“Okay, it just happens that I just transferred here and I am not familiar with everything about Teitan High School.”


   “With Mori and Suzuki, I think I can quickly adapt to the new environment here.”

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Lynn did not refuse Sonoko's invitation.
If Sonoko is alone then he needs to think it carefully, but if Ran is added, it should be no problem at all!


 As for Sonoko’s current attitude…


Think carefully.


Everyone is unfamiliar now.
When everyone is familiar, with her current attitude should change….


She would change, right?


With a mixed feeling, Lynn came to the staff office.
Here, he quickly confirmed  Shizuka Hiratsuka's location and walked to her.


“Hello Hiratsuka-sensei, this is Lynn, I came to report with you today.”


finally showed up?”


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Sitting at the desk, Shizuka Hiratsuka was sorting out documents.


Seeing Lynn's arrival, she turned her chair, and while raising her's legs, she lit a cigarette along the way. 


When seeing this scene, Lynn who stood in front of her startled.
Is smoking in front of the students okay for you as a teacher?


“What? You have any opinion on me?”


Notices that Lynn's wrong expression, Hiratsuka, who took a cigarette, raised her brows lightly.


“No! No objection at all.”

Even if Lynn had an opinion, he wouldn't dare to say it! After all, he doesn't want to taste this violent mistress's iron fist.


“I have seen your previous results and learned some about your family.
I am sorry about your father's accident, and at the same time, I am also glad that you can walk out from sadness.
Your absenteeism from school, because it happened for a reason, I can let you go.
But after this, if you continue to absenteeism, I will have to exercise my power as a teacher and punish you.
Oh, by the way, I look forward to your future results.
In exchange for me to protect you, you will give me a good grade…


Seeing Lynn's body standing upright and completely intently acting, Shizuka nodded in satisfaction.
Then, she picked up another report, which was Lynn's previous grades and teacher comments.
To be honest, it’s not surprising that Shizuka Hiratsuka has this report, but it’s surprising that she even knows Lynn’s family status, which makes him wonder whether she specializes in this.


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But what makes Lynn feel speechless the most is that he heard a serious threat from Hiratsuka Shizuka's mouth.
This is a threat! definitely a threat!


“I try my best…”


At this moment, Lynn had a thousand complaints in his heart! A good result in the exam? Looking at the rating on the transcript, and the comments that the former teacher praised, Lynn only felt that the way forward was bleak and dim.


The original owner's grades are indeed very good.
He worked hard for his father.
He has consistently top three top students in his previous school, and he is highly praised by his teacher.
But the problem is, that the original owner is the original owner, and Lynn is Lynn.

Among the memory fragments left, there is no knowledge about learning.
Even so, Lynn, who has already graduated from college has forgotten all the lessons he got in school.
From the perspective of a social person, This is undoubtedly a hell-level challenge!


I'd better drop out of school!


Anyway, with the sign-in cheat, he no need worries about it.


“What? lack of confidence? It's okay, don't be stressed, I won't do anything to you.”


Maybe she mistakenly thought that Lynn hadn't completely emerged from the shadows, or thought that Lynn had just come to a new environment and didn't adapt to everything here.
In short, she used a self-righteous tone, and at the same time patted Lynn shoulder, hoping to relieve Lynn's pressure.
But she didn't know, the more she did this, the more pressure on Lynn would come!

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Shizuka Hiratsuka is indeed not a devil, but she is a demon who can impose an iron fist! Lynn realized that he couldn't escape.
He always felt that even if he dropped out of school, Hiratsuka would catch him and drag him back to school!


“Let's go! it's time to introduce you to your classmates.
New class, new environment, Lin En, do you looking forward to it?”


Without waiting for Lynn to say anything, Hiratsuka stood up, put out the cigarette butt, and stepped out of the office. 


Is he looking forward to it?


He was…


But now… 


He really can't…

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